Anchor Nails Art Designs And Tutorials For Your Special And Trendy Look

Anchor nails are relatively new to the world of nail fashion. The thing is that anchor symbolizes for all the people connected with the sea hope and stability while when it comes to nail art it perceives a completely different connotation. These days anchor nail art designs are the real statement that fashionable and stylish girls do. In case you are one of them and the vacation season is close so that seaside will be soon in the view you are bound to at least consider some anchor nail designs to emphasize the season. That is why we are ready not only to supply you with the whole lot of fresh ideas but also to show you how easily you can achieve the look!

Different Methods To Make Nails Design

Summer nails require special attention especially when the season hits and we know that perfectly well. That is why we are more than ready to share with you a fair share of cute nail designs involving anchors to replicate at home with the least of time and effort spend. We are sure among these amazing tutorials you will find at least one suiting you perfectly!

Beautiful Chevron Nails With Hand Painting Anchor Accent

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply navy blue base to your middle finger.
  3. Use the detailer brush and white nail polish to draw a thick white line.
  4. Add the curved white line to the bottom of the thick one.
  5. Add arrows to the sides of the curved line.
  6. Add a big white dot to the top.
  7. Add a white horizontal line below the dot.
  8. Add two white dots to the sides of the horizontal line.
  9. Finish the look off with a navy blue dot on the top of big white one.
  10. Apply a top coat.

Source: Trendy Polish via YouTube

Sweet And Simple Stickers Anchor Nails Tutorial

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply textured red glitter nail polish to the index finger.
  3. Apply a white base coat to the middle fingernail.
  4. Place the anchor vinyl on your middle finger.
  5. Apply blue sparkly nail polish to the center of the vinyl.
  6. Peel the vinyl off.
  7. Apply a white base coat to your ring fingernail.
  8. Place striped vinyls horizontally across the nail.
  9. Apply red sparkly nail polish over the stripes.
  10. Peel off the vinyls.
  11. Add sparkly blue base to your pinkie.
  12. Apply a top coat.

Source: Kelli Marissa via YouTube

Stamping Methods To Make An Anchor Nails Design

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply dark blue base coat to all your nails but pinkie and thumb.
  3. Apply an orange base coat to your pinkie and thumb.
  4. Apply liquid latex around your nails to protect the cuticles.
  5. Use white nail polish and the stamping tools to transfer the striped pattern to your middle finger.
  6. Repeat the procedure with the ship’s wheel pattern.
  7. Add a stamping image of the anchor to your ring finger.
  8. Repeat the procedure with light gold nail polish.
  9. Add a dark blue anchor stamping patterns to your thumb and pinkie.
  10. Add a white boating knot stamping pattern to your index finger.
  11. Apply a top coat.

Source: Nailstamp4fun via YouTube

Black & Gold Combo With Hand Painting Anchor Nails Art

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply black nail polish base to your index and pinkie fingers.
  3. Apply a white base coat to your middle finger.
  4. Apply sparkly gold base to your ring finger.
  5. Apply striping tape horizontally to your middle finger.
  6. Add black nail polish –between the stripes.
  7. Remove the stripes and clean up the messes if any.
  8. With the help of a detailer brush and yellow pain draw an anchor on the striped base.
  9. Apply a top coat.

Source: Nill Art via YouTube

Microbead Lovely Summer Nails Design

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Add white base coat to your index and pinkie nails.
  3. Apply striping tape to your index finger.
  4. Add pale blue nail polish in-between the lines.
  5. Remove the tape.
  6. Use metallic gold nail polish and striping brush to outline the blue stripes.
  7. Apply pale blue nail polish to your ring nail.
  8. Apply base coat to make the beads stick.
  9. Place the microbeads in an anchor shape over the blue base.
  10. Apply a coral base coat to your thumb.
  11. Apply base coat to make the beads stick.
  12. Place a gold stud in the center of your nails.
  13. Apply microbeads to your nail shaping a ship’s wheel form.
  14. Apply a top coat.

Source: cutepolish via YouTube

3D Anchor Nails Design

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a silver sparkle base to your nails.
  3. Apply three horizontal vinyls to all your fingers but ring one.
  4. Paint the empty spaces in between the stripes with neon pink.
  5. Remove the vinyls.
  6. Apply four gold studs on the sides of your nails.
  7. For the ring finger apply a base coat and place the anchor charm on it.
  8. Apply a top coat.

Source: Lifeisnails via YouTube

Sweet Matte Anchor Nails Tutorial

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a red base coat to your ring and thumb nails.
  3. Apply white base to the other nails.
  4. With the help of a striper brush and white nail polish draw an anchor on the red base on both fingers.
  5. Apply two pieces of striping tape close to each other and the third one a little further from the two.
  6. Apply blue nail polish over the taped part of the nail.
  7. Remove the tape off.
  8. Apply another two pieces of striping tape to your nails.
  9. Apply red nail polish over the taped part of the nail.
  10. Remove the stripes.
  11. Apply gold studs to the middle of your nail.
  12. Apply a matte or glossy top coat.

