25 Fun and Flirty Floral Designs For Cute Nails This Summer

Every girl wants cute nails for the summer. And nothing says summer like flowers!

These floral designs are perfect for those who wish to show off their pretty nails this summer season!

Check out our favorite designs for floral nail art. Don’t forget to pin your favorites to show your friends!

1. Sparkly Purple Nails and White Flowers

This purple glittery polish is one of the prettiest shades of dark purple we have ever seen. The delicate white floral design makes this look hip yet totally girly.

Source: Yagala via Instagram

2. Stripes and Flowers

This pretty navy blue and white striped pattern is sleek and stylish. But if you want to make it look a bit more feminine, paint some pretty pink flowers on the accent nail.

Source: sparrownails via Instagram

3. White Cute Nails With Purple Flowers

These pretty purple lavender on a white base are super cute for summer. You can use tiny gold gemstones to add just a dash of glam for a more sophisticated flair.

Source: Chalkboardnails via Instagram

4. Navy and Gold Glam

Paint your nails with a white or nude base. Then paint floral designs in dark navy blue and use a gold glittery polish for a shimmery effect.

Source: Thehappysloths via Instagram

5. Pink Mani with Rose Petals

This red and pink manicure is totally elegant. Paint some rose petals on several fingers for a fun floral effect.

Source: Thenailasaurus

6. Pink and Black Lace Florals

Lace patterns are so feminine and chic. Paint a few flowers on one or two of your fingers to make them even more romantic.

Source: Ldnailsxo via Instagram

7. Gold and Black Polka Dots

These glimmery gold and metallic black polka dot floral designs are super cute!

Source: Falguni_nails via Instagram

8. Darling Daisies

These pretty white daisies are so delicate. Paint each finger pale pastel to really make these pretty flowers pop.

Source: Allnailseverything via Instagram

9. Black Cute Nails with Sunflowers

Sunflowers are so cheerful and bright. These yellow sunflowers on a shiny black base will add some sunshine to an otherwise dreary day.

Source: Badgirlnails via Instagram

10. Ombre Polka Dot Flowers

If you love ombre, you’ll flip for these pretty flowers designed of tiny polka dots in a colorful ombre fade.

Source: Kafig via Instagram

11. Rainbow Ombre

This rainbow ombre fade is so colorful. The black flower petals on make it the perfect summer look.

Source: Clairestelle8 via Instagram

12. Roses and Polka Dots

If you love roses, try this pretty white polka dot and red rose design on sky blue nails.

Source: Allnailseverything via Instagram

13. Pink, White, and Silver Floral Pattern

This “barely-there” pink base is super chic. Paint delicate white flowers with silver accents for a look that is just adorable!

Source: Tartofraises via Instagram

14. Tropical Floral Print

Hawaiian flowers are super pretty and colorful. This soft ombre fade with bright Hawaiian flowers is just stunning!

Source: Polishcandies via Instagram

15. Cheery Cherry Blossoms

Everyone loves cherry blossoms. This pretty nail design with dainty cherry blossoms is no exception!

Source: Yagala via Instagram

16. Fall Flowers

Flowers aren’t just for summer. These pretty fall colored flowers are perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Source: Ruthsnailart via Instagram

17. Tribal Flowers

Take tribal art to another level with this funky floral pattern.

Source: Blingfinger via Instagram

18. Pretty Pastels

This mint green pastel base is really calming, and the pretty pink and purple pastel floral print adds some pretty detail to this soothing color.

Source: Yagala via Instagram

19. Grayscale Glam

This pale gray polish is great for a sophisticated vibe. Paint some white flowers with black and silver accents for a look that screams class and style.

Source: Veryemily via Instagram

20. Accent Finger Bling

If you don’t want a floral design on all of your nails, paint them your favorite shade. Then paint a fancy, blinged out floral design on your accent finger.

Source: Veryemily via Instagram

21. Hearts and Flowers

This pretty manicure is perfect for romantic ladies. Or for Valentine’s Day. The red stripes, flowers, and hearts really dress up this plain white base.

Source: Nailsbylins via Instagram

22. Luxury Black and Gold Floral Art

A combination of black and gold always looks gorgeous. Put a gold floral print on the black base, and your nails will be stunning.

Source: Nail_marina_disign via Instagram

23. Sweet Floral Design for Cute Nails

Your nails can look like a work of art. Hand painted flowers will finish your cute and elegant look.

Source: Polishcandies via Instagram

24. Amazing Dandelions for Summer Fun

A dandelion is a symbol of the sunny summer. This flower will look fun on your nails.

Source: Ruthsnailart via Instagram

25. Chic and Stylish 3D Floral Art

3D designs for nails create a luxurious and chic effect.

Source: Botanicnails via Instagram

Aren’t these floral designs for cute nails totally adorable? You can mix and match them or tweak them to match your style!

Main photo by Thenailasaurus