Duck Nails: Two Popular Definitions To Distinguish Between

The notion duck nails appeared not so long ago. There are a couple of definitions to this notion. In case you are willing to learn what these nails mean – you have come to right place, we are going to explain everything in this article.


After Shower Nails – Duck Nails

It is most likely that all of you have had duck nails, but you just didn’t know that they are called that. Every time you get out of shower or bath, you have these nails. Duck fingernails are those soft and bendable nails you have after getting out of the water. As simple as that!.

Extraordinary Nail Shape – Duck Nails

Duck shape nails are the most recent shape that appeared in the sphere of the nail art industry. This shape resembles a fan so that your nails are thin in the beginning and then the top fans out. Since this shape is not that practical in most cases, such a manicure is done with the help of acrylic nail art.

Source: hookedonnailz via Instagram

Now when you know what duck nails are is it time to learn about all the other nail shapes. That is why we suggest you look through our next article devoted to the subject.

Main photo by Ilasnails