There are lots of fall nail ideas out there on the web. The thing is that not all of them are perfectly doable at home. That is why we set a goal in front of us to find something perfectly fresh and easy to replicate at the same time. In our opinion, the aim was achieved, what do you think? Would you dare trying one of these nail designs?


Easy Fall Nail Art with Leaves and Dots

There are no fall nail art that can go without the leaves involved.

  1. Start the design with the nude base.
  2. With a dotting tool, make the outline of the leaf.
  3. With a dotting tool, add up few polka dots that will transform into berries later on.
  4. Add up some yellowish smaller leaves to the nail.
  5. Apply lighter orange to the biggest leaf.
  6. Add up some small stem to the leaf.
  7. With a small dotting tool, add up few brown and bright yellow polka dots to the design.
  8. Apply a top coat.


Watercolor Fall Tree Nail Tutorial

Fall is here! use your fav fall nail colors to be queen!

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Apply cream-colored base.
  3. Prepare the colors you are going to use, make sure they are pretty watery.
  4. Start drawing red-shaded star-shaped leaves.
  5. Continue with an orange shade.
  6. Opt for yellow star-shaped leaves.
  7. Finish off the leafy pattern with a light green shade.
  8. Using dark brown, paint the branches.
  9. Apply top coat.

DIY: Classy Fall Leopard Design

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Add a nude-sparkling shade to two of your accent nails.
  3. With a help of a dotting tool, add some gold irregular circular shapes to your base.
  4. Outline the gold shapes with dark purple nail polish.
  5. Apply top coat.
  6. Add a dark purple base to the remaining nails.
  7. Add a gold dot to the top center of your nail.
  8. Apply either glossy or matte top coat.


Dry Marble Autumn Nail Art

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a white base coat to your index and ring finger.
  3. Apply brown base to all the other nails.
  4. With the help of a dotting tool add three dots of brown nail polish to the white base.
  5. Add sparkly silver dots on top of brown ones, the same way.
  6. Using a thin striping brush drag thin lines from the center of dots p and down.
  7. Using different- sized dotting tools add various dots to the design.
  8. Add some sparkly nail polish to the top of the design.
  9. Apply a top coat.

Burberry Plaid Nail Art

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a red base coat to all fingernails but ring one.
  3. Apply a nude base coat to the ring finger.
  4. Add two white thin vertical lines to the nude base with the help of a thin striping brush.
  5. Add two thin horizontal lines using the same tool and nail polish.
  6. Add a thin black line in between the white ones.
  7. Add two more black lines on each side of white ones.
  8. Repeat the procedure in the horizontal direction.
  9. Add a red line closer to the untouched part of the nail and repeat the procedure in a horizontal direction closer to the tip of the nail.
  10. Apply a top coat.


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