Nail arts is one of the easiest ways to express yourself and showcase your taste. Ombre nails arts are fun to create and also very easy to achieve your desired result, given you have all the necessary tools. The good aspect of this particular nail design is that there are various styles and colors that can be used to create innovative works of art. We’ve provided you with top awesome examples you can choose from and try at home or at the hand of a professional.


What are Ombre Nails?

A form of manicure known as ombre nails combines several colour tones together. The most well-liked ombre nail designs feature two complimentary tones; however, women can select several colors for a vibrant result.


Classic Two-Color Ombre Nail Designs

The easiest way how to rock your ombre nails is to opt for the classic two tone ombre nail designs. Your perfect option would be to choose two contrasting shades, like ombre black and white nails, ombre black and red nails or even pink to white ombre nail design, and combine them together. Usually, how the ombre works is that a lighter shade falls onto a darker one but that doesn’t mean you can’t try ombre pink and white nails. But if you would like to have a dark shade fall into light, then you can always try that. Other than the color graduation, you can add designs to make it more lit.

French Fade Ombre Nail Art

When good old classy French becomes too boring, you can spice it up with ombre nail colors. Either matte or glossy nude transition into white looks perfectly soft and feminine. For greater effect, you can always add up a simple but elegant rhinestone pattern to your almond French ombre nails. If you find the rhinestone too quiet, then rock the French ombre nails with glitter. However, people who love to keep it simple can go for plain ombre almond nails especially if they want the result to resemble ombre wedding nails.


Multicolored Ombre Nails

It happens that two shades are not enough to succeed in the creation of something you opt for. Yet, no one said that you can’t mix three shades into one the same design. If two colors can mix perfectly, the three would definitely turn out pretty. Plus, adding glitter or the ‘dew’-effect is something that will make your manicure look irresistible. However, for better transitioning, the nails have to be long but not so long if you don’t want them to be so.

Vertical Ombre Nails

In case you don’t know, it is not just horizontal ombre that you can opt for, vertical acrylic ombre nails look just as great. This is much fun in that your transitioning doesn’t have to be done on one ombre dip powder nails but can move through the whole fingers. Just look at this pink-to-pastel-yellow transition! It looks exactly like the sky at dawn! The purple ombre nail designs also look so good just like the green ombre nail art.


Diagonal Gradient Nails

Gradient nails are your perfect way to get creative with the least effort involved. It’s quite unique as you’re trailing away from the usual vertical and horizontal dip ombre nail art. The diagonal one always comes out looking chic and pretty In this case, you can opt for either two super contrasting shades, or continue experimenting with all shades of the rainbow involved. The lavender purple gradient nails in this case look good as short ombre nails combined with black zig-zag patterns.

Whole-Hand Ombre Nails

Sometimes it seems that there are too many shades and this makes it quite difficult to conclude which color or tone to choose from. A beautiful suggestion is that you can create a whole-hand gradient, using a separate shade on a separate fingernail! So if you love pink, you can slay ombre hot pink nails and if you love something fierier, consider choosing red and black ombre nails or just red nails. Add glitters or stones to keep it from looking too plain.

Glitter Ombre Nail Art

If you love your hand sparkling while you use it, glitter ombre nails are what you need. It introduces a little sparkle into your everyday look. All you need to do is choose the base which could be pink and white ombre nails and then treat it with a nice share of glitter to get your desired ombre glitter nails. Whether you want your ombre nails short or you like your ombre gel nails long, the effect will be equally charming. You can make your orange ombre nails plain on some fingers and glitter filled on the rest. Anything works best.


Gradient Stamping Nails

In case you wonder how to do ombre nails using gradient stamping, we must say that there is nothing easier than that. All you need is to choose your shades and stamping patterns. There are two ways, either apply your pattern over ready-made ombre short nails or create an ombre transition on your stamping plate and apply it over a solid base. What’s more, is that you can have your nails ombre plain on some fingers with gradient stamping on others.

Gradient Nails with Dots

It is not a secret to anyone that ombre is extremely trendy these days. Yet, when the regular gradient becomes quite boring, a dotted one steps in. The beauty of the dotted gradient lies in its versatility and simplicity. You can use not only different-shaded dots for this masterpiece creation but also different sizes and some glitter would work well in place of color dots. For a trial, you can have nude ombre nails as the base and then compliment it with lots of gold dots.

Geometric Gradient Nails

Nothing looks so deep and impressive as geometric summer ombre nails. To tell you the truth, it may consume a lot of time and effort in case you are new to the world of ombre. But the outcome is always totally worth it! Regardless of if you want fall ombre nails, it requires precision and full attention to achieve the desired result. The lines are straight and make the nails look classic. In the picture, the blue gradient nails are mixed with pink and green as it transitions. Definitely worth trying out!

Still deciding on what ombre nails to get, you can try everything listed out, one at a time. Or if you’ve found your choice, then there’s nothing keeping you from having the best manicure! Combines color and be innovative and you’re sure to get a pretty result, no matter what design you opt for!