Every woman wants to know how to do fun nail designs at home so that there is something to boast of in front of friends. But not every lady is bold enough to actually go and try it out. And the reason for that is pretty obvious – there are too many complex tutorials but almost no easy and cute ones. But what we suggest you here will totally amaze you!


Quick Abstract Nails Tutorial


Fun Nail Designs with Stamping

Geometric Nails Art


Water Marble Nail Art

Abstract Fun Nail Art You Can Do At Home


Glitter Ombre Nails You Can Do In 5 Min

Fun Striped And Floral Nail Designs

Galaxy Fun Nail Designs

For your galaxy nails, apply a base coat first. What comes next is the black base color. When the black is completely dry, apply some white nail polish on top with the help of the sponge, make sure you manage to smear it a little. Now add some blue and purple colors to the white and repeat the smearing procedure. You are almost there, what is left is to add some tiny white stars and finish your design with the glittery top coat. Done!


Fun Floral Nail Designs

Fun Nail Designs With Panda

For this cute panda designs for nails, start with applying the white nail polish to the bottom of your nail. With the help of a dotting tool, create panda’s eyes and ears, as well as the nose. After the black nail polish is dry, finish painting the panda’s eyes with white. Apply the top coat to secure the design. For the bamboo design, you should cover your nail with a black base and use a bamboo-designed stencil. Covering the stencil pressed to the nail with green will create the desired bamboo effect.

Fun Nail Designs With Holo

This Holo design is pretty easy despite the stunning effect. Of course, you should start with the base coat, then cover your nails with this silver diamond nail polish and let it dry. Use the straight tape to create the horizontal white lines over your diamond top. With the help of a stiletto stencil, create a black anchor-like design and finish with the top coat. Voila!


Gradient And Chevron Nails Tips

At first, apply a base coat. Then cover your nails with a gray sparkly polish. Apply liquid latex around your nails to protect them. Press a chevron sticker on each nail and create a gradient using a sponge. Remove chevron sticker and liquid latex. Apply top coat. That’s all!

Colorful Nail Art Using Stamping

For this cute design cover your nails with a white base coat. Apply liquid latex around the nail. For a gradient imprint mix different shades of nail polish on your stamping plate. Press the stamp to your nails. To finish this design, remove liquid latex and apply top coat. Done!

The art of how to do fun nail designs at home is easy. Anyone can become a pro with the right guidance and motivation.