40+ Exciting Ideas For New Years Nails To Warm Up Your Holiday Mood


Nowadays New Years nails are on another level when it comes to glitter and shine. It is almost crazy how creative nail decoration may be. So, don’t step into a new year with some lame nails. Celebrate holidays with popping bottles of champagne, unwrapping presents, sequin dresses, delicious food and, most importantly, good nail art. For today’s collection we rounded up only the best and exciting ideas from all over the Internet for you to get inspired.


Cool and Simple Striped New Years Nails

Striped manicure looks like serpentine bands, which is another great option to bring holiday vibes with the help of nail art.

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Sparkling Champagne New Years Nails

How about bringing champagne to your nail design? This holiday attribute will warm up your mood. Combine it with black and gold for an ultimate holiday nail look.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – New Years Nails

What can be more perfect for New Year’s nails than twinkling stars? It looks so cute and flashing. You may opt for silver stars on a neutral base or choose shimmering nail polish as your base coat.

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Happy New Years Nails for Everyone

Wishing everyone happy holidays on your nails is a very creative idea. It is exactly what you are looking for in nail art to make your New Year’s Eve party bomb and unforgettable.

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Sparkly Half Moons New Years Nails at Midnight

These ones are for the lovers of minimalism. These ideas are extremely easy to recreate and look festive at the same time. The best colors to pair gold are black, white, and burgundy. Use metallic nail polish, glitter, or metallic powder to create a half moon.

Source: alevtina_nailartist via Instagram

Source: alevtina_nailartist via Instagram


Shine with Glitter New Years Nails!

These ideas combine a trendy ombre design with holiday sparkles, creating a classic holiday manicure. It is appropriate both for parties and to sport on a daily basis.

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Flashing Fireworks Nail Art

In case you are wondering how to do easy firework nails, we happen to have a couple of simple but effective ideas in mind. What is more, fireworks nail art is the most popular one when the new year season hits. There is nothing complex about how to draw fireworks on nails, just opt for your favorite shades and add some splash of sparkles to them, either bold black or pastel cream – your nails will look extraordinary stunning.

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Tick Tock New Years Nails

New Years nails art would be incomplete without the clock manicure. The shades you can use are limitless, the only requirement is to draw the clock on and to decorate it with some cute rhinestone patterns. As simple as that!

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Sharp Ice Nail Designs

A simple manicure does not necessarily need to be boring or out of the season. The thing is that a properly chosen shades when combined with shattered glass designs, look extremely wintery and festive, either bold blue shades or pearly white ones if you add some shattered glass pattern to them the effect will be sweet and mesmerizing.

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New Years Nails with Garlands

Garlands are essential attributes of the New Year. That is why they are never too many. This means that a nice garland manicure is a great option to opt for when the holiday hits!

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New Year Nails With Holo Accents

The best way to add some holiday mood to your nails is to upgrade them with interesting holographic accents. Be it holo stars or holo tip the effect will still be mesmerizing. Not to mention the fact that such a manicure is super easy to succeed with!

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New Year Tree Toys for Nails

You should not forget that there is no such a thing as too much toys when it comes to the New Year.

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Cute Animal Art For New Years Nails

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We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!