You may think that you do not need to know what other nail shapes there are since you have already found the perfect one for you. But chances are you are missing out a lot, as maybe there is still a nail shape out there that would look even better on you. To make sure your manicure looks its best, we have prepared this insightful guide, where we broke down the most common shapes of nails existing in the beauty world today. So, now all you have to do it to study it carefully and pick out the shape that works for you best.


How To Determine Which Nail Shape Is The Best?

So, are you still confused about how to shape nails? There are no good or bad nail shapes, there are just those that do not suit you personally. That is basically one of the reasons why there are so many of them – so that everyone would be able to find a mani shape that flatters their hands. Thus, to keep yourself informed on nail length chart or different shapes of nails as well as their main benefits, let’s discuss each of them in greater detail.

The Ultimate Guide To Popular Nail Shapes How To Pick Your Perfect One


All of us have different nail beds, and it is crucial to pick the type of nail shapes that will flatter yours best. If you have narrow nail beds, the prettiest shape to trim them would be the square one. Square nails look elegant and classy, especially on longer nails. What is more, there is never any limit as for the designs to pull off with this shape!

Popular Classics: Long Square Nails

Popular Classics: Long Square Nails

A square shape is one of the most popular, and there`s nothing strange about it. Simple and classy, it will be so good looking with any length you choose. If you want your nails to always look neat and as if you just came out of the nails salon, square nails are the right choice. Have a look at these long ones, and you will understand that they are perfect for experimenting with any colors and nail ideas.

Long Square Nails

Short Square Shape For Practical Women

Practical women want to be practical in everything and nail shapes are surely not an exception. In case you are one of those busy ladies, who spend too much time at the office or elsewhere working, the short square nails shape will definitely rock as an outstanding formal look. Be careful with silky things though, since the sharp edges can sometimes do damage to gentle materials.

Short Square Shape For Practical Women

Short Square Shape For Practical Women

Are you always on the run and don`t want the length of your nails to be too long?
For our busy ladies, we have their own square nails idea. Keep them short and elegant with using nude colors, and you will always be pleased with the way your nails look. Isn`t that what you are looking for a daily basis?

Short Square Nails

Short Square Nails Shape


Long Squoval Nails For Those Who Hate Sharp Edges

Squoval nails will suit those of you who are not fond of both sharp edges and long nails. What is more, the squoval shape is rounded around the edges and the tip, which makes it not that easy to break or chip. For busy women, it is totally a winning situation.

Long Squoval Nails For Those Who Hates Sharp Edges

Long Squoval Nails For Those Who Hates Sharp Edges

We also love a squoval shape because of its convenience. The same square one but perfected with rounded edges, it is a must for those who like comfort and beauty. Due to its softness, a bit of length is not a problem at all so don`t be afraid to sport squoval nails long. All of the colors and designs will look gorgeous on them for sure.

Long Squoval Nails

Short Squoval To Maintain The Shape Of Natural Nails

Natural nail shapes are popular too. That is why if you started to worry that you may look out of date – do not! The short squoval shape is the best to represent the natural shape. All you need to do to make it trendy-looking is a proper nail design. Classic nail art ideas will help you rock this form just perfectly.

Short Squoval To Maintain The Shape Of Natural Nails

Short Squoval To Maintain The Shape Of Natural Nails

We love natural looking nails. And you? When you are wearing fresh and neat squoval nail shapes short, it will be a perfect canvas for trying any color and design your heart desires. Dark shades or nude ones will make your nails look super stylish. So, make your choice and enjoy how natural your nails turn out!

Short Squoval Shape Nails


Long Rounded Nails Shape

Rounded nails are probably the most popular shape and there is a good reason behind this. Rounded shape nails are timeless, so you may not worry that your manicure will look outdated. Besides, they flatter any length and shape nails beds have, from wide and short to long and narrow. What a great idea for women who prefer long nails! Decorate your rounded mani in any way you like, and it will look gorge with such a shape!

Long Rounded Nails Shape

Long Rounded Nails Shape

What a great idea for women who prefer long nails! Decorate your nails in any way you like, and they will look gorge with such a shape!

Cute Long Rounded Nails

Short Nails With Rounded Shape

Another great natural nails shape would be the rounded one. Uncertain what do round nails mean? Those are the nails that have straight sides and rounded up tips so that they replicate the form of your fingertip. The round nails shape is the most durable shape there is and if you do not want to pay attention to your mani too often – this would be the best one for you!

This is the most durable shape there is and if you do not want to pay attention to your mani too often – this would be the best one for you!

Short Nails With Rounded Shape

Short Nails With Rounded Shape

Short round shape nails are the ones that will make your routine so much easier. No need to always carry a file with you in case the edge breaks, as the round shape will keep the nails secure. Play with different designs and colors while keeping your nails natural. The best choice for women who are not keen on spending hours on their nails but still want to have a trendy looking manicure.

Sweet Short Nails With Rounded Shape

Long Oval Nail Shapes

Oval nails are different from round ones. The thing is that to get there, you need to file your nail down and then curve it at the tip. However, they are still as durable and have lots of other advantages.

