Grey nails are the ones that usually get underestimated. The thing is that grey is one of those neutral shades you tend to rarely pay attention to. Yet, gray nail art designs are far fancier than you can imagine. In fact, grey shades are pretty elegant and sophisticated. What is more, you can always use grey as a background for many other color nails and designs. That is why we have decided to treat you with a nice and trendy portion of grey nail art to get inspired with.


Matte Grey Nails Ideas

Matte nails have been trending for a while now. That is why adding to your grey nails matte top coat is what you need to look both neutral and elegant. Grey and pink nails will suit those of you who like to keep their nails look gentle and sweet. While those of you who seek a bolder decision will totally like this matte combo of black and grey.


Sparkly Glitter Grey Nails

Grey nails with glitter are something that you need to look a little bit edgy, but without going over the edge with it. What is more, grey short acrylic nails with glitter are that special thing you need to finish off your festive look when holiday season hits. When it comes to coffin nails designs matte gray paired with glitter looks more than special and quite exquisite.

Grey Nails Designs with Rhinestones

There is no way grey nails designs would look any more special when there would be no rhinestones involved. When there are rhinestones, there is beauty and uniqueness. Be it black and grey nail designs or pastel grey, they will all look extraordinary and elegant if you add some rhinestone patterns to them.


Gold and Silver Accents For Grey Nails

There are two main accents which never seize trending. What we have in mind are gold and silver accents added to our nails. Be it simple stripes, dots, rhinestones or even nail polish – they will take any design to a new level. Grey nails are not the exception. For example, grey and silver acrylic nails look extremely sweet and sophisticated, and there is no occasion that they wouldn’t fit into.

Grey Nails With Trendy French Tips

When it comes to French tip nails, we all know that it is the definition of a classy manicure. Yet, we would like to show you that French mani can be different, with the hints of class but a lot trendier. Those of you who prefer their grey nails acrylic will totally appreciate this blood-red and grey combo, while those of you who are all about the traditions will definitely appreciate this French manicure and pastel grey combo.


Grey Nails with Prints

When it comes to grey nails, it is a mere fact that they look neutral but stylish and elegant. But, once you combine them with an additional print, you will be astonished by the transformation. Grey and white nail designs, with no difference either they are hand-drawn, or it is stamping, or stickers look mesmerizingly cute and stunning!

Simple Nail Designs with Different Grey Shades

Those of you who do not like to go over the edge with their nail art can pull off sheer gray mani with no worries. The thing is that there are lots of gray shades that will definitely suit all tastes and outfits. That is why in case you want to look fashionable and stylish, we recommend you try sheer grey shades out, no matter pastel or dark with no accessories included.

Matte and Glossy Grey Nails Designs

Use a matte top to make your manicure fashionable and stylish. You can combine it with glossy nails, glitter or a hand painted pattern.


Total Grey Nails Designs

We want to pay your attention to some more stylish variants of manicure in gray shades. We don’t doubt you will like at least one of the proposed designs.

Grey Nails And Foil Accent

Because solo grey nails look neutral, you can accentuate them with various nail décor. To give your mani a dazzling touch, embellish it with nail foil. It will reflect light and add glare to your nails. Besides, you can play around with different shades and their application, accentuating one nail only or go for all-out décor.

Gradient For Grey Nails

An ombre nails will arguably never go out of fashion. It looks stylish and attractive no matter what nail colors you use and gray is no exception. Depending on the shade you are going to pair with it, you can end up with a subtle and delicate or bold and contrasty gradient nails art.


Pink and Grey Nails Combo

The pink and gray combo is timeless. It comes out looking amazing no matter how you apply nail colors. To make them pop against each other, go for a two-tone mani, whereas for a more uniform nail style, mix the shades on each nail in a simple design or intricate pattern.

Grey And Other Colors For Nails

This designs looks unusual and eye-catching, you can rest assured that your manicure will never go unnoticed.

In case you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back any time you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.


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