Source: HannahRoxNails via YouTube

Colorful Nails Tutorial With Anchor Accent

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply different-shaded nail colors to your nails, leaving the ring one white.
  3. Apply water decal in a shape of an anchor to the ring fingernail.
  4. Add a studded pattern to all the other nails.
  5. Apply a top coat.

Source: Dazzle Glam Nails via YouTube

Beautiful Floral Anchor Nails Art

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply eggplant purple base coat to your thumb, green to your pinkie, nude to your middle finger and dark brown one to the remaining ones.
  3. Use a detailer brush and an orange nail polish to add flower-shaped blobs to the nude base.
  4. Add lighter orange color to the blobs to create the petal swirls.
  5. Repeat the procedure with dark purple and lilac nail polishes.
  6. Use green nail polish and the detailer brush to add leaves to the design.
  7. Draw an anchor on the dark brown base using the nude nail polish.
  8. Add up the floral pattern to the anchor using the same techniques as before.
  9. Add a stud to your pinkie.
  10. Apply a top coat.

Source: JauntyJuli via YouTube

Some Beauty Nails Design With Anchor Accent

Now when you know all the basic techniques how you can get the anchor nails done it is time you have a look at some fresh ideas to experiment with. There are so many ideas to get inspired with that we are a 100% sure you will find something special for you here!

Pastel Nails Design With 3D Anchor

Pastel shades are on the edge of popularity these days, still. That is why combining them with anchor nail art is not a bad idea that is for sure. Spice up the shades with lucky anchor charm, gentle dots, sparkly stripes and classy sequins. There is no way you can take this nail design over the edge!

Source: naailsbyjulia via Instagram

Sunny Summer Nail Design

Summer nail art designs can be bright but without going over the edge. A;; you need to do is to combine some pale blue, pink and white shades and decorate them with marine themed-objects.

Source: naailsbyjulia via Instagram

Sea Summer Nail Art

Long nails look exquisite with the addition of sea symbolic. The mixture of bold blue and red colors adorned with striped nail art and accented with anchor symbol is what you need for perfect summer look exactly.

Source: patabloguje via Instagram

Best Blue & White Combo Nails Design

When you do not want to take your manicure to far all you need to do is to combine white and blue hues in striped patterns and add a simple anchor design to emphasize the idea.

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Girly Anchor Nails Design With Glitter Accent

When it comes to anchor nails there are actually no restrictions. You can pick your fav shades and combine them with marine nail art. For example, bright pink nails combined with blue and white stripes decorated with pink anchor look stylish and girlish at the same time.

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Flowers Mood Nails Design

When you wish to take your anchor nail design to the whole new level of feminine, we have an idea in mind. Cover all of your nails with floral patterns and then add same floral accent in a shape of anchor to the white base. Sweet, extraordinary and thematic!

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Classic Nautical Nails Art

In case you decide that when it comes to anchor nails you are bound to stick to the classics – we have a ready idea for you here. Striped nails art, blue and white hues, anchor and some gold accent nail will do the trick!

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Funny Anchor Nails Design

Do not try to limit your imagination just because no one else has never done something like that. Use your favorite cartoon nails stickers to create a masterpiece that no one has ever seen before.

Source: charm.nails via Instagram

Amazing Stamping Nail Design

If you are looking for something perfect and easy at the same time then stamping nail art is what you need. Decorate the metallic blue base with unique anchor-themed stamping and fabulous nail art is ready!

Source: charm.nails via Instagram

Summer Matte Orange Nails

To achieve a completely summery look, it is essential to involve bright shades into your manicure. The mixture of bright orange shades together with anchor nail design is a nice idea. To take it right to the correct level of trendy all you need to do is to use some matte top on it!

Source: barbrafeszyn via Instagram

Adorable Anchor Nails With Baby Blue

Baby blue shades are perfect in their purity and sweetness. What makes this manicure even sweeter is the addition of gold stamping and same gold pinkie fingernail accent. This design is truly gorgeous in its simplicity!

Source: copycatclaws via Instagram

Summer Anchor Nails With Tropical Flowers

It happens so that there are times when you just can’t decide between two themes – it means that you just need to combine the two! The combo of tropical flowers and anchor nail art seems to have been created for one another!

Source: celinedoesnails via Instagram

Gorgeous Nails Design With Red Accent

Red is always a great accent for many ideas, especially when we are talking marine designs her. The diagonal stripes in blue and white shades adorned with anchor and ship’s wheel look great but red accent nail is what brings this design its uniqueness.

Source: minipolishh via Instagram

Anchor Nails With Polka Dots Design

Very often, we find yourself being in doubt as for our nail art skills and that is exactly what prevents us from adding stylish design to our nail son our own. From now on, you do not have to worry! There is not a chance you wouldn’t be able to recreate this simple and sweet dotted nail art with anchor involved!

Source: la_paillette_frondeuse via Instagram

Shiny Mermaid Nails Design

Mermaid nails are all over the nail fashion. However, it is time you take it to the new level! All you need to do is to add some anchor stamping to your mermaid nails. There you go!

Source: la_paillette_frondeuse via Instagram

We hope you enjoy these tutorials and will succeed in their replication with the least of time and effort involved. Do not forget to visit us for some more fresh ideas and pieces of trendy advice!

Main photo by La_paillette_frondeuse