Among all the other nail shapes round nails are known due to their durability and comfort they bring with. All the busy women out there are falling victims to this shape, and there is no wonder why this nail shape is beneficial when you are running out of time. What is more, this is the best nail shape for chubby fingers since it creates an illusion of longer fingers and that is definitely a plus. That is why if you are looking for a nail shape that is trendy, comfortable and durable among all the nail shapes for short fingers round one should be your shape of choice. Besides, we happen to know perfect ways of decoration for this shape! Let’s have a closer look!


Round French Tip Nails

French tip nails has changed the course of nail art fashion forever. There is no design the French art wouldn’t fit in!


Minimalistic Designs For Round Nails

Many women choose minimalist nail art ideas more and more often these days. That is why we are going to prove it to you that even delicate short round nails art with minimalistic patterns can be interesting to play around with!

Ombre Nails Art For Short Nails

Cute designs for short nails can look extraordinarily bright and gentle at the same time if you know what to adorn them with. The thing is that ombre curved nails art is that one thing that stands firm when all the other ideas fail.


Flower Nails Art For Rounded Nails

Round acrylic nails with floral accents look beautiful and magnetic. Even the simplest idea of flower nail designs for rounded nails possesses a tremendous amount of charm.

Round Nails With Stripes

Very often people think that to create a masterpiece you need to be over the edge creative and skilled. However, we believe that even a simple striped nails art can spice up your round nail designs like nothing else. See for yourself!


Round Nails with Foil Nail Accent

In case you are looking for short round acrylic nails art to grant you that feminine and gentle touch then there is nothing better than a rounded nails spiced up with silver or gold foil. Enjoy!

Animal Print On Rounded Nails

My of you are devoted to feline patterns when it comes to your short round nails. However, we think it is time you start to experiment a little. These animal print round nails ideas are precisely what you need to begin with!

Rounded Nails Art With Geometric Accent

Adding a geometric nails pattern to your round shaped nails is always a worthy idea. Not only because geometry is trending these days, but because of the unique charm these strict lines grant to any round nail designs.


Matte Round Tip Nails

It is true that sometimes you wish to step away from all the pompous designs for your round shape nails and try out something simple for a change. These matte nails art ideas are for you to at least consider.

Short and Long Round Nail Shape with Stones

If you are looking for round nails designs to make your nails stand out – we have a couple of ideas in store. No matter bold or neutral shades you prefer – there is a suitable option to suit your taste!

Short Round Tip Nails with Glitter Accents

When you do not know what to combine your round manicure with, opt for glitter. The addition of glitter can take any pattern or design to the completely new level of stylish for ombre nails round shape!

Round nails are all the rage these days, and there are many reasons for that. If that is your fav shape, then we have a fair share of ideas to adorn it with!