Lisbon – Great Color Collection for Trendy Girls from OPI Nail Polish


OPI nail polish collection is something that any girl dreams about! Well, guess what? A new collection was presented in Lisbon, and we rush to tell you all the details about the freshest OPI shades. Today we will have a thorough OPI nail polish review so that you will keep up with nail fashion no matter what. So let’s have a closer look at what you should paint your nails this year if you are an OPI fan!


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Made It To The Seventh Hill

Made it to seventh hill OPI nail polish is absolutely gorgeous and has those trendy hints of pink mixed together with some gold tints. If you are a fan of neutral but trendy shades, then that is something you should better consider.

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Lisbon Wants Moor OPI

Lisbon wants moor – is another super gentle and super sweet pale pink shade that will conquer the hearts of those who are all about neutral pinks. Daytime or nighttime look will be marvelously emphasized by this innocent and gorgeous shade.

Source: opiaustralia via Instagram

Tagus In That Selfie

When there is an urge to stand out in the crowd, but you are bound to wear neutral shades – let it be the Tagus in that selfie from OPI! The thing is that this shade is perfectly neutral but so difficult to miss out anywhere you go!

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No Turning Back From Pink Street

When it comes to the creation of unforgettable look all details matter, so does your mani. But with the shade like No turning back from Pink Street from OPI, it is more than easy. This beautiful magenta shade will add that juice vibe to your nails that will make everyone admire you!

Source: opifranceofficiel via Instagram

We Seafood And Eat It

Tired of good old red? OPI has something special for you! How about a tasty lobster shade to embrace the beauty of your nails? We seafood and eat it – is that perfect shade of red you have been looking for, for a while now!

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Now Museum, Now You Don’t

What happens if you mix classics and modernism? Well, red metallic OPI nail polish happens! Now museum, now you don’t – is so tasteful and original that it seems you can wear it anytime and anywhere!

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A Red-Vival City

A red-vival city is what you need if the classic look is in your nature. This vibrant red shade seems not to go out of fashion any time soon; it just comes back with fresh upgrade granted so that your fingers can steal the show anytime!

Source: opifranceofficiel via Instagram

Sun, Sea And Sand In My Pants

Summer time is coming closer, and that is why you better start thinking now what shades are your nails are going to be when it hits? Well, OPI has something unusual for this time of the year – Sun, sea, and sand in my pants may be just that spicy shade you need!

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Closer Than You Might Belem

When there is a strong desire to pull off something quite unusual but still trendy – we may have an idea in mind. A fresh twist from OPI called Closer than you might Belem is that perfect combo of blue and green hues that make it perfectly teal. Think about it!

Source: opifranceofficiel via Instagram

Suzi Chases Portu-Geese

White nail polish is never out of style, but OPI thinks that adding a fresh shade for you to experiment with is more than appropriate. That is why we suggest you enjoy this new Suzi Chases Portu-Geese OPI nail polish!

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Chic Nail Designs To Finish Your Look With OPI Nail Polish 2020

In case plain nail art is not your cup of tea we suggest to your attention a collection of nail art ideas pulled off with the help of new OPI shades.

When you combine OPI No turning back from Pink Street, and OPI Lisbon wants moor such a vibrant flowery design is the end result. So sweet and girlish, don’t you think?

Source: hanninator via Instagram

Geometric designs are totally a thing these days. But in order to take your minimalistic nail art to the next level, we suggest you use the mixture of the Tagus in That Selfie!, Tile Art To Warm Your Heart and Closer Than You Might Belem shades as a perfect base.

You’ve Got Nata On Me is so perfect on its own that all you need to spice it up is to add a sweet flowery design as a perfect accent. That is it!

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When it is sunny and bright outside, there is no wonder why that everyone wants to suit the mood. This daffodil nail art pulled off with the help of OPI Sun, sea, and sand in my pants, Is Mai tai crooked, and OPI I’m sooo swamped! – suits the mood best!

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The best way to upgrade Suzi Chases Portu-geese is to leave in on its own. But if you have a suitable pattern in mind, like the one on the picture – you can try and take as far as that!

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They say that what is too much it is never good. We beg to differ, just pay attention to this unusual compilation of Made It To The Seventh Hill, Sun Sea And Sand In My Pants, No Turning Back From Pink Street, and Tile Art To Warm Your Heart! It is simply flawlessly bright

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If you are looking for something less colorful and more reserved, then this one is what you need! Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants make this nail art look so elegant and sweet.

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Time doesn’t stay still, come back for a fresh update any time you decide that you have tried it all!

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