The summer sun is finally here which means your nails are ready to be shown off! If you’re planning for a fun summer adventure, then you know it’s not complete without having the best summer nails designs. With so many refreshing summer nail ideas, your fingernails are bound to look great this season. Add some color to your fingertips this summer with any one of the fun summer nails ideas provided below!


Season nails look best in bright shades especially if you make an ombre nail art out of them. Besides, when pastel shades is not enough to represent your summer mood, it is time to introduce some unique Boho patterns and let them intertwine with the bright colored base! Boho summer nail designs would require lots of patience and artistic skills if you want something extraordinary and unique.


Bright Sunny Summer Nails

Look stylish and irresistible with bright summer nails. Since we know how hot the summer season is, summer yellow nails might just be one of the right choices to make since it best reflects the shade of the sun. Its sharp and delicate tone makes it one of the most simple summer nails to get. A touch of yellow design might be all you need for your cute summer nails.

Easy Summer Ombre Nails

Want to play with colors? Then summer ombre nails are another option available to you. You can create neon bright summer nails with colors like pink, white, green, gold etc depending on your taste and color combinations. Summer neon green nails, for instance, mixed with white are undeniably attractive for the season. Also, although two tone summer ombré nails are more common, nothing is stopping you from trying out three to four color shades! Because the more, the better.


Beach Summer Nail Designs

Summer is the season most people are found on the beach given the hot weather. So replicating the beach scenery on your nails are unique nail designs for summer. Your festival nails could have a drawing of palm trees which are commonly found on the beach. Or you could be a little more creative by bringing the ocean waves to life on your summer gel nails. You can combine colors like pink, purple and yellow to reflect the sunset even on your beach summer toe nail designs.

Summer French Manicure

Summer French tip nails designs in all its glory are very classy and exquisite. You can start by creating gel bright summer nails, using different bright colors at the tip of your fingernails. Or you could also try pink summer nails which are more subtle. The beauty about French manicure is that it could be summer short acrylic nails or better still summer coffin nails.


Color Your Summer with Rainbow Nails

For people who love to mix colors and find using plain colors boring, summer rainbow nails are definitely a must have! On nude acrylic summer nails bed, you can have spirals or curves designed with different colors. It’s almost like a rainbow reflection on your summer color nails. Another option is creating rainbow ombre inspired nails. The fun aspect about our cute nails ideas for summer is that no pattern is needed; you just need to blend all your colors naturally.

Summer Tropical Leaves Nails Designs

Tropical nail art themes are out there up in the air. That is why it is time you refresh your summer nails designs compilation with a set of beautiful tropical leaves patterns. With so many types of leaves, it’s hard to exhaust your options and what’s more, is that the leaves on your summer acrylic nails don’t have to be just green alone. We are sure there is something special for everyone!

Flowers Sassy Summer Nails

Who says flowers only work best with the spring season? If your overall look is feminine, complete it with this chic flower nail art. You won’t regret it, we promise you! Floral art designs are always in fashion thanks to its versatility. Your summer neon nails will appear gorgeous with some flowers on them. The floral nail designs could be of any size, shape and color to compliment whatever nails summer theme you’re going for.


Summer Nails With Tropical Palms Accents

Summer is all about beautiful sunsets and vacations on the beach, right? That is why depicting the favorite scenery on your nails is a great idea. You can have monotone nails with one to two palm tree accents. However, apart from the lovely sunset and palm trees, you can take the design even further and add other arts like birds, waves and even dolphins. The outcome is genuinely majestic and unusual.

Summer Nail Designs with Stripes

It is true that stripes are easy to recreate, but it is also important to be aware of what types of striped designs are on the trend these days. Marine shades will look gorgeous with the addition of some stripes. But if you are looking for something a lot brighter than that, do not limit yourself to just one shade, use all the colorful hues in combination with elegant black stripes.

Abstract Nails Designs For Summer

Summer nail colors are usually very inspirational and having an abstract design on it means following no rules but your heart. You could have bright summer acrylic nails with designs that follow no particular pattern. That’s just the beauty in abstract summer nails designs. It’s mostly about going all out in your creativity. Just have a look at these awesome abstract nail design ideas, and your mood will be fantastic!


Trendy Geometric Summer Nail Designs

In case bright nail designs for summer are not really your cup of tea, we suggest you try out something entirely different but not less trendy. The thing is that geometric nail art is very required these days. Whether pastel or nude, your nails will always look elegant and cute if you add some geometry design to them. You can be very creative with lines, producing shapes within your nails and having them colored in different shades.

Watermelon Accent Nails For Summer Time

Watermelons are perfect to enjoy when the sun is high up in the sky, but there is another use for this tasty, gorgeous berry! Citrus fruits nails are something that won’t go unnoticed no matter where you go, be it a gentle pink watermelon nail art or a spicy and glittery one. Choose wisely!

There’s no limit to how creative you can be with summer nails designs. Most people are usually on vacation during this season and so have a lot of outings to attend. A better way to compliment your outfit for whatever gathering you’re attending or a vacation spot you wish to visit, is through your nail arts. It might not seem so important but they do serve a purpose. Our list of nail design ideas is so vast to fit into any occasion and also the distinctive taste of everyone.


What is the Most Popular Nail Color for Summer?

When it reaches the season of summer, the most popular nail colors are bright pastel shade like green, yellow and blue.

What is the Most Popular Nails Design for Summer?

Most people go for French tip nails with neon colors. It’s very easy to create and undoubtedly reflects the season well.