Stunning Mauve Color Nails To Squeal With Delight From

Mauve is one of the most unusual and beautiful shades that are highly popular these days. There is no wonder why since mauve shade consists of two different shades – purple and grey – and that is exactly what makes this hue so special. Unlike lavender, mauve color is a lot less bright and more subtle and dusty. In case you are a fan of colors like that, we have a pretty collection of mauve color nails designs to share. Does that sound like a plan? So, let us have a look!

Charming Coffin Nails In Mauve Nail Colors With Tiny Rhinestones

Coffin shape is all about boldness and dare however you can easily change that if you have a perfect nail art at hand. We think that this gentle mauve nail art idea will make your coffins look as gentle and feminine as possible.

Source: mariapro.nails via Instagram

Dark Mauve Color Nails With Glitter Accent Finger

When the solid base is not enough for you, there is a way out. All you need to do is to introduce a glitter accent finger. As simple as that!

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Dark Mauve Shade With Minimalistic Pattern

Mauve color nail designs can be very minimalistic if necessary. Just look at this fantastic dark mauve nail with the minimalistic black pattern! It is true that beauty comes in simplicity!

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Elegant Glitter Ombre With Light Mauve Nail Polish

There are important events in life when you wish to look your absolute best so that there are no regrets later. In times like these, all the details matter and your manicure is not the exception. That is why among all the nail colors we suggest you pay attention to gentle mauve color nails with glitter ombre. Such a nail art will not go unnoticed but also won’t attract unnecessary attention. Simple and perfect!

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Two-Tone Mani For Long Nails

Very often the most essential part about your manicure is the adequately chosen shading. The combo of two different tints of mauve is precisely the case.

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Mauve And Nude Shades

When you do not wish your nail art to be too bold, it is time to dissolve that mauve with some nude shades. Besides, stones accent will suit the design perfectly too.

Source: orchid_nail_studio via Instagram

Matte Mauve Nail Designs: Sharp Peaks

Let the art do the taking! The combination of matte mauve and nude looks great but sometimes that is too simple for some of us, and that is when minimalistic peaky nail art comes in just handy!

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Combine Dark Green And Mauve Shades For Stunning Effect

The combo of dark green and light mauve is a killer one. What is more, some glitter and stud patterns give this manicure special and charming vibe!

Source: supakova_nails via Instagram

Sweet Floral Nail Art On Mauve Color Nails

Short nails also look great in mauve shades especially if there is a pretty floral pattern added. You do not need much space to come up with beautiful design, and this is the perfect example of that!

Source: mariapro.nails via Instagram

Sweet Mauve And Cold Shades Combo

It may seem pretty strange, but mauve is one of those shades that fit in with cool tones well. For example, the mixture of mauve glossy nail polish, glittery accent, and cool blue color look ravishing and extraordinary together.

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Metallic Mauve Nail Design

Source: orchid_nail_studio via Instagram

Mauve And Dark Glitter Accent

Source: orchid_nail_studio via Instagram

Short Mauve Nails With Silver Glitter

Source: sveta_liber_nail via Instagram

Elegant White And Dark Mauve Nails

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Sexy Matte Long Nails

Source: riyathai87 via Instagram

Beautiful Mauve Nails With Glitter Fade

Very often, it seems that mauve shades and glitter were made for each other. No matter the order the glitter to mauve or mauve to glitter fade always look mesmerizing!

Source: dazzle_beauty_studio via Instagram

Bright Color Nail Design With Mauve Accent

You can succeed with bright manicure without using bright shading at all. All you need is some glitter, mauve base and matte finish. Simple, gorgeous and elegant, don’t you think?

Source: malinasnaglar via Instagram

Mauve Nails: Matte Top Coat & Shining Rhinestones

The matte top coat is very popular these days. That is why we suggest you match two trends together to achieve an unbelievable outcome. A cute rhinestone pattern will surely take the design to the completely new level.

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Glossy Mauve Nails Shade

Among all the mauve color nails ideas it should be mentioned that a solid shading is a great idea too. Just a few coats of this perfectly mauve nail polish and your outstanding nail art is finished!

Source: esmalteecor via Instagram

Fabulous Combination Of Mauve Color Nails And Pearl Powder

There are not so many colors which look absolutely fabulous with pearl powder coating. When you look closely to this design you will come to the understanding that mauve color nails definitely look gorgeous with pearly powder on!

Source: svetlana_stanovaya via Instagram

Nude Coffin Nails With Mauve Fade

There are many shades that go well with mauve one, but when you think about nude shade, then beige is totally on the top of the list. A simple and light mauve to beige fade upgraded with gentle rhinestone design looks outstanding.

Source: mariapro.nails via Instagram

Mauve Pink Nail Polish With Lovely Glitter Accents

Mauve color nails are as versatile as all the other ones. For example, this mauve shade has tints of pink, and it looks gorgeous in it, besides the addition of glittery accents take this manicure to the whole new level!

Source: supakova_nails via Instagram

Dark And Light Nail Shades With Mauve Accent

Neutral designs are on the edge of popularity these days. However, no matter the range of nude shades combined you always need a proper accent to emphasize the whole idea. We have just a perfect idea in mind1 see for yourself!

Source: malinasnaglar via Instagram

Delicate Marbled Accent

Sometimes all you need to take your nail art from regular to exquisite is properly chose accent. The combo of the mauve base coat and marble stone accent is the best representation of the consumption.

Source: mariapro.nails via Instagram

Elegant Matte Mauve And Beige Color With Rhinestones

Beige and mauve shades seem to be created for one another that is why combining them in one manicure is always a worthy idea. What is more, you can always introduce an elegant rhinestone pattern to take things even further!

Source: esmalteriadage via Instagram

Bold Color Combination If You Don’t Want To Choose One

There are times when it is so difficult to choose just one shade. In times like these, we have a special suggestion for you. Look at this manicure. Isn’t it look absolutely bold?

Source: grapefizznails via Instagram

Marbled Mauve Nails With Boho Design

There are so many trendy designs these days that it may be difficult to choose just one. If that is your situation, we would like to present to your attention a magnificent mauve nail design where many styles entwine, and the outcome is just perfect!

Source: glamour_chic_beauty via Instagram

Pink Mauve For Classical French Manicure

Mauve pink nail polish is exactly what you need for the creation of gorgeous and classy French manicure. Some rhinestones and glitter make this design especially fancy, elegant and rich!

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Combine Mauve Base Coat With Metallic Shades For Extra Feminine Look

Looking perfectly feminine is important for many ladies these days. However every woman needs some spice to her, and we may have an idea what that may be. How do you feel about the gentle and a little daring mixture of mauve nail polish and metallic one? We have a good vibe about it!

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Main photo by Sveta_liber_nail