Cool Nude Almond Nails Designs for an Exceptional Look


Nude almond nails are best for those women who care about their day-to-day flawless look. We say that with confidence since almond nails are one of the most practical and elegant shapes you will ever find. Besides, what can be more practical than a nude-shaded mani that can suit any outfit or situation? Our trendy collection will amaze you!


Nude Almond Nails this White Accent

Nude nail designs are anything but boring, that is for sure. Even the simplest baby pink design can look outstanding if you know what to combine it with. In our opinion, this white mussel-shaped nail with the addition of gorgeous little pearls makes this nude mani irresistible!

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Nude Color Nail Art Ideas

Nude color nails can always be upgraded without the loss of their elegance or suiting-all ability. Just have a look at this matte nude base with the addition of silver sparkly design. It looks so simple but so fabulous that it is difficult to take your eyes off!

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Nude Almond Nails Designs with Rhinestone

There is no such a thing as too many rhinestones, or is there? Well, we know nothing about it. All we know that this combination of two nude shades and rhinestones looks totally amazing. What do you think?

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Glitter Nail Art for Almond Nails

Nails with glitter always look super cute. But when it comes to the almond-shaped nails, the addition of glitter brings in that fairy-like vibe, no matter what design you decide to pick. Add just a hint of sparkles to the matte pink base, and you already get there.

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Nude Almond Nails Designs with Flowers

Temptation is a tricky thing, you never know where it may come from. Believe it or not, but these coral-shaded almond-shaped nails with a floral pattern are the source of temptation, at least for us. With every other look, you get tempted to run to your stylist and ask for the replication, don’t you?

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Nude Almond Nails for Wedding Day

Of course, wedding is a day when everything is supposed to be special and unforgettable. But simple can be unforgettable, too. Just look at these glossy nude-colored nails with white flowers on top. Aren’t they just adorable and breath-taking?

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Lovely Pink Almond Nails

Pink goes well with many colors. But the combination of pink and black is outstanding. Especially when you know the right proportion. We think that this triangular black design go oh so well with these pearly pink nails!

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Main photo by I_annylook