Get ready to adorn your fingertips with winter nails featuring black and gold elegance, cozy matte sweaters, love-inspired motifs, gothic snowflakes, and a touch of geometric sophistication. From the celestial allure of the night sky to the festive charm of Christmas deer, we’ll explore a spectrum of winter nail ideas that mirror the winter wonderland around us. Let your nails be a reflection of the season’s spirit, and discover the perfect polish brands to bring these winter fantasies to life.


Night Sky

Night Sky Winter Nails

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This winter nail art typically features deep, dark blues and blacks reminiscent of a night sky. Consider using shades like navy, midnight blue, and black to create a celestial effect. Add glitter or tiny stars for a touch of magic. “Winter is about glitz and glam,” celebrity nail artist, Iram Shelton had said. What’s more is that this design can be worn as a subtle form of detailing or better still as a block color! Consider black polish from CND, OPI or Deborah Lippman for that glossy look.


Christmas Deer

Christmas Winter Nails with Deer

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What’s a better way to showcase Christmas through your manicure than taking one of its core elements! So this time, our nail experts suggest you embrace the festive spirit with reindeer winter almond nails. Use a combination of nude and red from Essie or Zoya for the deer, and incorporate white and glitters from China Glaze for a Christmas touch. You can incorporate festive colors such as red, green, and gold into minimalist looks such as a French manicure,” says nail artist San Sung Kim. Nail decals or stamps can add intricate details if you don’t want to stress.

Black And Gold Mix

Black And Gold Winter Nails

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When you see Lizzo’s glossy French or Selena Gomez skittle manicure, you can’t deny how exquisite these women are when it comes to their manicures. Another recommendation from our nail experts on winter nail designs is a black and gold mix for the cold winter season. A classic and sophisticated combination of black and gold nail designs exude glamour and give off major matrix vibes. Experiment with solid colors, alternating patterns like snowflakes, or even intricate nail art to achieve a balance between the boldness of black and the elegance of gold. For that shiny gold tone, Nail Designs Journal recommends CND or Beetles and you’re sure to love the result.


Matte Sweater

Matte Sweater Winter Nails

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What’s winter without cozy and comfy sweaters? Mimic the cozy look of a sweater with these winter sweater nails by opting for OPI, Zoya or Chanel matte nail polish. Opt for warm, muted colors like nude, forest green, or mustard. I couldnt hide excitement and also had to show off sweater weather nails. Add texture with a matte top coat or create simple knit patterns using nail art tools. Even celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec agrees that warm browns and tans are still very much trending for winter.

Love Nails

Love Winter Nails

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Just because red is quite common during this season doesn’t stop it from still being among winter nail trends. Express your affection with love winter themed nail art. Red and pink shades are traditional, but you can also include heart-shaped designs, tiny Cupids, or even love quotes. Experiment with a glossy or matte finish from Dior or ILNP. “Deep reds, inky reds and cherry reds are all big this winter, not only in terms of nails but also in terms of fashion,” says Juli Diogo an international nail artist.


Gothic Snowflakes

Gothic Snowflakes Winter Nails

If you don’t want to completely get over from the Halloween season but still want to embrace winter, combine the delicate beauty of snowflakes with a gothic twist. Choose deep, dramatic colors like CND’s black, Zoya’s deep purple, or burgundy from Chanel as the base. Then, adorn your nails with intricate, gothic-inspired snowflake designs. Karen Louise, Salon System nail expert, had said that shades like mocha, spiced pumpkin, maroon and taupe V with high gloss, glazed doughnut still being the finish for nails this season.

Geometric Elements

Geometric Winter Nails

Embrace modernity with geometric patterns just like how Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato have incorporated this chic design into their manicures. Use contrasting winter colors like nude pink and white from Sally Hansen or Essie and clean lines to create visually striking designs. Triangles, squares, and lines can be combined to form unique, eye-catching nail art. This is also a great choice if you’re interested in winter French tip nails.

Ami Streets, a manicurists describes this look as “a soft, sheer nude, or pink base color that smoothly transitions into a paler shade like cream or white at the tip.”

