If you are considering an upgrade to your manicure, you can never go wrong with ballerina nails. This popular nail shape turns out complimentary on anyone, making your fingers appear more slender and natural nails longer. On top of that, you are offered a wide variety of nail design options as well as color solutions when going for this striking nail shape. In case you need a dose of inspiration, you have come to the right place. Our guide contains a ballerina nail style idea for every taste and preference.


What is the difference between coffin nails and ballerina nails?

There is actually no big difference between coffin nails and ballerina nails, except that they are basically two different names for the same nail shape. Yet, some say that ballerina nails are wider than coffins, as their edges can be curved a bit.


What are ballerina nails?

Ballerina nails are a long nail shape that is similar to stiletto nails but instead of pointy, their tips are blunt and squared off.

Why are they called ballerina nails?

Ballerina nails got their name thanks to their resemblance to ballet slippers. They are also often referred to as coffin nails for the same reason.


What are ballerina nails good for?

If your nails are naturally long and strong while your fingers are slender, ballerina nails may be the best option for you.

Light Blue Ballerina Nails

As we mentioned earlier, there is no drastic difference between ballerina nails vs coffin. So, when choosing a nail color for any of them, a light blue manicure is always a win-win option. It is universally flattering and looks appropriate on any occasion. Plus, you can wear it all year round without worrying that it will not suit the season. Yet, if you think that it is going to limit you to one nail style only, no worries. There are a great many light blue shades so you could flaunt a fresh mani every time.


Black Coffin Nails

Black ballerina manicure are obviously not for everyone. You need to have a certain amount of fashion bravery to be able to pull off the look. However, if you are daring enough, you can rest assured that this nail style will make you stand out in the crowd. Yet, if you like the aesthetic of black nails but lack the confidence to rock long claws, short ballerina nails designs are your failsafe way out.

Red Ballerina Manicure

Many women shy away from a red nail color when deciding between coffin vs ballerina nails without knowing what a huge omission it is. Red coffin nails look bold and impactful, adding greatly to your confidence and self esteem. Plus, you can vary the brightness and saturation of your red mani. When you need something low key and more wearable, go for rusty red nails, whereas for important occasions, classic red nails are your best way to go.

Green Color For Ballerina Nail Shape

Green nail color is often underestimated. Meanwhile, this refreshing, energizing shade is bound to bring positive vibes to your look. You can also incorporate it in a plethora of mind blowing nail designs, from neon green ballerina short ombre nails to emerald green long coffin nails with a metallic sheen. No matter what option you are going to choose, you are sure to be the center of attention.


White Ballerina Nails

It happens so among nail shapes, there are some that work with certain shades best. That is why, painting your coffin nails white is what you need to look classy and elegant. What is more, white is trendy no matter the season outside. Besides, you can always take your manicure to the next level if you adorn white ballerina nails with glitter or rhinestone patterns.

Nude Pink for Ballerina Nails

In case you are wondering if keeping your ballerina mani short is possible, we assure you it is. Very often, there are dress codes to follow, and keeping your nails short and nude-shaded is a must. But that does not mean that you can’t spice things up a little with an elegant rhinestone pattern or some glitter scattered over your nude pink ballerina nails. Yet, there is one more thing you should keep in mind while choosing a nude shade for your next mani – your complexion. Your perfect nude shade is supposed to match your nail bed color. If you stick to that simple rule, your nude manicure will always look outstanding!

Beige Ballerina Nails

Beige is another perfectly nude shade for both short and long ballerina nails. Yet, it is better to stay away from it if your complexion is too fair, since such a hue may result in making your hands look sickly. To avoid that, you should opt for beige with peachy undertones, which suits all complexions. Applying over a ballerina nail shape matte top is a nice addition to your dreamy nude look. If you would like to add a little bit of edginess to your beige ballerina coffin nails, a nice blood-red rose pattern would be a stunning addition.


Brown Sugar Ballerina Nails

It is only natural to keep your ballerina nails long and bold, which is why dark shades are your best friends. But while black may be too much, brown suits in perfectly. Besides, it is a lot catchier than sheer black. Add up a little bit of glitter and your nails will look outstanding. What is more, short ballerina nails look fantastic with the brown cat eye effect.

Dark Blue Ballerina Nails

In case you wonder how to make your coffin nails long and noticeable, we have a couple of incredible ballerina nails ideas in mind. These days, dark blue shades are on the edge of popularity. That is why when you mix two bold trends – you will look bright and irresistible. Yet, there is a little trick – you should combine the shades correctly to achieve the desired effect. The combination of navy blue and gold on ballerina tip nails will have a mega impact on everyone, while for a subtler look, it is better to match the same shade of blue nails polish and glitter.

Lilac Ballerina Nail Designs

Another easy way to do ballerina shaped nails is to paint them with a solid shade. While, mostly, ladies opt for dark shades to spice their ballerina nails shape, pastel hues look as elegant if you know a trick or two. Lilac shades come out as feminine and elegant as ballerina pink nails but with a more delicate feel. Besides, a nice marble pattern involved is never a waste.


Gray for Ballerina Nails

Apart from the question of how to do ballerina nails designs, there is another question arising – which shade to opt for? The combination of grey and long nails is a bold decision, and there is barely anything needed – just a solid, glossy shade, while medium ballerina nails will look extraordinary if you opt for thermo nail polish. The thing is that your nails will react to the temperature and will vary from dark grey when you feel cold to light grey when you warm up. Keeping your coffin shaped nails short is possible, but keeping them bold is simply necessary. That is why the killing combo of gray hues and rhinestone patterns will save the day!

Burgundy Ballerina Nail Color Ideas

Applying to your ballerina acrylic nails matte top is the perfect way to keep up with the trend. But another way to make your ballerina nails look extraordinarily stylish is to opt for a universal shade. Burgundy shades are the most universal ones since they suit all skin tones, and there is no outfit that a nice burgundy mani wouldn’t suit. Keep it simply matte, add some glitter or keep it glossy – your burgundy coffin nails will look fabulous no matter what!

Pale Shades for Coffin Nails

Marble nail designs seem to be still conquering the world of nail art. That is why it would be a shame to miss out on something as gorgeous and as neutral-looking as this marble designs combo. You can add a marble accent to your everyday ballerina tips nails or take it a little further and combine them with something bolder, like a black accent. The choice is yours, but marble patterns are worth trying, that is for sure!

Ballerina nails allow you to make a strong fashion statement. They are eye catching and bold so you can rest assured that you will not go unnoticed wherever you are headed to. Plus, the variety of coffin nail designs and styles existing grants that you will find an option that appeals to you.