Halloween nails are always a fun way to scare and delight your friends. From blood dripped coffin nails to pretty pumpkins, there are so many cute and spooky designs for Halloween nail art.


If you want some fancy nails this Halloween, you have come to the right place! We have it all from spooky ghosts to Halloween manicures to scary spiders and wicked witches!

Check out our spook-tacular gallery of cute nails for Halloween! And watch out for things that go bump at night!

Susuwatari and Hollowface

Susuwatari and Hollowface Halloween Nails

This year for Halloween nails 2023, we’re delving into the world of Studio Ghibli’s iconic Susuwatari spirits and the eerie allure of the Hollow Face illusion. Using a fine nail art brush, create tiny round shapes in various sizes across your Halloween coffin nails using white polish. These represent the Susuwatari spirits. They don’t have to be perfect circles; in fact, irregular shapes add character. This juxtaposition creates a captivating contrast between whimsical cuteness and enigmatic depth.

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Beetlejuice Halloween Nails Designs

There is no limit to how creative you can be with your Halloween nails. Channelling the eerie charm of Tim Burton’s iconic character, Beetlejuice, these nail designs are all about monochrome stripes, creepy crawlers, and a dash of quirky fun. For a spookier vibe, consider adding spider webs or cobweb designs to your Beetlejuice-inspired nails. Consider using ILNP chrome green polish to get that smooth mirror and light reflection on your nails.

Cat Lovers

For Cat Lovers Halloween Nails Designs

Everyone has a pet these days but the most popular are no doubt dogs and cats. So channel your love for cute furry cats by introducing it into black and white Halloween nails. This time around, the cats aren’t designed to look cute but rather, creepy and scary to fit into the season’s concept. While the cat is designed on one or two nails, you can keep the rest of the nails engaged with black and white stripes for a beautiful overall effect.


Eyes Art

Eyes Halloween Nails Art

Give your spooky nails a creepy makeover this Halloween with our cringe and captivating eye-themed nail art. Transform your fingertips into eerie windows to the soul, perfect for any haunted celebration. Unleash your creativity and let those spooky eyes stare back from your spooky season nails!

Hello Kitty Art

Hello Kitty Halloween Nails Art

While Hello Kitty might seem like a baby-themed nail art, it has been rocked by celebrities like Cardi B, China McClain and even Bella Thorne. So don’t worry as there are so many waves to elevate your Pink Halloween nails with this design. You can have a simple marble base and then introduce 3D accessories on your cute Halloween nails. If celebrities can rock this design, then what’s stopping you?


Fake Blood Nails

Fake Blood Halloween Nails

To create beautiful Halloween color nails, then you’ll definitely need the right material which includes the right shade of nail polish. ILNP and China Glaze blood red polish would easily assist you in achieving the fake blood effects. This design would perfectly suit you if your Halloween costume had to do with vampires or playing dead. Use a fine brush or toothpick, to create uneven drips of “blood” (red nail polish) starting at the cuticle and running down the nail.

Gothic Barbie

Gothic Barbie Halloween Nails

This Halloween, why not combine the glamour of Barbie with the dark allure of gothic aesthetics for truly bewitching spooky Halloween nails? To create this design, you no doubt have to combine Barbie’s signature pink, maybe from Hally Hansen or Essie and Halloween signature black from OPI or CND! Don’t limit yourself and combine whatever designs come to mind as seen the the sample below!

Halloween French

Halloween French

This season, we’re going beyond the basic French tips and adding a creepy twist to short Halloween nails. To best highlight the tips of your nails, use a nude color for the nail base. Use CND black polish to design creepy lines and cover the tips of your nails with soft pastel shades from ZOYA or Essie. Seal the enchantment with a glossy top coat to ensure your Halloween acrylic nails last through the night of fun and frights.


Coraline Nail Art

Coraline Halloween Nail Art

Incorporate the eerie feel of the Other World by incorporating spider web patterns into your nail design. Also, bring the iconic key to the other world to life on your nails. Embrace Coraline’s signature style by painting bright yellow raincoats on your nails. Add black buttons to complete the look and capture Coraline’s adventurous spirit.

Zodiac Nails

Zodiac Halloween Nails

It’s time to conjure up some supernatural nail art that combines the mystique of astrology with Halloween vibes. Whether you’re a starry-eyed Pisces or a fiery Aries, there’s a bewitching nail design waiting for you. Embrace celestial constellations with a dark starry background on your nails. You can consider using purple and black shades from Butter London for the base and a snow white polish from Chanel for the signs and symbols.

Monsters Nails

Monsters Halloween Nail Designs

Enjoy Pokémon vibes this Halloween with nail art inspired by your favorite pocket monsters! Transform your nails into a Pikachu, Gengar, or even a hauntingly cute Mimikyu. Rather than the usual bright tones for Pokémon, try dark purple Halloween nails. You can get this shade by using dark purple polish from DeBelle or OPI and pair it with black in designing scary creatures. This way, it easily fits with the concept of Halloween.