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Winter Nails

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Northern lights or better still aurora nails have been trending and even Megan Fox manicure after getting IV was inspired by this night skyline. So get ready to capture the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights with these short winter nails. Incorporate shades of dark green, royal blue, black, white and maybe purple to mimic the aurora borealis. Consider using China Glaze or OPI’s holographic nail polish or shimmery top coat from CND for added luminosity

Queenie Nguyen, editorial nail artist, agrees and believes that the squoval nail shape will return to provide fun to any nail look while also being easy to maintain. “The squoval, a soft square, is ideal for a minimalist nail look.”


Emerald Green

Emerald Green Winter Nails

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A flattering jewel tone that looks awesome as a stand alone or when paired with other colors is emerald green. Effortlessly make simple winter nails by using emerald green polish from Zoya or ILNP as spotted on Kourtney Kardashian. Queenie Nguyen, a nail artist, had said that fashion brands are incorporating green in their most recent fashion collections, which is likely to make this shade trend this season. This rich, jewel-toned color is perfect for winter. Experiment with different finishes like glossy, matte, or metallic to add depth to your manicure. “It’s definitely influencing the nail world,” the nail artist has said.

Scandinavian Pattern Winter Nails

Still on winter nails ideas, your winter manicure would be incomplete without blue winter nails pattern. Choose your favorite color and adorn it with beautiful Scandinavian nails designs to look all wintery and festive! What we like about this mani style is that it works for both acrylic winter nails as well as natural and gel winter nails. So, regardless of your preferences, you can benefit from this winter nails design greatly.

If you don’t know how to draw this pattern we can help you with some steps. Choose a light color as your base. Whites, light blues, or grays work well for a Scandinavian theme. Let it dry completely. Use striping tape or a thin brush to create straight lines or geometric shapes. Common patterns include simple stripes, chevrons, or triangles. Select contrasting colors for the patterns. Reds, blues, and greens are popular choices. Apply the contrasting colors within the taped or outlined areas. If you used tape, carefully remove it while the polish is still wet to reveal clean lines. Allow the polish to dry completely. Add small details like dots or lines with a fine nail art brush in a contrasting color to enhance the Scandinavian look.

Warm Knitted Winter Nail Designs

Another winter nail inspo our nail experts have for you is this warm knitted design! A knitted manicure is something other-worldly, there are no jokes about it. Sweater nails, which is another name for a knitted Christmas nails design, add a cozy and toasty feel to your manicure. But to bring in that winter vibe, you should choose the proper hues. Look for deeper and darker winter colors for nails, such as burgundy, plum, chocolate brown, navy blue, pine green and suchlike.

The main idea behind sweater nails is to make your nails appear like they’ve been made into a cozy fabric usually achieved through a layering technique.

  • First, you’ll need a matte nail polish, a thin detailed brush (you can also use a dotting tool) and a top coat. Once your tools are ready, you can follow the five steps outlined below:
  • Start with clean, trimmed nails. Shape them to your preference. Then apply a base coat to protect your nails, preferably matte polish.
  • Draw parallel lines from your cuticle to the tip of your nails resembling the stitches of a knit pattern, with a slightly darker shade. For added dimension, use a contrasting color highlight some stitches.
  • A tiktoker had discovered an easy hack to get the same look using gel and acrylic polish. You’ll want to apply two coats and allow for plenty of drying time in between layers.
  • Using the same brush, create stitches by painting short diagonal lines across the nail while you try to leave room for shorter curvier lines in the center of your lines.
  • For a more textured result, you can dip your nails into acrylic powder and remove the excess product.


Snowflake Winter Nails

Snowflake nails are classy representatives of winter season nails. Moreover, they allow for a myriad of different winter wonderland nail designs, as every snowflake has a unique shape. But what about making your snow nails look more extraordinary than ever? We suggest you try out the combo of a white base and spicy red snowflakes using Essie or Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Whether you want winter coffin nails or prefer a square shaped nail, these snowflakes would turn out awesome regardless.

