45 Bright Designs With The Trendiest Summer Nails Colors

Summer nails colors are always bright and gorgeous. They attract much attention to your nails. Get out of your winter rut and start swiping these hot shades for summer. Although it is spring now, it’s never too early to get ahead on summer trends. The spring/summer catwalks showed off everything from sunny yellow nails to glistening metallic shades. Start your packing list for your future summer vacation with these versatile summer nail polishes.

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The Power Of Light Powder Blue

Summer is not all about the bright shades sometimes something subtler is a perfect option. In cases like that light blue season nails are your savior shade. Apart from the fact, that is it entirely trendy it is also gorgeous-looking on its own as well as in combination with other minimalistic designs. See for yourself!

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Mint Green Nail Color Is A Summer Must-Have

Mint-green shades have been in for a while now, and this summer is not going to be the exception. Minty shades are very soft and feminine that is why they are so lovable. You can use it on its own or combine together with trendy glittery designs or negative space in either case the outcome will be gorgeous!

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Light Yellow Summer Nails

There is nothing better for your perfect summer manicure than to involve some juicy, sunny shades into your trendy mani. Either bright or muted and pastel yellow, it is going to be on the top this seasons. When the sheer sun is not enough for you, you can easily combine the power of sun and sky in one tasteful ombre.

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Baby Pink Shades Are So Soft And Subtle

If there is any more feminine and elegant shade than light pink one – we are unaware of it. It suits perfectly for those occasions when you can’t pull off some bolder summer look whether you spice your mani with some flowers or add some trendy minimalistic pattern to it. Not to mention that glitter and baby pink shades seem to have been created for one another!

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Coral Designs For Eye-Catching Nails

Sometimes we want our summer nails colors catchy and bold but not that bright. For times like that, we have a perfect suggestion for you! The thing is that coral shades are from the red hues family, but they are not that daring and magnetic while some stronger vibe is still present. Combine the shade with silver, and your manicure will have no rivals!

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Rose Gold For Sweet Looks

It is true that rose gold shades are on the edge of popularity these days. That is why we couldn’t leave them out while talking about the recent nail art trends. The sweet, gentle vibe of this hue seems to be able to mix and match with almost anything, starting with metallic and ending with glitter, not to mention fashionable marble stone designs. Take your pick!

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Bright Cobalt Blue Summer Nails Colors

Summer is clearly the time for experimentation that is why if you always wanted to pull something bold and daring off – this is high time. What we can suggest you is this compilation of inspiring cobalt blue nail designs. You can take the nail shapes into consideration too; it is never too late to give something fresh a try!

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Ultra Violet – Pantone 2018

Those of you who try their best to follow up the changes in the world of fashion are probably aware of the fact that ultra violet shades are on the edge of popularity these days. What you may not know yet, is that ultra violet can be different as well and when summer hits we suggest you paint your nail metallic ultra violet and enjoy all the envious looks!

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White Nail Polish With Bright Pops Of Color

White is the shade of innocence and elegance, but when the summertime comes, there is something more than white hues can make you happy with. The thing is that when you upgrade your perfectly white nails with different-colored dots you will take your sleek mani to the whole new level and that surely won’t go unnoticed!

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The Versatility Of Feminine Nude Nails

There is no season that would not welcome perfectly nude mani. But when the summer heat hits it is time to switch from good old nude shades to something a little spicier, and creamy nudes and nudes with sparkles are what you need. Not to mention the variety of designs you can pull off with this neutral shades. See for yourself!

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Classic Red Summer Nails Color

Cherry, scarlet, bold red – any of these shades will look gorgeous for any season!

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Sweet Pastel Purple Nails Color

Any pastel colors nails have been trending for spring/summer season. Choose a light purple design for summer, and you will love it.

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Rainbow Like Summer Nails Colors

There are so many bright hues suitable for summer that it may be difficult to set your mind upon one of them. If that is your case, we may know a way out. You can easily use all the colors in one manicure. Be it a French tip or a solid design, the variety of bright shades is never a waste.

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Hot Bright Pink Summer Color

Pink screams summer! If you do not think so, then you haven’t seen this compilation, that is for sure. This juice pink can be easily used solo, or you can spice it up with some trendy accents. The choice is yours!

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Unreal Neon Green – 2019 Trend

All the trendy ladies know that bold nail shape is just the tip of the iceberg, you need a bolder shade to enhance your fingertips with. That is when the stylish neon green comes in more than handy. You can create different fade variation using it. Besides, even short nails look both gentle and bold with a shade like that!

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Time doesn’t stay still, come back for a fresh update any time you decide that you have tried it all!

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