Glittery Pumpkins

Glittery Pumpkins Halloween Nail Designs

Spookify your Halloween with delightful pumpkin nails! These cute and festive nail adornments are perfect for adding a touch of seasonal charm to your manicure. With a green glittery base using Zoya or Staririly, opt for either a spooky pumpkin patch or a stylish pumpkin accent. These stickers are a must-have for the ultimate Halloween theme nails!

Cute Boo

Cute Boo Halloween Nails Designs

No matter how scary and spooky the season gets, if you want cute Halloween nails, then you sure can get it. This cute boo nail design is quite simple especially if you have your Halloween nails short. While you can add a few ghosts to hint at Halloween, the design doesn’t have much scare effect but rather produces an adorable look. If this is your cup of tea, then don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Pumpkins For Halloween Nails

Pumpkins nails are what a Halloween is made of. How about scary or fun pumpkin manicure? Elevate your manicure to the next level of trendiness with glow in the dark nail polish featuring adorable pumpkin faces./p>

Pumpkins For Halloween Nails

Lovely Pumpkin Accent For Halloween Nails

Scary Pumpkins

Pumpkins For Halloween Nails


Spiders Halloween Nails

In case you are looking for some trendy Halloween nail art which can be worn even after the holiday passes, we have an idea for you. This spider web nails can fit into your everyday life as well.

Spiders Halloween Nails

Cute Spiders Halloween Nails

Spiders Halloween Nails

Spiders for Halloween Nails

Hot Spiders Halloween Nails

Halloween Gothic Nails

Halloween Nails for Gothic Girl

Halloween Nails for Goth Girl

Scary Halloween Nails for Goth Girl

Dark Halloween Nails for Goth Girl

Halloween Themed Nails

Halloween Themed Nails

Classic Halloween Themed Nails

Halloween Themed Nails

Halloween Themed Nails


Vampire Nails Designs

Many people are in love with the notion of vampires that is why when Halloween hits they rush to transfer their devotion into gothic nail art. In case you are one of those vampire lovers then you will surely appreciate this bloody nail art.

Vampire Halloween Nails Designs

Vampire Lips Design

Funny Vampire Halloween Nails Designs

Trendy Skulls For Halloween Nails

Sculls nails are the attribute of Halloween, we know that. But why not experiment with them a little?

Trendy Skulls For Halloween Nails

Trendy Skulls For Halloween Nails

Sweet and Funny Skulls For Halloween Nails

Sweet and Funny Skulls

Halloween Nail Art with Simply Batty

These spooky black bats on your ocassion nails will give your friends the chills!

Halloween Nail Art with Simply Batty

Halloween Nails with Simply Batty

Halloween Nails with Simply Batty Accent

Halloween Nails with Simply Batty


Halloween Themed Nails with Cats Art

This cat design for black nails is both cute and spooky!

Halloween Nails with Cats Art

Halloween Nails with Cats

Halloween Nails with Black Cat Art

Halloween Nails with Cats Art

Black Cat Manicure

Trick Or Treat

It is difficult to notice someone’s perfect Halloween nails when it is dark outside. What can you do about that? Opt for a nice ‘trick or treat’ nails! As simple as that!

Trick Or Treat Halloween Nails

Blood Splashed Halloween Manicure Designs

When the Halloween season hits people try to come up with the unique looks not to mention autumn nails art. If you are one of those then you will definitely appreciate these blood splashed nails!

Halloween Coffin Nails for Blood Splashed

Blood Splashed Nails

So Simple Bloody Tips


Witch Art for Halloween Manicure

When you are ready to go to the dark side, then you should be certainly willing to pull the witchy nails look off. No witch image would be complete without a suitable nail art, don’t you agree?

Hot Witch Art for Halloween Nails

Witch Art for Halloween Nails

Witch Art for Halloween Nails

Witch Art Nails Design

Movies and Cartoons for Halloween Nails

Halloween nail art are not only about monsters, but you can also introduce Disney or your fav movie characters in your cartoon nails art as well.

Movies and Cartoons for Halloween Nails

Disney Halloween Nails

Scary Movies for Halloween Nails

Cartoons and Anime for Halloween Nails

Addams Family Nails In Black-White Hues

Monsters For Halloween Nail Designs

Monsters For Halloween Nails

Funny Monsters For Halloween Nails

Evil Eye

Monster Manicure


Funny Mummy Nail Art for Halloween

Funny Mummy Halloween Nails

Mummy Halloween Nails

Mummy Halloween Nails

Aren’t these funky Halloween nails super spooky? Are you ready to scare your friends? Try them all this fall and show your love for Halloween with these wickedly scary nail art designs!