Negative space nails are the latest trend that everyone tries hard to replicate and, of course, to upgrade it somehow. What is the peculiarity of this design you may wonder? Well, this design means that no matter what patterns or shades are involved, your natural nail should be visible, even the tiniest part of it. That is why we gathered here the freshest and trendiest designs that will totally capture your attention.


Floral Negative Space Nails for Sweet Girls

Have you ever wondered how fantasy nails look like? Well, this is your best chance to find out! The combination of mint green and lovely floral pattern looks so sweet that it is even difficult to believe.


Negative Space Half Moon Manicure

Super nails with blue and yellow shades involved look irresistible. But that is not enough, is that? So, add up a little bit of gold and unique bright-colored marble design. Do not forget about the negative half-moons!

Triangle Design for Brave Girls

Do you consider yourself to be a brave girl? Then this is what you should totally try out! The combination of dark green and silver looks super charming, but that is not it. Triangular-shaped negative spaces make this design special.


Fantasy Nails with Rainbow

We usually say that the simpler the better is the rule for those who want to look unique. The very same goes with this rainbow design. All you need to create it is a few minutes of your time and the mixture of bright colors.

Graphic Nails Are Always Stylish

Graphic nails are always trending. But how do you feel about the combination of two trends at once? If you feel totally positive, then grab your black nail polish and head for the creation of this striped negative space design.


Cute and Bright Design for Your Super Nails

There are those ladies who like to look cute all the time. This heart-shaped nail design is definitely aimed at attracting their attention. The bright pastel-shaded hearts look so cute and elegant at the same time, don’t you think?

Sometimes All You Need Is Black Polish and a Little Bit of Fantasy

If you have a creative mind, then this is what you need right now. Grab your black nail polish and let your imagination free. Do not think about going too complex. Think about creating something out of the ordinary like this black-dotted tip. Amazing!

Cool Negative Space Nails for Every Day

These nail art ideas are quite creative, don’t you agree? Show off how unique you are with one of these fresh nail designs.


Always In Trend – Geometric Nail Design

Abstract Nail Art With Negative Space

Main photo by Borsch_nails