Color Nails Trends: Pick Your Perfect Design!


How to color nails during your next visit to the salon? That is the timeless question spinning around in the heads of the modern fashionistas. Indeed, picking a shade these days is a tough job due to the vast range of suggestions. Yet, we managed to find the best choices of this summer so that you have nothing to worry about!


Red Color Nails – Classic is Always in Trend

When sheer glossy red nail designs become boring the glitter ones come in. Nothing complex, just red glittery beauty. Are you ready to try it out?

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Dusty Pink Color for Your Next Mani

Just have a look at these pink nail designs! This nude pink ombre combined with stunning glitter is so exceptional. Seems simple but the elegance overloads!

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Cute Baby Blue Nail Designs

Baby blue color is quite summery looking, there is no doubt about that. But mixing it with matte white and some intricate rhinestones pattern will definitely intensify the summer look. Try it out and you won’t regret!

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Nude Shades for Trendy Manicure

If you thought that nude shades can’t be summery looking, then you were totally wrong. Just one look at this nude mani with a pastel colored half-moon design will change your mind. Still having some doubts? We do not think so!

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Gold Color Nails – Luxury Accents

Adding a little bit of gold to your everyday mani is always a good idea. Yet, you need to be sure that you haven’t gone too far. This lilac design with the addition of gold sparkles looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

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Grey Undertone – Modest Beauty

Grey is thought by many to be boring. But in our mind it is quite on the contrary if you know what to combine it with. Can this matte grey manicure with space design added be boring? We do not think so!

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Nail Designs for a Bright Girlish Look

If you are all about bright colors and summery themes, then this neon pink nail design with a black palm tree added is totally for you! For the greater effect, add just a bit of shiny sparkles to the nail beds.

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Main photo by Vellinails