Ballerina nail shape is definitely one of the trendiest shapes these days. In case you are still wondering what are ballerina nails then you probably do not know that this is just another name for coffin nails. Yes, if you compare ballerina nails vs coffin nails you will find that the name is the only thing they do not have in common and everything else is identical. What are coffin nails? Coffin nails are extremely bold and daring, after all, the name actually speaks for itself. Yet, these days more and more women give in to the desire to at least try this shape out. Once they do – they fall in love with it, since apart from being edgy it is pretty practical and there is a limitless range of ideas to pull off with this shape. That is exactly what we are going to talk about – ballerina nails designs!


Abstract Ballerina Nails

Among all the nail shapes ballerina nails are the ones that can look fabulous with anything on. Abstract coffin shaped nails designs look pretty edgy. What is more, getting your ballerina shaped nails matte will only spice the things up.


Coffin Nails with Marble Effect

Short ballerina nails look great with marble effect designs on. In case you think that keeping your coffin nails short is close to impossible, you should better pay attention to these stunning combos of marble nail art and coffin nail shape that we have got here!

Ballerina Nails with Rhinestones

Some may say that ballerina nail shape is for those who want to stand out. Yet, we think that if you like all possible gentle and elegant designs, you will for sure appreciate this nude mixture of rhinestones and ballerina nail shapes. And when it comes to pearly white design – it is simply irresistible!


Geometric Ballerina Nail Shape

Keeping your ballerina shaped nails short and stylish is easier than easy. All you need to do is to choose your favorite shade and adorn it with some intricate tribal pattern! Besides, black is not the limit – why not to try something new out?

French Tip Nails for Ballerina Nails

The lovers of classy French tip nails will definitely appreciate this upgraded mixture of stylish looks for coffin nail shapes. Decorate your French ballerina nail shapes white or give in to the brighter side and try red for a change. The choice is yours!


Ombre Ballerina Nail Shapes

Ballerina nail shape look outstanding when combined with Ombre. The thing is that you can pull off any look with this shape and this technique. Ranging from stylish nude Ombre to juicy bright one with sweet sparkly one in the middle. Pick the one that suits you best!

Chic Ballerina Nails With Glitter

A brilliant shiny short ballerina nails looks chic at any time of the year. Use our ideas to impress everyone with a sense of style.

Floral Ballerina Nail Shape

Ballerina nail shape can look refined and feminine, if you decorate them with beautiful flowers.


Ballerina Nails With Matte Effect

In case you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back any time you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.