If you think that your fingers look too chubby or fat, that would be the most flattering shape there is for you!

Always Classics - Long Oval Nail Shapes

Long oval nails are an excellent choice for those ladies who prefer their fingers to appear longer and thinner. They will sure make you feel more confident about the appearance of your hands, especially if you add a beautiful design for a match. Play around with different ideas, and you will love this shape!

Beauty Long Oval Nail Shapes


Oval Short Nails To Look Like A Princess

In case you want to grant your short nails some royal vibe, then you should think of oval short nail shapes in the first place. After you are ready with the shape, it is time to come up with the design elegant and luxurious, do not forget about that.

Short oval nails will come in more than handy for those who have to deal with a wide nail bed. They will narrow down the width so that your fingers will look slim and elegant.

Oval Short Nails To Look Like A Princess

Another natural idea that will not leave you with a boring result for sure. Neat looking nails will be gorgeous with any design you choose. Some people can`t stand having their nail shapes round or long but still would love to feel the style they bring to the appearance. If you are one of them, then this nail shape is for you.

Oval Short Nails To Look Like A Boss

Gorgeous Long Almond Nail Shape

Almond nail shape is similar to the oval one, but they are still different. The thing is that almond nails are usually a little bit longer and seem to remind of an actual almond. However, it is also one of the best nail shapes for chubby fingers in case you wonder.

But it is quite difficult to pull off this shape with natural nails since it usually needs some strengthening, which is basically why almond shape acrylic nails or gels are so popular.

Gorgeous Nude Almond Nail Shape For Extra Chic Girls #longnails #almondnails #nudenails

If you love experimenting with different nail shapes, almond shape nails are perfect for you. The chic they bring to any design will make your heart beat faster every time leaving you with a beautiful look. Some creative almond shape nails designs that you wouldn`t dare try on other shapes will be stunning here.

Gorgeous Long Almond Nail Shape For Extra Chic Manicure

Short Almond Nail Shape

A short variation of such a shape is still the one that you should definitely try. Especially, if you love your nails of short length. Pick a stylish almond shape nails design and enjoy the beauty you have on your short almond mani decorated. Natural but still glamorous.

Short Almond Nail Shape

A medium length almond shape nails are here to amaze you. So stylish but still classy and elegant, they will make any look you are wearing complete. If you consider yourself to be into every detail when it comes to your appearance, then it is your go-to choice. So gorgeous with any color that you choose, such a shape will become your favorite one.

Short Almond Nails


Coffin nails is surely one of the most popular shapes among celebrities, and there is no wonder why. If you are the owner of really long nails, this shape grants you room for experimentation and a little bit of shock. You may also have heard of them as ballerina nails. But, are coffin and ballerina nail shapes the same? Actually, they are. To some, long tapered nails with a square tip resemble a coffin, while others see ballerina’s slippers in them. So, the way you are going to call them is pretty much a matter of taste. Apart from the dramatic look, coffin nail shapes require you to have really strong and healthy nails. Otherwise, your claws may not withstand the length and the shape.

However, in case you are not against adding some acrylic to your nails, then you can easily play around with the shape and a whole lot of ideas to pull off.

Long Coffin Nails – Most Popular Nail Shape

So many variations of nail designs that you can rock. Think about glitters and other décor nail ideas. Combinations of colors and structures will be looking so glamorous on such a shape that you won`t be able to resist experimenting more with it.

Most Popular Long Coffin Nails

Amazing Short Coffin Nails

It is true that coffin shape nails can be a little shorter too. In such a way, you will still preserve the room for experimentation but with less drama and extravagance.

Beware of the fact that too short coffins may look out of place and can add unnecessary shortness and chubbiness to your fingers.

Amazing Short Coffins: Bold But Not Too Extravagant

Don`t think that such an unusual shape is not for you if you prefer a medium length. Short coffin nails are so amazing too! They leave space for experiments while still being more practical. Are you up for trying them?

Amazing Short Coffin Nails

Long Stiletto Nails

Those of you who are all in for experimentation and extravagance will surely need to think about getting stiletto nails. Don’t know what are stiletto nails? Then we will give you an idea. Those are long claws that are shaped so that they taper to a pointy tip. Stilettos are very sharp nails with lots of room for pulling off various nail art ideas. However, there is a number of activities you will have to forget about: putting on lenses, playing with the baby, etc. There is always a high risk of injury, but on the other hand, such acrylic nail shapes look mesmerizing and breath-taking not to mention artistic.

Long Stiletto Nails For Girls Who Not Afraid To Experiment

Add some glitter to your stiletto nails and make your manicure even brighter! Every girl loves experimenting, and that`s what stiletto nails are all about. Take your wildest ideas and rock them.

Long Stiletto Nails For Girls


Short Stiletto Nails

If you are dying to pull off the stiletto shape, but you are afraid that you won’t deal with the length – do not worry yet, there is a way out. Stilettos do not always need to be super long, there is always a shorter alternative. But you need to be aware of the fact that they won’t be too short either way.

