Halloween nail art is of the same importance as your hairstyle and costume. If you wonder why, you can find the answer here. Your manicure is an essential compound of your Day of the Dead image, which means that it can either complement or ruin it. And to help you explore the latest trends, we have prepared this post.


Not Scary Halloween Nail Art

These Halloween nails designs are more likely to be called cute than spooky. Mani in subtler shades will work great for a bright costume.


Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art

These simple nail designs for the Day of the Dead are classic and extremely popular. They involve all-time Halloweenish elements.

Gothic Halloween Nail Art for Beginners

Surely, not all of us babes are prominent nail artists capable of painting everything. These simpler Gothic nails designs are not less cute and totally thematic.


Halloween Mani – Spooky Designs

In case your costume is super scary, one of these autumn nails designs will suit. Just don’t scare off all kids!

Web and Spiders Halloween Nail Designs

Opt for one of these pretty web nails designs, and maybe tonight one spider will get caught into your web!


Black and Red Colors Mix for Halloween Nails

Source: sierrasnails_ via Instagram