The Ultimate Guide To 18 Popular Nail Shapes: How To Pick Your Perfect One

These days the decision of the next mani can be a lot more difficult than it seems from the first glance. The thing is that with every day, there are new designs and different nail shapes appearing and sometimes it is quite difficult not only to monitor all of them but also to pick the best one for you personally. We decided to make your life a lot easier, and we are going to talk about all the shapes that are out there right now as well as we will tell which shape is best for who so that you will never ever be facing the question if it not the right shape for you!

Here is the list of main nail shapes to choose from so that your next visit to the salon can be planned in advance!


Popular Classics: Long Square Nails

All of us have different nail beds, and it is crucial to pick the shape that will flatter yours best. If you have narrow nail beds, the prettiest shape to trim them would be the square one. Square nails look elegant and classy, especially on longer nails. What is more, there is never any limit as for the designs to pull off with this shape!

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Short Square Shape For Practical Women

Practical women want to be practical in everything and nail shapes are surely not the exception. In case you one of those busy ladies, who spends too much time at the office or elsewhere working, the short square shape will definitely rock as an outstanding formal look.

Be careful with silky things though, since the sharp edges can sometimes do damage to gentle materials.

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Squoval Nails For Those Who Hates Sharp Edges

Squoval nails will suit those of you who are not fond of both sharp edges and long nails. What is more, the squoval shape is rounded around the edges and the tip, which makes it not that easy to break or chip. For busy women, it is totally a winning situation.

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Short Squoval To Maintain The Shape Of Natural Nails

Natural nail shapes are popular too that is why if you started to worry that you may look out of date – do not! The short squoval shape is the best to represent the natural shape all you need to do to make it trendy-looking is a proper nail design. Classic nail art ideas will help you rock this form just perfectly.

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Short Nails With Rounded Shape

Another great shape for natural nails would be the rounded one. In case you wonder how to shape your nails to get the rounded shape – all you need to do is to make the sides straight and round up the tips so that they replicate the form of your fingertip.

This is the most durable shape there is and if you do not want to pay attention to your mani too often – this would be the best one for you!

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Timeless Classics – Oval Nail Shapes

Oval nails are different from round ones; the thing is that to get there you need to file your nail down and then curve it at the tip. However, they are still as durable and have lots of other advantages.

If you think that your fingers look too chubby or fat that would be the most flattering shape there is for you!

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Oval Short Nails To Look Like A Princess

In case you want to grant your short nails some royal vibe then you should think short oval shape in the first place. After you are ready with the shape it is time to come up with the design elegant and luxurious, do not forget about that.

Short oval nails will come in more than handy for those who have to deal with wide nail bed; they will narrow down the width so that your fingers will look slim and elegant.

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Gorgeous Almond Nail Shape For Extra Chic Manicure

Almond nail shape is similar to oval one, but they are still different. The thing is that almond nails are usually a little bit longer and seem to remind of an actual almond. However, it is also one of the best nail shapes for chubby fingers in case you wonder.

But it is quite difficult to pull off this shape with natural nails since it usually needs some strengthening like acrylic or gel application.

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Coffin Nails – Most Popular Nail Shape

Coffin nails are surely one of the most popular shapes among the celebrities, and there is no wonder why since if you are the owner of really long nails this is the shape to grant you room for experimentation and a little bit of shock. Apart from the dramatic look, this shape requires you to have really strong and healthy nails otherwise your nails may not withstand the length and the shape.

However, in case you are not against adding some acrylic to your nails then you can easily play around with the shape and the whole lot of ideas to pull off.

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Amazing Short Coffins: Bold But Not Too Extravagant

It is true that coffin shape can be a little shorter too. In such a way, you will still preserve the room for experimentation but with lesser drama and extravagance.

Beware of the fact that too short coffins may look out of place and can add unnecessary shortness and chubbiness to your fingers.

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Long Stiletto Nails For Girls Who Not Afraid To Experiment

Those of you who are all in for the experimentation and extravagance will surely need to think about getting stiletto nails. Stilettos are very sharp nails with lots of room for pulling off various nail art ideas. However, there is a number of activities you will have to forget about: putting on lenses, playing with the baby, etc. There is always a high risk of injury, but on the other hand, such a nail shape looks mesmerizing and breath-taking not to mention artistic.

Rest assured that no natural nail will withstand it, only artificial nails will be possible to deal with the shape.

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Short Stiletto: Stylish & Comfortable

If you are dying to pull off stiletto shape, but you are afraid that you won’t deal with the length – do not worry yet, there is a way out. Stilettos do not always need to be super long, there is always a shorter alternative, but you need to be aware of the fact that they won’t be too short in either way.

Short stiletto or long there is a list of activities that the shape can be pretty uncomfortable to deal with, washing dishes may just one of them.

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Mountain Peak For Glamorous Ladies

If you are a huge fan of modern-day celebrities, you may have already spotted that their favorite nail shape would be the mountain peak. What is the difference between mountain peak and the stiletto, you may wonder. Well, the thing is that mountain peak is a lot shorter and a lot sharper.

The fact that this shape is extremely sharp should be taken into consideration before opting for it; you have to be sure that there is no chance you can injure anyone by accident with your nails.

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Fantastic Edge-Shaped Nails

Among all the pointed nail shapes, edge one is considered to be the safest one since it only looks quite sharp but not actually is. However, this is the shape that can be only artificially created which means that you will have to visit a professional on a regular basis. In case you are aware that you can’t afford such an opportunity you better choose something more practical and easier to maintain on your own.

However, if your edge-shaped are not very long you can wear them on a regular basis even though a special occasion is the best time to pull the shape off, think a party or Halloween.

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Arrowhead Nails To Subdue Human Hearts

The difference between almond and arrowhead nails lies in their length and susceptibility to damage. Arrowhead is actually a safe shape, but it looks dramatic and allows you to use your imagination when it comes to decoration as well.

The little downside of this shape that is it easy to chip that is why you have to be careful.

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Extraordinary Lipstick Nail Shape

Lipstick nail shape look as extraordinary as it sounds, that is why if you are up for the experimental shape – this may be something you would like to try out. Yet, you need to be ready to accept the fact that only acrylic nails can endure the form and you better be careful with what you are using your nails for, since putting on contact lenses is off the list. On the bright side, this nail shape is great for narrow nail beds and slender fingers.

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Flare Nail Shapes To Surprise Anyone

Flare nails are probably the most unusual shape there is since instead of narrowing down the tip spreads wide ahead. Remember, the form itself is so unusual that you rarely need to go too far with intriguing design, to tell you the truth.

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Fabulous Squareletto Shape For Those Who Wants Something Unusual

Can’t decide between stiletto or ballerina shape for your super long nails? Not a problem at all – just combine the two into something named Squareletto shape and enjoy the outcome. The thing is that the mixture of both styles somehow makes this nail shape look a lot more elegant and a lot less dramatic.

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Time doesn’t stay still, come back for a fresh update any time you decide that you have tried it all!

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