Fresh, summertime Essie nail polish collection is out there waiting for you get your head over heels over it. It is fantastic and bright just like the summer itself. The list of Essie nail polish colors prepared for summer is ravishing, and we decided that we must share a little review with you so that you fall in love with these stunning nail polish hues the way we have! Let’s have a closer look, shall we?


Essie Limited Edition – Bustling Bazaar Summer Collection


Worth the Tassel

This is undoubtedly one of those shades that look best when the sun is out. A light lavender base looks gorgeous. It is both playful and fun but reserved and elegant on the other side so that you can mix and match it with many outfit ideas.

Spice It Up, Souq Up The Sun and Bustling Bazaar

These Essie nail polishes are pretty and required in spring-summer season.


Best Essie Nail Colors For Every Season

Apart from the freshest collection, there are shades that are extremely trendy no matter the season outside. If you are a bold and daring lady, then you surely have a bottle or two of red polish at your disposal, and there is no wonder why since no matter the season or weather outside – it is always on the top. As for the sweet and gentle nude pink shade, it’s definitely there for you when there is a dress code to follow, or you do not want your nails to stand out no matter the occasion.

Different Designs With Essie Nail Polish Set

Now, when you are aware of all the freshest Essie shades, it is time you learn how to use best Essie nail colors to create fancy summer patterns. Have a look at the collection we have got here and get inspired for your summer manicure when the time comes.


Shiny Essie Nails

Those of you who can’t live a day without something shimmery on their nails will surely appreciate these fancy Essie design. What do you think?

Floral Designs With Essie Nail Polish

There is nothing you wouldn’t be able to succeed with properly chosen Essie nail polish. When it comes to floral patterns is it safe to say that cuteness overloads.

Metallic Accent on Essie Purple Nails

Abstract nail art is pretty popular these days, but if you are not a fan of classy shaded to be involved, there is always something else. How do you feel about lavender shimmer from Essie Collection? It looks unique and fancy, that is for sure.


Tropical Flowers Nails

Sometimes there is a strong urge to treat your nail with something over the edge beautiful and gentle. That is when this summer tropical flower nail design with the involvement of Essie shade come in more than handy.

Two Colors Essie Nails

Do you feel like a queen of colors? Why not let anyone see it!

Simple Nude Nails with Stickers

Nude nail design are classy and universal, but there is always a way to take this elegant design to the whole new level.


Hot Abstract Purple Nails

Graphic designs are what you need to spice your look up any time. The fresh combo of Tart Deco and Chastity from Essie seem to deal with the task well. Use this nail art to your advantage any time when you are in need of something fun and bright to pull off!

We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates