30+ Ideas For Sassy Summer Nails

Summer nails are always a fun way to express your love for all things summer! From seashells to palm trees and pretty flowers, the possibilities are endless!

If you are looking for cute ideas for summer nail designs, look further! We have put together some of our favorite ideas for summer nail art that you will just adore!


If you love DIY nail art, most of these are easy nail designs that you can duplicate on your own. If you don’t have the artistic flair, you can certainly show pics of your favorite designs for summer nail art to your nail stylist. However, most of these are simple enough for you to try them at home.

The key to summer nails is to pick bright and vivid colors or soft and pretty pastels. Next, you can opt for fun designs like starfish, florals, fruits, and so forth. Then you can add stickers, nail gems, and other fun embellishments.

Not quite sure where to get started? Check out our favorite ideas for summer nail art!

Coral Summer Nails With Flowers

Coral is one of the most popular summer colors. This bright coral base with delicate flowers is very elegant.

Source: Furiousfiler via Instagram


Funky Feathers

This gorgeous dark violet sparkling base adorned with bright feathers is fun and a bit edgy.

Source:Nina_d83 via Instagram

Blue Ombre Waves

This blue and white gradient effect with blue on the fingertips is reminiscent of hot summer days by the pool.

Source: Nina_d83 via Instagram


Swirly Rainbows

Marble art is so versatile. We just love this swirly whirl of rainbow colors!

Source: Nina_d83 via Instagram

Tropical Nail Art

If you are a lover of the beach and romantic sunsets, these designs were made for you! Dark silhouettes of palm trees and dolphins on a background that resembles a sunset are dreamy and exotic.

Source: Nisinails via Instagram


Sand Art Nails

For the ocean lover, we suggest this charming design with white and blue swirls and cute sea-themed embellishments. Adorn your ring finger with gold nail polish and starfish accessories.

Source: Elleandish via Instagram

Cute Flowers

Here is another classy look if you love floral nail art. Pretty floral silhouettes in vivid yellow, pink and violet hues on a white nail base are very romantic.

Source: Followthatway via Instagram

Pink Tropical Nails

It is another look for the romantic at heart. Deep pink to light peach ombre as a base is adorned with large yellow and green palm leaves.

Source: Ninanailedit via Instagram


Summer Sea Creatures

If you love sea creatures, you will adore these seahorse silhouettes on top of a blue and green gradient base.

Source: Cuteynails4 via Instagram

Anchors Away

This look is perfect for longer nails. Let two nails be simple dark blue, adorn your ring finger with a gold anchor accessory, and leave white and dark blue chevron pattern for the remaining nails.

Source: Melcisme via Instagram

Stripes Summer Nails

If you love striped nail art, you’ll flip for these alternating horizontal and vertical stripes in soft shades of white, green, and orange.

Source: So_nailicious via Instagram


Midnight Magic

These gold glitter stars on a dark blue base are magical and mysterious!

Source: lacquerandspice via Instagram

Summer Elegance

If you want a simple yet trendy design, why not try this pretty coral shade with silver stripes or polka dots on one nail?

Source: Almasnailart via Instagram

Sparkly Silver Nails

It is another simple yet elegant design. Paint every other fingernail white, pastel pink or upgraded French and then adorn your ring finger with silver sparkles for a classy, feminine look.

Source: Kistochki_nails via Instagram


Tribal Summer Nails

Tribal nail art is quite trendy this season. This fun take on random tribal designs in bright summer colors is daring for a cool summer look.

Source: Urbannailart via Instagram

Fun With Florals

You don’t have to be an artist to sport these bright, carefree flowers. Multi colored leaves and flowers on a white matte base are fun and carefree!

Source: Marinelp91 via Instagram

Sunset Nails

If you love summer sunsets, you’ll adore this simple but classy fade from light coral to golden yellow.

Source: Cassidylynnnails via Instagram


Butterfly Effect

Another chic look is these orange nails with a white and orange butterfly with a white base on one nail. This look is so simple yet so classy!

Source: Lovenails_bym via Instagram

Tropical Fruit Nail Art

Get ready for the summer with this tropical nail art. What can be more summery than a set of tropical fruits on your nails? Lemons, oranges, watermelons drawn on the transparent base look so fresh and juicy that you can try to bite your fingernail!

