These days the notion of flawless manicure is what bothers the mind of many. There is no need to limit your style with shapes, patterns, and hues. Besides, every color is unique in its own way and fashion. So, today we will talk about trending green nails and the most popular tones to pick from.


Are green nails cute? There is no doubt about it! It does not matter whether these are green and black nails or any other palette collaboration. The outcome is destined to be lovely. All due to the soothing and relaxing power of the mentioned shade. Aside from that, the tint possesses that unique mirth that not all the colors are known to represent. Think about green Christmas nails and the emotions they evoke to get the idea.

What can I wear with green nails? That is the next logical question one would ask. However, unlike in the case with some other colors, green nails are utterly universal. So, you can create a daring mani with red and green nails involved, or you can go all classy with pastel hues or universal designs, including ombre and French tips.

Sage Nails

Sage green nails are among the new arrivals to the fashion world, and some of you may have missed the introduction. The truth is that when compared to other green tints, sage green acrylic nails are perfect when it comes to the autumn into winter transition. The calming effect of the shade should not be treated lightly. The earthy tone to the color ensures that such green and white nails are incredibly versatile and easy to notice without being too catchy.
In case you wonder what are the best hues to pair the sage color with, the experts advise paying immense attention to white and grey tones. Yet, should you aim at a more dramatic effect, some reddish elements can be added to the scene. Don’t forget that sage shades are associated with wisdom, so a smart manicure idea is right in front of you.


Emerald Nails

Those who are in no need of cute green nails and search for a more dramatic effect should definitely consider emerald green nails. Just like the precious stone that emerald green acrylic nails are named after, they are difficult to take the eyes off. The truth is that the hue is often described as royal and luck-programmed. Besides, you can always either intensify or decrease the magnetic vibe of the shade. If you choose the former route, then black and green nails are what you need. Throw in some red and purple to the mix if black is not your cup of tea. At the same time, some neutral colors will help you succeed with the latter goal.

Olive Nails

Olive green nails are growing in popularity by the day. Should you wonder why the hue is so requested, it helps to point out that even coffin olive green nails carry that acceptable flair that neons lack. All due to the yellow-green incline that the tone carries. Besides, matte olive green nails are known to bring peace and prosperity into your life. Surely, you can experiment with olive green and gold nails to compliment your personal style and femininity. Whether it is a solid olive or just an accent design, it won’t go unnoticed for its elegant vibe and stylish look.


Dark Green Nails

Green tea nails are not for all, and there is nothing wrong with it. If you search for green nails ideas with a bolder touch to them, we may have an idea to share with you. Dark green nails have a unique pull that neither light or bright hues are entitled with. The particular flair that the shade is known for sparks confidence and uncompromised elegance.

Are green nails in style? All it takes is to review green marble nails with a darker tint to them. The design can be fit in a variety of circles, starting with casual and ending with a semi-formal environment. If you want to emphasize the magical vibe that the color is backed with, it is advised to wear it with solid tones with neutral touch to them. Think black and white in the first place. Keep in mind that dark green nails designs are well-fit for either short or long tips, making them even more versatile.

Neon Nails

Neon green nails are another way to enhance your unmistakable style and appearance. However, you should keep in mind that coffin neon green nails will draw all the attention they can and won’t fit properly into a formal environment. Yet, such green acrylic nails are irreplaceable should you decide to have fun with your look, especially during the summer season. Whether these are green ombre nails or solid-coated tips, you can rock the style with confidence and ease.


Lime Green Nails

Those of you who seek some light green nails that lack high-level drama should pay attention to lime green nails. The shade remains as bold and fun as other vibrant hues but gives some room for neutrality and increased versatility. You can play around with matte green nails or go for green French tip nails, even mix and match different green accents in a single manicure.

Mint Green Nails

There are other pastel green nails shades that you can add to your arsenal. Mint green nails are on the list. Should you decide to sport a green nails design that reminds you of nature anywhere you go, the hue is there to benefit from. You can adorn your mint green coffin nails with additional patterns or wear a single shade. Besides, matching the color with other neutrals is a great way to increase the collection of manicure ideas to opt for.

Green nails are all the rage at the moment. The impressive versatility and adaptability of the shade can’t but inspire trendy manicure experimentation! Make use of these ideas and spice your look up in no time!