Lovely nails are always trendy. From a traditional French manicure to pretty floral designs, nail art has come a long way over the years.

Cute nails designs are fun for the holidays or for a seasonal look.


Easy nail designs are meant for every day to make your beautifying routine less time-consuming.

Check out our stunning designs for nail art.

Abstract Nails Art With Cute Details

Abstract nail art will never go out of fashion, as it has many advantages over other nail designs. First and foremost, it allows you to wear a one-of-a-kind, personalized mani, as every pattern is truly unique. Besides, even with the least effort, you will manage to get an intricate and eye-catching nail design.


Beauty In Minimal Details

This minimalistic manicure is made for women who have a strong sense of style and fashion. It does not require any special skills from you to create. Yet, the final result looks tasteful and sophisticated, which makes it suitable for literally any outfit.

Plaid Nails In The Trend

If you ask us about unfading nail trends, then the plaid pattern will be the first to pop into our heads. This classic nail design always appears in fashion, allowing you to complement your every look with it. Also, you can never get bored with it, as you can play around with color combinations and flaunt a brand-new mani every time.


Animal Print On Your Nails For a Modern Woman

Animal print is one of those trends that pop in and out, however, they never disappear completely. Thus, should you decide to adorn your nails with an animalistic nail design, you can rest assured that your manicure will be either on trend or ahead of it but never behind.

You can never go wrong with a geometric nail design, as it does not seem to lose its popularity ever. In addition to being hugely versatile, a geometric manicure is pretty easy to create, so even a newbie can handle it. Besides, there are plenty of sources to draw inspiration from.


Sexy Metallic Nails

There is something really attractive about metallic nails. Maybe, it is the way they reflect light or the fact that they seem realistic thus dangerous. Either way, if you decide to go for a metallic nail color, you will end up with a sexy and stylish manicure for sure. Just choose the shade that resonates with you most and be ready to collect admiring gazes.

Magical Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nails have that hypnotic flair that no other nail design has. They may seem quite difficult to get, but this impression is misleading. The secret is in the right combination of colors mixed on a dark or black base. And do not forget about the scattering of shimmer and glitter for a twinkling stars effect.

Rainbow Nails Art

These rainbow art are really pretty for a fun summer look. You can paint the base with the color of your choice and then make tiny lines in rainbow colors on each nail.


Sweet Birds On Your Nails

This white polish is such a delicate shade. The graceful black birds on the fingers gives it a demure effect.

Lovely Hearts Nail Design

Paint your alternating nails in red and then make a red hearts accent on your finger.

Navy Nautical Nails

If you love navy blue, this white and navy striped pattern is really striking. The miniature gold anchor on nail makes the design patriotic.


Diagonal French Manicure

This pretty colorful manicure is a bit off-kilter. Instead of straight tip,add diagonal angle for a topsy-turvy effect.

Baby Blue Nails With Foil Accent

This shiny blue base is so soft and delicate. The foil pattern on the tips gives it an edgy look and feel.

Try This Girly Glam Nails

These sparkly iridescent tips on a pale peach base are totally girly and chic!


Peace Sign Nail Design

We think these rainbow patterned peace symbols on a black base are totally far out!

Sky Blue Nails Design

Look at these lovely nails! These pretty white and blue swirls look just like the sky!

Lovely Nails with Ombre

This pretty fade is easily achieved with thin stripes for nail art. This soft look is perfect for spring time.


Geometric Lovely Nails

Paint your nails a pretty pastel color and then paint cool geometric twist.

Fire Flame Ombre Nails

Start with a purple base and then add bright red and orange coats for a fire flame effect that’s hot to trot!

Short Nail with Abstract Art

This fun abstract pattern is easy to duplicate with nail tape and your 2 favorite contrasting shades of polish.

These ideas for lovely nails are super chic and elegant! Try them today or create your own designs!