Short stiletto or long, there is a list of activities that the shape can be pretty uncomfortable to deal with, washing dishes may just be one of them.

Short Stiletto Nails: Stylish & Comfortable

Short stiletto nails are still extravagant while being more comfortable on a daily basis. Add any design and ideas that you have in mind while still keeping your nails practical. Sharp and sexy they will bring a particular mood to your appearance.

Stylis Short Stiletto Nails

Mountain Peak Nails For Glamorous Ladies

If you are a huge fan of modern-day celebrities, you may have already spotted that their favorite nail shape would be the mountain peak. What is the difference between mountain peak and the stiletto, you may wonder. Well, the thing is that the mountain peak is a lot shorter and a lot sharper.

The fact that this shape is extremely sharp should be taken into consideration before opting for it. You have to be sure that there is no chance you can injure anyone by accident with your nails.

Mountain Peak For Ladies

Among other different nail shapes, a mountain peak one is indeed standing out. Are you enjoying your nails looking sharp? Do you love having a glamorous vibe anywhere you go? Then here is your go to choice. Don`t hesitate about trying them on. Pick colors that will match your mood, and you are ready for glam every day.

Mountain Peak For Glamorous Ladies

Fantastic Edge Shaped Nails

Among all the pointed nail shapes, the edge one is considered to be the safest, since it only looks quite sharp but is actually not. Have no idea of what are edge nails? Here is a short rundown. An edge nail shape is the golden mean between square and stiletto nails. The free edge of the nail is not only square but also a little bit angled. Thus, the tip reminds you of a rooftop. However, this is the shape that can only be artificially created, which means that you will have to visit a professional on a regular basis. In case you are aware that you can’t afford it, you’d better choose something more practical and easier to maintain on your own.

However, if your edge-shaped nails are not very long, you can wear them every day even though a special occasion is the best time to pull the shape off. Think a party or Halloween.

Fantastic Edge Shaped Nails With 3D Flowers Design #edgenails #longnails #flowernails #mattenails #acrylicnails #artificialnails

We love unusual ideas. Do you? Edge-shaped nails are for sure not like others. With such a shape, there`s no need to choose an outstanding design or color, the shape will say it all for them. Think of nudes and other pastel colors that will have a different look for sure on such nails.

Fantastic Edge-Shaped Nails


Extraordinary Lipstick Nail Shape

The lipstick nail shape looks as extraordinary as it sounds. That is why if you are up for the experimental shape – this may be something you would like to try out. Yet, you need to be ready to accept the fact that natural shape nails do not work in this case. Only acrylic nails can endure the form and you’d better be careful with what you are using your nails for since putting on contact lenses is off the list. On the bright side, this nail shape is great for narrow nail beds and slender fingers.

Extraordinary Lipstick Nail Shape

Fabulous Squareletto Nails Shape

Can’t decide between the stiletto or ballerina shape for your super long nails? Not a problem at all – just combine the two into something named squareletto shape and enjoy the outcome. The thing is that the mixture of both styles somehow makes this nail shape look a lot more elegant and a lot less dramatic. A perfect option for women who need their mani to look its best in any ambiance.

Fabulous Squareletto Shape For Those Who Wants Something Unusual #longnails #squarelettonails #acrylicnails #moonnails #starnails

Flare Nails Shape

It is most likely that all of you have had flare nails, but you just didn’t know that they are called that. Every time you get out of the shower or bath, you have these nails. Flare fingernails are those soft and bendable nails you have after getting out of the water. As simple as that! Out of all types of nail shapes, this is arguably the least flattering. Yet, there are still people who appreciate its aesthetic.


Unreal Duck Nails

Duck shape nails are the latest addition to our nail shapes guide, as they appeared in the sphere of the nail art industry not so long ago. This shape resembles a fan so that your nails are thin in the beginning and then the top fans out. Since this shape is not that practical in most cases, such a manicure is done with the help of acrylic nail art.

Of course, these are not all nail shapes, but the most popular ones. Yet, if you feel like you will be able to pull it off, you can try to combine differently shaped nails in one mani. Or, at least, change its style every time you visit the nail salon. One way or another, you will never get bored with your nail shape since you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Hopefully, our guide has helped you to get full insight into the topic.


What nail shape is in for 2023?

The coffin nail shape is predicted to explode in 2023. This is a long nail shape that is tapered and flat on the tip. You cannot confuse it with anything else.

What is the prettiest nail shape?

The oval nail shape is considered the prettiest, as it flatters everyone. It is unbelievably elegant and makes your nail bed visually longer.

How do I choose my nail shape?

To find out what nail shape works best for you, you need to take into account such factors as the length of your fingers and palms. If they are quite short, then almond and oval nail shapes are your best bet. In case your fingers and palms are quite long, you can opt for a coffin and stiletto mani.

What nail shape is more feminine?

Oval nails, which are rounded nails with curved in corners, are the most feminine and sophisticated nail shape.


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