Ballerina nail shape is definitely one of the trendiest shapes these days. They are extremely bold and daring, and these days more and more women give in to the desire to at least try this shape out. Once they do, they fall in love with it, since apart from being edgy, it is pretty practical and there is a limitless range of ideas to pull off with this shape. If you’re looking for a ballerina nail design to complete your outfit and add the necessary sparkle, our ballerina nail designs are elegant and very sophisticated.


What are Ballerina Nails?

The ballerina nail also known as a coffin nail has a shape almost similar to stiletto nails but with a square-end tip rather than a pointed tip. The nails have the shape of a ballerina’s slippers and were named after it.


Ballerina Nails vs Coffin Nails

Most people might still be wondering about the relationship between ballerina vs coffin nails. If you’re a nail enthusiast or a newbie, you would have probably heard of both ballerina nail shapes and coffin nail shapes. While some might think these nails are different, the truth is that they are the same. Ballerina shape is also used to refer to coffin nail shapes, so either can be substituted for the other.

How to Achieve the Ballerina Nail Shape

Regardless of whether you’re going for long or short ballerina nail shapes, achieving this is quite easy with the necessary tools. All you need to do is to file your manicures on both sides so that the nail tapers towards the end. The outcome of doing so is a square tip nail shape that is quite similar to a ballerina’s slippers or coffin, hence the name, ballerina nail.


Ideal Ballerina Nail Shape Designs To Give A Try

Provided below are inspiring ballerina nails ideas to give a try on your next appointment with your manicurist. From chic to classy, our list has everything needed, including rhinestones to add the right amount of sparkles.

Abstract Ballerina Nails

Among all the nail shapes ballerina nails are the ones that can look fabulous with anything on. Abstract ballerina shaped nails look pretty edgy since they follow no particular pattern. You can experiment with new designs and colors on your short ballerina nails or if you prefer them long, they’ll still look as cool as ever.


Coffin Nails with Marble Effect

Long ballerina nails look great with marble effect designs on them. In case you think that keeping your coffin nails short means you don’t get to try out jaw-dropping designs, then you better pay close attention to these stunning combos of marble nail art we have got here! From white to blue, marble designs always has a cool vibe that paints you as the sophisticated type.

Ballerina Nails with Rhinestones

Some may say that ballerina coffin nails are for those who want to stand out. Yet, we think that if you like all possible gentle and elegant designs, you will for sure appreciate this nude mixture of rhinestones and ballerina nail shapes. And when it comes to pearly white design – it is simply irresistible! These pink ballerina nails with rhinestones will draw attention to your manicure.

Geometric Ballerina Nail Shape

When deciding on ballerina nail ideas, Geometric design is another great option. It involves playing around with lines and as a result, you can combine different shades and tones on your manicure. It’s a very stylish way of adorning your nails with intricate patterns and tribal-themed designs


French Tip Nails for Ballerina Nails

The lovers of classy French tip nails will definitely appreciate this upgraded mixture of stylish looks for their ballerina acrylic nails. Decorate the tip of your short ballerina nail shapes with white or give in to the brighter side and try red or black for a change. If you decide to keep it simple with glossy or matte nail polish, it’ll still be very nice.

Ombre Ballerina Nail Shapes

The ballerina nail shape looks outstanding when combined with Ombre. The thing is that you can pull off any look with this shape and this technique paired together. Ranging from stylish nude ombre mixed with ballerina pink nails to a juicy and compelling red tone, there are vast options to give a try!

Chic Ballerina Nails With Glitter

A brilliant short ballerina nail shape will always appear chic at any time of the year. To impress everyone with a sense of style, introduce glitters of any color to your nails. You can have the glitters designed as little lines over your nails, or painted at the tip. The white coffin nail with black flame designs works pretty well with the glitters.


Floral Ballerina Nail Shape

With your ballerina nails short or long, you can make them look beautiful with the introduction f floral designs and patterns. Depending on the color of your nail bade, your flowers could have any tone or shade and could be in any size, depending on the concept you’re going for.

Ballerina Nails With Matte Effect

Adding a matte coating to your nails grants them a smooth finish. What’s more, is that with the matte polish, your nails will still look admirable if they’re plain. However, if you like to be extravagant, you can add stones and mix colors to cross over from the simple side. The plain black matte nail below is a good example of stunning nails with class.

Are you still contemplating getting the ballerina nail shape? There are a lot of designs to rock with this trendy nail shape, all you have to do is make a choice. If you’re looking for texture, elegance and style, the coffin nails work easily with any concept. From the nail shape designs listed out, there’s a perfect match for you to slay to any event or gathering.


What is a ballerina nail shape?

The ballerina nail shape is one of the trendy nail shapes filed to look like the slippers of a ballerina.

Are coffin and ballerina nails the same?

Yes. While most people think they refer to different nail shapes, coffin and ballerina nails refer to the same nail shape.