Source: Yokonailart via Instagram

Glossy Neon Nails

Neon colors are more than popular during summer. But for those who do not want to look boring and out of fashion, we suggest this lollipop-like bright nail art!

Source: Nails.by.marit via Instagram


Sunflower Nail Design

When you think of summer, what flower comes to your mind first? Of course sunflower! So why not draw it on your nails? Add up some blues and glitters, and your perfect summer design is ready!

Source: Jennyclairefox via Instagram

Stunning Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nails are beyond trendy nowadays. Even though they may seem cold and distant, they suit summertime perfectly. Just imagine looking at the night sky whenever you wish!

Source: Nailartbylia_ via Instagram

Half Moon Mani

When you are going for the win, choose two trends and combine them in one. For example, this pastel blue shade combined with white half-moons looks just sweet and lovely.

Source: Just.mynails via Instagram


Sea Stripes

You can already imagine sunny beaches and the warm ocean while looking at these nails. White and electric blue combination creates the perfect illusion of the sea and foam, needless to mention the sandy addition on your nails.

Source: Lackfein via Instagram

Multi Colored Summer

Can’t pick just one bright shade for your next mani? Not a problem at all! Combine all of your favorites in one. Of course, it will look extraordinary bright, but we are not seeking easy solutions, are we?

Source: Nailsbykerib via Instagram


You want something new for your nails but do not want to follow the trends blindly? Then there is something we might help you with. The dreamcatcher art. It might be a cliché when it comes to the tattoo world, but here it looks quite genuine.

Source: Willpaintnailsforfood via Instagram


Butterfly Wings

For those who like to attract lots of attention the butterfly mani will be the best option. As we do not know such people who wouldn’t notice such a graceful and beautiful creature either in the air or on your fingernails!

Source: Dakozhan via Instagram

Sunny Chevron

Chevron designs are so popular due to the fact that they can easily be recreated at home. So, if you have no means to visit a salon but still dream of the perfect summer mani, combine the yellow base with black and white chevron lines.

Source: Nata3110nata via Instagram

Glitter Nail with Flower

For those who cannot go brighter than red but are dying to be trendy we suggest this perfect bright yet elegant design. Cover your nails with a sparkly red base and add a beautiful flower to one of your nails. There you go!

Source: Nata3110nata via Instagram

We hope you love these adorable ideas for summer nails as much as we do! Find the one that works best for you or try them all!


Juicy Colors For The Amazing Palm Trees Nail Art

Summer is all about beautiful sunsets and vacations on the beach, right? That is why depicting the favorite scenery on your nails is a great idea. However, apart from lovely sunset and palm trees, you can take the design even further and just leave the other hand painted in solid yellow. The outcome is it genuinely majestic and unusual.

Source: nails_krat via Instagram

Delicate Flamingos For Decorating Nude Mani

Very often, it is considered that nude manicure is all about being dull and boring. However, we are ready to prove you wrong. Just one look at this gorgeous flamingo nail art combined with a pale nude base and some little sparkles involved, speaks for itself.

Source: puro.nails via Instagram

Summer Nails With Really Hot Design

Manicure is all about the creativity that is why if you wish to take it to the whole new level it is time you start writing funny sayings right on your nails. You can use red and black shades to accent the masterpiece.

Source: mashacreate.nails via Instagram


Sweet Sea Manicure For A Real Mermaid

Mermaid nail art is quite on the edge of popularity these days, and there is no wonder why so many people are trying to pull the look off. However, we are ready to suggest to your attention something different but preserving the vibe. There is no way you wouldn’t fall in love with this gorgeous manicure!

Source: puro.nails via Instagram

Fantastic Ombre Nails With Dragon Fruit

Ombre is an excellent technique for those of you who are all about the experimentation. A transition from negative space to bright orange is undoubtedly impressive. What is more, a dragon fruit accent makes this manicure simply irresistible.

Source: mashacreate.nails via Instagram

Dragonfly And Flowers: Great Idea For A Summer Nails

Gentle nail art is suitable for every season, but summer especially. What makes this design utterly different from the ones described before is the gorgeous addition of 3D dragonfly and gentle flowers. There is nothing out of place in this nail art!

Source: mari_nails_nsk via Instagram

Main photo by Nails_krat