Reverse French manicure or half-moon manicure is a kind of manicure in which we highlight the moons of the nails near the cuticle rather than the tips. This manicure usually includes brighter colors comparing to the usual French manicure. Oval nails with half-moon manicure make your fingers appear longer and delicate. You can also get this incredible nail design either done professionally in a salon or on your own.


Nice Gold Reverse French Manicure

French manicure ideas attract more attention to your nails. Nice gold reverse French is a great idea for any party. This combination of red, nude and blue with gold looks awesome. Lots of top models and actresses wear half-moon manicure. See the pictures below to get ideas about color combinations appropriate for doing this manicure.


Сute Pink Reverse French Nails

Cute pink reverse French tip nails will make you look more feminine and romantic. If you are looking for some ideas for your next nail art design, why not choose half-moon manicure? Here are some of the best designs we’ve gathered for you.

Dark Reverse French Manicure

Lovely dark shades reverse French nail art will turn you into a hot lady. It is so stunning that it will make you the center of attention. Check out these great variants of manicure for your inspiration!


Charming Reverse Square French Mani

Reverse square French manicure will blow your mind away and leave you speechless for a moment. Begin a fresh chapter in your life with these nail designs. Feel a lack of nail art ideas? We will definitely help you.

Reverse French Tip Nails in Pastel Shades

These pretty nail designs will attract the necessary attention to your nails and hands. If you want to accentuate your femininity, dress up your nails with subtle floral details, dots or faux crystals. Use our ideas and make your imagination go wild!


Elegant Nude Reverse French Manicure

These reverse French nails will make your look more glamorous. Don’t overwhelm your manicure with lots of rhinestones, just apply them on your accent nail. If it isn’t a thing of beauty, we don’t know what beauty means.

Source: irina_kapshuk.nails via Instagram