18 Best Designs For Short Stiletto Nails That Will Catch Your Eye

We must agree that short stiletto nails are not less daring than their longer version. Besides, this nail shape is perfect for those who want their fingers to look slenderer. Yet, there is always a downside. You can easily hurt yourself with such a nail. But if you are careful enough, then you should simply give in to this most wanted trend.

Cute Short Stiletto In Blue Shade

If you stick to nail shapes chart stiletto one is surely one of the boldest ones, in case it is not the short stiletto, of course. The thing is that short stiletto nails can look perfectly simple and elegant especially with the addition of simple blue patterns to them do not trust us? See for yourself!

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Bright Pink Stiletto Nails To Rock The Summer

You may already know that stilettos are the shape that is achieved with the help sharping really long nail into really pointy shape. However, when long nails are not your cup of tea, short stilettos come in handy. You can experiment with short ones without any limitation, in case that is something that bothers you. Bold shape and bright pink nail art will take the spot instead of length, and that is quite special too.

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Stunning Stiletto Nails: Matte Top In Combination With Smoked Design

Short stiletto nails designs are suitable for the formal look too all you need to do is to come up with the perfect design idea. White base with the addition of smoked design and matte top suits the goal just great, what do you think?

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Geometric Stiletto Nail Design On Perfect Rainbow Ombre

In case you are looking for some summery nail art ideas you have come to the right place! We think that this rainbow ombre adorned with intricate geometric patterns is just as summery as you need.

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Black Matte Stiletto Nails With Rhinestone

Black matte stiletto nails with rhinestones is a bold option to choose from. What makes the design fit the sunny season is the bright rhinestone pattern, and we think it is more than enough in case you want keeping your nails bold to the extent.

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Modern Lime Green French On Short Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails can be easily transformed into something entirely classic but trendy and modern. Just add lime green shade instead of white to achieve the French tip and then experiment with black and negative space to keep up with style.

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Rose Quartz Design For Restrained Manicure

Playing around with short nails may be tricky at some point since no matter the shape you still need length to experiment. If experimentation is not for you than short stiletto shape is just great for you not to mention that there is a fair share of simple and good ideas to pull off with it. For example, simple quartz nail at in pink shades with cute little bow accent works fine for the purpose.

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Stiletto Nails: Short Length With Light Elegant Design

Keeping your stiletto nails short does not mean that you are limited in the range of ideas to pull off. Stylish pastel-shaded ombre adorned with the cute boho pattern is unique-looking so that you can surely give it a try or at least a thought.

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Mesmerizing Matte Color Block

Coating stiletto nails matte for many of you may seem like the dimming of the color. However, one look at this bright-colored matter manicure will surely change the perception.

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Dream Stiletto Nails: Gold & Stones

Short stiletto nails can look very dreamy and luxurious, all you need to do is to add some gold hues and glitter to your neutral manicure. Trust us, from now on the perception of neutral manicure will be changed for you.

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Galaxy Nails For Being In Touch With The Universe

Galaxy nails are on the edge of popularity these days, and there is no wonder why since who wouldn’t want to discover new universes, right? What is more, galaxy nail art suits all the shapes with no exceptions, if your nails are short – worry not galaxy manicure will save the situation.

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Fantastic Tribal Nail Art For Short Stiletto Nails

It has been mentioned already; the fact that your stilettos are pretty short does not mean that you are limited in any way. The combination of astrological and tribal patterns together with blue and ivory-blue bases are the perfect proof.

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Stiletto Nails Black Bubble Design

There are times when the urge to pull off something unusual gets almost unbearable. In times like these – you better play around with this anything but usual bubbly contrasting nail pattern.

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Moon Inspired Stiletto Nails

It is only natural that space inspires many of us for many things but what about the planets? We thing moon nail art is as impressive and magnetizing as the Moon itself!

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Short Pointy Nails With Feminine And Elegant Design

Every lady cares about her nails because she knows that details matter. That is why if you are looking for something to emphasize your elegance and femininity – we have just a perfect idea in mind. The combo of black and nudes shades has always been special, and this nail design is surely not the exception.

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Unicorn Nail Design For Coquettish Girls

Fantasy nail designs are taking over the world of nail fashion these days. However, in many cases, unicorn-like manicure may be quite out of place until you have a perfect way out in mind. The thing is that unicorn many can be both gentle and thematic at the same time, and this is the perfect example for you.

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Matte Burgundy Stiletto Nails With Royal Chrome Pigment

Matte burgundy stiletto nails look gorgeous on their own, but in case you are willing to take the matter further, we know a way that you can spice things up a little. The thing is that chrome accent nail together with same royal French tip will complete the matte burgundy manicure like nothing else.

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Short Pointy Stiletto With Sweet Dried Flowers

Those of you who wish to look over the edge special should try dried flower nail art. The chances that someone else will pull off the same look are thin, and the outcome is mesmerizingly cute!

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Main photo by Perfect10customnails