Seasonal nails are essential but holiday nails to fit a particular occasion are even more important. Since holidays are right around the corner, we have come to conclusion that a nice festive compilation for all tastes is exactly what is needed. Enjoy!


Glitter Holiday Nails Design

Truth be told – holiday nails designs are too many to choose something at once. That is why if you are a fan of pastel hues we have something special for you. Even though pastel shades are very gentle on their own the addition of glitter adds that necessary charm to your Christmas nails. So, take a pick!


Minimalistic And Cute Holiday Nails

It is true that when you think cute holiday nails the first thing that comes to mind is a lot of fancy decoration. However, the reality is very much different from that. Even a simple and minimalist nail art can be super cute and festive-looking. Do not trust us? See for yourself!

Dark Shaded Holiday Nails

Very often those of you who prefer darker shades to all the others complain that there are not enough dark holiday nails ideas out there. Well, we are going to prove you that this is a common misunderstanding. One look at this compilation and you will come to realize that dark shades can be super festive as well. Whether you prefer red holiday nails with a hint of silver or reserved black ones – we have it covered!


Ombre Nail Art Ideas For Everyone

There can’t be a holiday nail art without trending ombre. It is true that ombre nails has been in for a while now, but that does not mean that the fresh ideas are not appearing. For example, if you are more traditional kind of girl, then these glittery ombre ideas will come to your liking. However, a rebellious lady will surely appreciate this stylish black to red transition, isn’t that correct?

Magical Holiday Galaxy Nails Art

The best thing about galaxy nails is that they are always different-looking no matter how hard you try to replicate the design. What is more, such a nail art can easily fit in the holiday mood. Luckily, these days we have cat eye nail polishes at hand, so that the creation of a new galaxy becomes easier than easy. However, if the cat eye is not your cup of tea you can quickly create a masterpiece with the help of multicolored transfer foil!

Magical Galaxy Holiday Nails


Christmas Holiday Nails Art Ideas

Christmas is that special time of the year when everyone wants to look magical, festive and unique at the same time. That is why we decided that these few Christmas nail art ideas can fit in the requirements better than all the others. What do you think?

Christmas Holiday Nails

Flowers Nail Art For Any Occasion

Flower nail designs are perfect to any occasion. Cold season or warm its doesn’t matter – you will look stunning!

Gorgeous Holiday Nails with Stones

Stones are perfect accent for holiday nails. Use them for one finger or put it to all your nails – doesn’t matter, just do it how you feel better for you.

Holiday nails are that one attribute that in no case should be left out. That is why if you prefer to think about your holiday look in advance – you have come to the right place! All the trendiest and the most exquisite nail art ideas are finally gathered in one holiday compilation!