21 Awesome Pink and Gold Nails Designs Every Girl Should Try

Pink and gold nails designs: let us help your creativity to awake. We believe that a combination of these two nail polish colors is so elegant and versatile that it will suit any image. So, every fashionista will need one of these one day or another. Thank us later. In the meantime, get your inspo here!



Sweet Pink Nails With Gold Glitter And Rhinestones

One of the best ways to spice your neutral pink nails with is to add some glitter. When glitter is not enough for you, then you can experiment a little with rhinestones, the effect will be mesmerizing!

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Elegant Pink Nails With Gold Stripes

To tell the truth gold striping tape is that one thing you need to make your nails look intricate and stylish. Just a few gold stripes added to your pink nails will make them look ravishing.

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Gold Foil Designs For Pink Nails

Transfer foil is all the rage these days. That is why the combo of nude pink nails and gold foil is not the exception. With the help of the foil, you can create not less but a pink and gold masterpiece!

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Glitter Ombre For Pink And Gold Nails

In times when you do not want your pink and gold nails to go over the edge, we suggest you try out ombre. There are no limits to ombre nail art ideas. See for yourself!

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Trendy And Stylish Minimalistic Glitter Designs

Those of you who prefer minimalistic patterns to all the others it is time you try this fabulous combo out. The truth is that gold accents spice pink manicure like nothing else. Any of these ideas will add that gentle and trendy vibe to your look.

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Gentle Floral Pink And Gold Nails Art

There are lots of ladies who are in love with all possible floral nail designs. In case you are one of them – we have a fresh portion of pink and gold nails for you to pull off.

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French Mani And Pink And Gold Nails

Due to the fact that French tip is that one perfectly classic nail design it is extremely popular for many decades now. However, the time has come to introduce some modernism to your classic manicure! Undoubtedly, the combo of pink and gold hues and the French manicure is a killer one!

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Pink and gold nails are that something fresh and unique that all the nail art addicts need to be aware of. Not only is this color combination insanely beautiful but also quite versatile. Take your pick!

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