How many times have you left your nail technician being unhappy with your nail shape? Or maybe you have ordered press on or faux nails that did not fit right? Do not worry, we have all been there. But things have changed since we got our nail length chart. It is now a piece of pie to find a nail shape that would look amazing with the nail length of our choice. Plus, you can simply select a nail design that we have picked out for you, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. What are you waiting for? Time to get your perfect nails.


Nail Length Choose Your Size and Shape

Nail sizes depend on the length of your nails and their width. Based on the size of your nail, you can then pick out the perfect shape for you using the nail size chart. The most commonly accepted nail shapes include square nails, oval nails, almond nails, coffin nails and stiletto nails. In general, there are the following types of nail length:

  • Short nails (only applicable for square and oval nail shapes);
  • Medium nails (work for any nail shape);
  • Medium long nails (only applicable for coffin shaped nails);
  • Long nails (work for any nail shape);
  • Extra long nails (only applicable for the stiletto nail shape);
  • Tapered nails (only applicable for the coffin nail shape; can be medium, long and extra long).
Nail Length Choose Your Size and Shape


Nail Sizing

There are many reasons why you may want to know your nail sizing. For example, when choosing press on nails from a website, it is almost impossible to pick out the right set for you if have no idea what your exact nail size is. To ensure the nails fit snugly, you need to take the measurements of your nails properly, namely the width and the length. So, start by measuring your nails width where they are the widest. You can use either a measuring tape or a piece of clear tape to do it. In case you choose a tape measuring method, follow these steps:

  • Apply a piece of clear tape so that it covers your whole nail width;
  • On each side of your nail, mark the points that are the most remote from the center. You can use a marker or a pen to do this;
  • Take off the tape and take the measurements of your nail width, which is the distance from one point to the other. This can be done with a ruler;
  • Long nails (work for any nail shape);
  • Write down the measurements you got in mm;
  • Repeat steps 1-4 for other nails.
Nail Sizing Press On Nails

Now find your measurements on the press on nail size chart and choose the size that matches best. Keep in mind that the size of your nails may be different on the left and right hand, so it is better to measure both hands separately and then choose the custom press on nail set. There is also a special pack with different sizes of false nails, which you can order in case you cannot or do not want to take measurements of your nails.

Nail Shapes and Length Design Ideas

It comes as no surprise that not all nail shapes work for different nail lengths. In the same way, not every nail design can be applied to a certain nail shape or length. As such, we have collected some of the best short, long, extra long and medium nail ideas below.


Extra Long Nails

Extra long nails can be basically any nail shape, namely oval, round, almond, coffin, stiletto and square. As they offer quite a lot of room for design, there are plenty of beautiful long nails ideas. You can never go wrong with French tip long acrylic nails no matter what nail shape you choose. Other popular options include bright colors, intricate patterns, glitter and ombre designs.

Long Nail Designs

According to the nail shapes chart, you can wear long square nails, as well as round, oval, coffin, stiletto and long almond nails. They also have much space to decorate your manicure with almost any design possible. If you prefer a bold mani, go for a solid color, like red, burgundy or even black. To add some sparkle to your nails, adorn them with shimmer, glitter or rhinestones.


Medium Nail Designs

Medium length nails are the most universal. They are quite convenient and suitable for almost any ambiance, be it round, oval, almond, stiletto, coffin or medium square nails. They do not break the dress code rules at work and flatter everyone. No wonder there are so many medium length nail designs out there. Abstract patterns, color blocking and glitter tips are only a few examples of how you can decorate medium acrylic nails.

Short Nail Designs

And the last but not least category on our nail length chart is short nails. While for them, square, round and oval shapes work best, it does not mean that they are the only options. You can also get short coffin nails as well as short almond nails and even stiletto. Of course, they will look a bit different than their long counterparts, yet, not less impactful. Obviously, you do not get so many designs. But no worries. You will not be limited in choice too. All those delicate patterns, floral nail art and shimmer tops look amazing on a short mani.

Now that you have our nail length chart, it should not be difficult for you to choose a suitable nail shape for your preferred length. As you can tell, the range of options is so sheer that everyone will be able to make their best choice. And do not be afraid to experiment. It is always a good idea to come out with something unique and personalized.


What is the ideal nail length?

Even if you do not like long nails, you should still leave a narrow line of free edge on your nail so that it feels comfortable. So, the ideal length of the nail will be in this case 1-2 mm.

How do you know your nail length?

To find out the length of your nail, you need to measure it using either a soft measuring tape or a piece of clear tape and a ruler. If you choose the latter, you should stick the tape to the nail and mark the distance between the longest points. Then, remove the tape and measure the distance.

Should your nails all be the same length?

Your nails do not grow at the same speed, so it is quite common that they are all different lengths when grown out. That is why you may need to adjust the nail length on some of your fingers so that your manicure would look coherent.