Most Popular and Trendy Nails Shapes for Glamorous Look

Do not leave out nails shapes during your visit to the salon or while having your nails done at home. But before choosing the shape, you should know which one suits you best. And if you still do not know it or want to try something new, we have gathered some useful information.

Stylish Almond Nail Shapes

Among different nail shapes, almond nails have the ability to slimmer your fingers. Apart from that, they look pretty natural-shaped and can be worn short. The downside is not being able to open the soda can or unbutton the shirt in no time.

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Sweety Oval Nails for Elegant Women

According to the nail shape chart, oval nails are fairly the most classical ones. Besides, that is one of the shapes that has no downsides, since oval nails are very strong and resistant to breaking. So, you can dive into your purse without the fear to break a nail!

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Popular Ideas of Round Nails Designs

For those who prefer wearing their nails short, rounded nails will be the best option. They are very similar to the oval shape yet rounder at the edge. Need to untie a tight knot? Not a problem at all!

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Trendy Coffin Nails Shapes

Coffin shaped nails are perfect for the nail art development since there is a lot of space to get creative. Yet, with this nail shape, you are likely to forget about playing any sports or washing dishes. The latter option is not that horrible after all, right?

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Amazing Square and Squoval Nails

The thing about squoval nails is that they are universal. That means that this shape suits everyone due to the combination of two classic shapes. Besides, with squoval nails, you do not have to worry about tearing your new tights while putting them on.

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Luxury Stiletto Nails Ideas

Stiletto nails are probably the boldest you can get. And there is no wonder why, just one look at these nails makes everything clear. On the bright side, there is a lot of space for your nail artist’s imagination.

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Exclusive Nails Shapes for Brave Girls

Lipstick nails are relatively new not to mention that they are more than unusual. The asymmetrical angle shape at the tip of the nail is not a common thing you see out there today. Nevertheless, they look stunning and unique, see for yourself!

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