If you don’t know how to draw pattern we can help you with some steps

  • Prepare Your Nails: Start with clean, dry nails. Trim and shape them to your liking.
  • Base Coat: Apply a clear base coat to protect your nails and help the polish adhere better.
  • Choose Colors: Select winter-themed nail polish colors such as white, silver, blue, or glittery shades.
  • Paint Base Color: Apply your chosen base color and let it dry completely.
  • Create Snowflakes: Use a thin nail art brush or a toothpick to carefully paint little dots vertically, horizontally and diaogonally across each other. Then use a thin nail brush to connect the dots to form your snowflakes. You can also use nail art stencils for precision.
  • Add Details: Enhance the snowflakes with dots, lines, or glitter to give them a more intricate and festive look.
  • Top Coat: Once your design is dry, apply a clear top coat to seal the design and add shine. This also helps protect your nail art.

Foil and Glitter Winter Nails

Glitter ombre nails is a must when winter comes. Just imagine how cool it would be to match all that sparkly snow outside with your glittery nails! The combo of midnight blue nails and silver sparkles is a killer one! So is golden glitter on red ombre nails or coppery foil on white winter ombre nails.

Candy Winter Nails Designs

The only downside of the holiday season is that with all the sweets and treats accompanying it, it is hard not to add several sizes up. But this is not the case when the candies are zero calorie. Not sure where to get those? On your Christmas nails of course! There are thousands of candy winter nails ideas to choose from. So, you are sure to find something for your sweet tooth.


Plaid Winter Nails Designs

If you prefer classic nail styles yet still want your winter nails to suit the ambiance of the holiday, then it is hard to think of a better option for you than plaid nail art. The pattern already looks intricate and sophisticated, so you do not have to think of any additional adornments. However, if you feel like complementing it with some festive nail art, you are so welcome to do so. Just make sure to stick to the classic winter nail colors and you are guaranteed to get the best nails design for holidays.

Star Winter Nails Designs

The thing about stars is that they can suit both a festive and everyday look. For casual and simple winter nails with stars, choose subdued or deep shades. In case you are looking for Christmas mani or new years nails ideas, you can never go wrong with bold and glitter nail polishes. If you do not trust us, just have a look at this glossy combo of burgundy and gold. Can you think of an occasion you can’t wear it to? We can’t!

Snowman Winter Nails Art

By choosing the snowman as an ornament, you will get very festive and cute winter nails. Is it Frosty the Snowman or something more creative? Only look at these amazing ideas! They are guaranteed to steal your heart for the whole season or even longer. And we are pretty sure that you will not mind that.


Christmas Trees for Winter Nails Designs

Look at this incredible winter nail art with the frosty pattern and snow-capped trees. These classy winter nails designs are inspired by nature itself. Of course, you should be quite good at painting to get such nails for winter. Alternatively, you can entrust the task to a professional. Looking at these winter wonderland nails, we feel the freshness of the winter forest. And what about you?

Winter Nail Designs With Thin Lines

Sometimes, a tiny detail is enough to fully complete your everyday nail design. Thin lines on a pure glossy base look really exquisite and tasteful. With these elegant classy winter nails, you can feel free to attend any event, be it a dinner with friends in a relaxed atmosphere or a corporate party with a pretty formal dress code. You can rest assured that your low key winter themed nails will always look appropriate.

Winter Nails Designs with Triangles

During the winter period, glitter is the most popular thing to complement winter color nails. With its help, you can add some shining accents to your manicure, such as these triangles, and you’ll attract the attention of all people around. So, if you are not afraid to stand out in the crowd even if it is the Christmas party, this is your way to go.


Winter Nails with Animals Art

Polar bears and deer are indeed the symbols of winter. That is why depicting them on your nails is a great way to contribute to the season. Besides, you do not need to be a professional artist to replicate easy and fun stamping. Just do not forget to choose traditional winter nail colors as the base.

Christmas Tree Nail Art Designs

Christmas tree carries that charming vibe of upcoming holidays. That means that decorating your holiday nails with colorful Christmas trees is an excellent way to add up something bright to your festive look. We are sure, at least one of these ideas will conquer your heart!

Winter nails art is one of our absolute favorite, as it gives plenty of space for our most creative endeavors. It is infused with the spirit of the holiday, thus tuning our mood into the festive ambiance. We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!

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