There is something special about art and color nails. You can say it’s one of the simple yet artistic ways to express yourself and show your taste. Get explorative with different designs, colors and shades in the least stressful way. For a start, we’ve provided you with a few ways to experiment and mix your colors and create something exquisite when you get your next manicure.


As part of nails color ideas, you can start with sheer glossy red nails. These are solid color nails that come off strong and intimidating. To make it less strong, you can introduce glitters and rhinestones to the nails. Another way to rock your manicure is by adding red designs on natural color nails. You can have a bird drawing or flowers on your nails just to spice things up.


Blue Nails Designs

When it comes to blue nails color, there’s a summery look to it. You may start off by trying different color french tip nails. Meaning you can have a blue color at the tip of your nails while having nude shade nails as the base. If you don’t want color tip nails, you can opt for blue gel color nails with designs on a few fingers. You can have fingers with plain nude colors but with blue art on them. For long nails, try two color nails. You can have different shades of blue with gold foil pieces on them. It adds extra glam to your nails and is a definite must-have summer color nails.

Baby Pink Nails Color

Something about light pink nails designs is that they always make you feel youthful. Want to feel young through your nails? Then this spring color shade nails is the answer. Plain pink nails color for long nails combined with stunning glitter or stones produces a simple yet chic result. For a better idea, you can have little dots placed all over your plain nails like ice cream with chocolate crumbs. Very classy. If you want something with a rainbow reflection, you can try different light nails color to create such results.


Best Nude Nail Designs

If you thought that neutral color nails can’t be summery looking, then you were totally wrong. There are so many ways to take your nude nail design to the next level. Starting with pastel nail colors that has a different color of wavy lines will definitely change your mind. Still on the team of ‘what color should I paint my nails’ then try plain but long matte nude color nails design. It would definitely leave a strong impression on people you come across and would also effortlessly complement any of your outfits. You can also explore different colors and tones but trying ombre color nails. Very easy to achieve!

Metallic Shades Nails

Ever wonder why metallic shades keep trending? You can’t deny there’s something captivating to this type of easter nails color. Your nails have a meatal and glass-like appearance which isn’t very common to behold. The most common color for this type of manicure is silver but who says you can’t try out other colors. Create an ombre result by combining different metallic shades on your nails.


Black Nails – Modest Beauty

Just like the saying goes, black is beautiful, well the same can be said of nails painted with black color. Although black is thought by many to be a boring tone, there are a lot of ways you can explore with it as a base color. If you know how to be creative then there’s nothing stopping you from having the best manicure. As a dark color, it is best to combine it with bright tones, like gold, if you do decide to design it like neon color nails. The black nails examples below are just the tip of the iceberg for designs you can achieve with dark manicure.

Pea Green or Sage Green Nail Designs

If you’re up to date, then you’ll know that pea-green colors have been trending. If you are all about nail colors for the spring or summer seasons, then these green nails shades are totally for you! They aren’t exactly bright neither are they dark tones which makes them perfect for any season. They are also very charming as monochrome colored nails.

Chrome Design Nails

This is another trending best nail polish that have gotten quite the attention lately for its diversity. You can have blue plain colored chrome nails or blue-purple holographic nails depending on what you like. These colors also work well with glitters and you can try neutral colors with chrome patterns as an additional design on it. Also if you want to feel like a goddess in your own way, you can get gold chrome or holographic pink chrome nails.

Whether you’re looking to get cool French color nails or want something more extravagant for your next outing, there’s a whole of designs to pick from. Your next manicure should fit into the trend and go outside your usual choice of color. You wouldn’t know how much something fits you until you take the bold step and try it out. Well, we can say the same is applicable to nail colors and designs.



What nail color is trending in 2023?

There are a lot of nail colors trending right now, the list is quite long. However, just to mention a few of them, we’ll be listing out the most popular ones. Chrome colors are number one on the list because of the glazed reflection you get from the nails. Others include metallic shades (could be any color), pea green, chocolate brown, and a lot of others.

What are the trending colors for fall nails in 2023?

For fall color nails, you can try the mustard yellow color. The doughnut-glazed type of nail shades are also quite trending. Bright color nails can also be considered popular during this period such as denim blue, mint and jade green and although it’s not bright, black is also quite on par with them.

What nail shape is trending in 2023?

Short, coffin and square nails are quite a thing these days. Also, almond nails are still the talk of the town. So most nails these days are shaped either as square, coffin or squoval.

What are the trending color nails for winter?

If you’re looking for winter color nails, you can start with dark shades like glossy chocolate brown, blue and lack. Gold Chrome is also a popular choice for most people, taking your manicure to the next level. Also, different shades of red, especially dark ones do trend more often than usual during this festive period. It is the typical Christmas color nails.