Thanksgiving nails inspiration is a must. Such attributes of the fall as rain, wine, yellow leaves, and turkey are unchangeable. But your nails are always different, unlike the fall. Step aside from unimaginative nail designs that are already dull as ditchwater. Bring some feast into your manicure, and it will be pure delight for your eye every time you look at it. Enjoy our collection!


Green Ombre Thanksgiving Nail Design

Embrace the earthy vibes of Thanksgiving with a lush green ombré design. Transition from deep forest green fall nail colors to lighter shades for a gradient effect that represents growth and abundance. Another way to rock the design is by starting with a neutral base and transitioning to a green shade from Terra or Essie. To spice things up, add little pumpkin nail art to them to represent the Thanksgiving season.

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Autumn Cozy Design

Capture the cozy essence of autumn by adorning your nails with warm tones like deep oranges, rich browns, and rustic reds. Add accents like knitted patterns or leaves for an extra touch of coziness. Use warm orange and brown shades from H&M to replicate your fall leaves nails. Incorporating these beautiful foliage-inspired designs into your nails for Thanksgiving adds a touch of autumnal charm to your appearance. It could be a single leaf accent or an intricate cascade of colors, to remind you of the ever-changing beauty of the world around us.

Blossoms Design

Incorporate the beauty of fall foliage by creating a design that features delicate blossoms in shades of red, yellow, and pink. The contrast of the blossoms against a neutral base will evoke the changing leaves of the season. Use a neutral color from China Glaze and with a thin brush, draw pretty flowers blossoming.


Blue Pumpkins

Give a playful twist to traditional Thanksgiving elements by painting blue pumpkins on your nails. The unexpected color will make your cute pumpkin nails pop, and add a touch of whimsy to your look. Whether it’s a soft pastel blue from Sally Hansen or a deep rich navy shade, pumpkin nail designs always bring their charm to the Thanksgiving table! Use silver polish to highlight the lines of the pumpkin for a bit of sparkle.

Autumn Flowers

Imagine adorning your Thanksgiving nails with vibrant yellows and white petals of autumn flowers accompanied by their signature brown centers. Always looks extraordinary! So don’t hesitate to combine the elegance of floral patterns with the warm hues of autumn on your fall nails. Think sunflowers, mums, and dahlias on a backdrop of deep maroons, mustard yellows, and burnt oranges. We recommend burnt orange shades from OPI or Orly and nature’s green from Essie.


Mushrooms Trend

gel thanksgiving nails The mushroom trend is all the rage this season. Create a minimalist yet charming design featuring cute mushrooms in earthy tones like beige, taupe, and orange. Inspired by the beauty of the woodlands and the rich harvest of fall, these thanksgiving day nails will complete your festive look. Effortlessly create your gel Thanksgiving nails with burnt oranges from Bluesky and mushroom arts or stickers.

Retro Flowers

For thanksgiving nail ideas, take a trip to the past with a retro-inspired nail design. Give a contemporary twist to the past with a modern take on floral nail designs. Draw inspiration from ’70s aesthetics by featuring flowers in warm hues against a muted backdrop, offering a nostalgic yet fresh look Don’t forget to mainly use Thanksgiving nail colors like mustard, orange and green.

Thanksgiving Nails in Green Shades

Step away from the traditional thanksgiving color nails and go for unique green-themed Thanksgiving nail designs. Combine various shades of green, from deep emerald to soft mint, to celebrate the freshness of the season. Use wavy patterns and straight lines to represent the movement of flowers and trees in the forest during this vibrant season.


Tortie Tips

Elevate your classic French manicure by incorporating a tortoise-shell pattern at the tips. The mix of brown, caramel, and black will add a touch of sophistication to your nails. Embrace the length of coffin nails with this Thanksgiving nail art that features a play of warm colors and animal-inspired patterns. Combine Sally Hansen’s caramel tones with Rimmel 60 seconds super shine nude color for the base to produce your own design.

Rose Gold Pumpkins

Glam up your Thanksgiving nails with rose gold pumpkins. The metallic shine combined with the warm pumpkin shape creates a luxurious and festive look. Use ILNP rose gold to highlight your pumpkins and also get creative by adding rose gold foils to your nails. Pumpkin spice nails are all about representing the gratitude season with a charming manicure. Dinner with your family will be fun as ever especially with your pumpkin nails lighting up from every corner of the room.

Foxy Love

Show your love for the season with a cute fox Thanksgiving manicure. If you prefer the hand-drawn fox designs, consult a specialist but if you don’t mind fox stickers, why not? Keep the fox design minimal by drawing them on two or three of your cute thanksgiving nails. Pair the foxes with autumn leaves, acorns, and other fall motifs for charming and endearing nail art.


Cozy Mix and Match

Create cozy and eclectic thanksgiving nails by mixing various autumn-inspired colors on different nails. Think green, burgundy, brown, orange, and more for a delightful mishmash of fall goodness. DeBelle’s burgundy shade will give you that desired glossy finish together with any green polish of your choice.

Thanksgiving Nails Designs With Pumpkins

Pumpkins on Thanksgiving nails is a must-have! Enjoy our collection of nails designs with different pumpkins art and choose for you the best choice!

Thematic Funny Thanksgiving Nail Designs

These nail designs with inscriptions are so adorable. Add some small elements such as leaves or acorns on the top of base colors. Or, you may even create the whole masterpiece.


Creative Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Mani

Traditional fall nail colors are burgundy, brown, and black. But you can easily make your mani more colorful and fun by adding such colors as yellow and orange.

Hand Painted Turkeys for Funny Thanksgiving Nails

What can be better for fall nail art than hand painted turkey? This funny manicure with a cute bird is all about fall. And it still looks appropriate.

Another great idea for fall nail ideas is a base color from a brown color family. Add some colorful accents or lines from the same color palette on the top of it.


Chic Sparkly Fall Nail Designs

Of course, we couldn’t forget about leaves. This design just screams fall. Play with the different combinations of base and leaves colors.

Thanksgiving Nails Designs You Can Wear All Autumn

Gold nails is always a good idea. Choose it as your base color and add some ornament on the top. Or, choose it as your ornament color with a neutral base. Just look at these autumn nails art! It’s like having a dinner with your family. Do you feel that vibe they ooze?

Cute Thanksgiving Nail Art With Leaves

You should not forget that Thanksgiving is not only about the holiday but about the season as well. That is why when you think about your festive manicure, think about fallen leaves too and use these inspiring and cute nail art ideas to your advantage!


Easy Ways to Create Your Fall Mani

For more modest ones, these minimalist nail art designs will be the best bet. These tiny elements are the perfect upgrade to your classic nails.

We sure you will like all this Thanksgiving nails designs and you will feel soo fashion!