Stylish Red Nail Designs To Try Right Now


Red nail designs truly stand out among all other colors. Ask any lady which nail color is her favorite and most desirable, and she will probably name one of the shades of red. Truly, besides being bright and beautiful, red nail polish is universal and also very powerful. The moment you paint your nails red, you naturally become much more confident, sexy, and feminine.


Beautiful Red Nail Designs

Red nails with gems, studs, and rhinestones make your manicure sparkle and attracts more attention to it.

Source: Slanveta_stanovaya via Instagram


Red Nail Designs With Glitter

Reddish nail colors are vivid on their own, but still, some glitter will only complement them.

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Red and White Nail Designs

If you are into adding an accent to your red manicure, mix and match it with white – this color combo works wonders.

Source: Selfie_beautyclub via Instagram

Source: Selfie_beautyclub via Instagram

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Exquisite Red Gold Nail Designs

Evoke flamboyance and elegance peculiar to old world by adding golden hues to your bright and cool manicure.

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Chic Red Nail Designs

An interesting floral or fruit pattern will serve as an accent, too, and adorn any shade of red.

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Elegant Matte Red Nail Designs

Red matte manicure is next level gorgeous, and every red nail color addict will agree with it.

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French Red Nail Designs

Updated French manicure is very trendy today – add pops of red or even reverse it upside down!

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Perfect Combo – Red and Black

Arguably, there are no better nail colors to complement red nail designs than black. This timeless combo looks exceptionally amazing together. On the one hand, being rather neutral, black subdues such a flamboyant color as red. On the other hand, they look striking against each other. Thus, no matter what design your red nails are going to feature, make sure it is in black.

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Different Nail Designs in Red Hues

Believe it or not, but there are tons of different red nail designs out there. So that our claim is not unfounded, here is the proof. As you can tell, there is a breathtaking option for everybody, no matter whether you have short natural nails or long acrylic claws.

Source: manicurology via Instagram

The variety of red nail designs guarantees that your manicure will look unique and eye-catching. When you lack inspiration on your next mani, just get back to our guide for the latest and trendiest ideas. So that your manicure would always keep pace with fashion, we constantly track the latest trends in the nail art world and update you on them.

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