Easy Ways How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home

‘How to remove acrylic nails?’ is another important question after you get your ‘how to get them done?’ answered properly. Of course, the best way how to take off acrylic nails safely is to pay a visit to the salon you got them done at, yet very often this is not the best possible option.


The time and means a visit to salon requires are the things that not all people can afford. The thing is that when it comes to the question how to remove artificial nails at home we may have a couple of helpful ways out stored here for you. What is more, we are more than happy to help you learn how to take off acrylic nails painlessly with the least damage to your natural nails, taking into consideration that there is more than just one way to do it.

If you follow our recommendations precisely when it comes to how to get acrylic nails off, you will definitely succeed!


How To Remove Acrylic Nails Using Acetone Nail Polish Remover

The easiest way to take off acrylic nails is with the help of acetone. That is why we decided to teach you how to remove acrylic nails at home safely. There are few steps to follow:

  1. Clip your fake nails off. Be careful not to damage your nail bed. In case, you nail is too thick to clip, file it first with the help of a coarse file.
  2. Use a medium buff to get rid of the nail polish coat if its need. Once again, try to be as gentle as possible, so that you do not damage your nail.
  3. It is very important to apply some petroleum gel to your cuticles before you start to remove acrylic nails with nail polish remover so that your skin does not become irritated.
  4. Soak a cotton pad in acetone and wrap it around your nail, then cover the nail with aluminum foil and wait for at least 20 minutes for your nails to soak off.
  5. When you soak off acrylic nails at home you need to be prepared to repeat the procedure, once your nails didn’t come off. If the procedure was successful, all is left is to take away the remnants of your nails with the help of a file.
  6. After you soak the nails off you should shape your natural nails properly.
  7. Last but not least, you should not forget about the moisturizing.

Source: DIYholic via YouTube


How To Remove Acrylic Nails Using Dental Floss

Some of you may wonder how to remove acrylic nails without acetone? It is indeed possible, but for this particular method, you will need a friend to help you out and some dental floss at hand. In case you happen to have a suitable candidate and suitable tools, here is what you need to do:

  1. First of all, in order to remove acrylic nails, you will need to try to pull them up a little, near the cuticle, so that the inlet appears.
  2. Now, you need to put the floss into the inlet and start moving with sawing-like motions towards the tip of your nail. Be very careful and thorough not to damage your nail.
  3. Once you are done with the removal, buff your nails properly.
  4. Do not forget to moisturize your cuticles.

Source: Silas Qiu via YouTube

How To Remove Acrylic Nails Using Nail Filers

In case you are wondering how to remove acrylic nails yourself, we happen to know about one more possible option. You can take off acrylics without acetone or any other invasive chemicals or damaging techniques, yet it will take you a little bit of time. The thing is that we have in mind sheer filling off your acrylic nail. This is the safest way how to get rid of acrylic nails, yet you need to be very patient with it.

Here is what you need to do to:

  1. Remove the nail polish and clip your nails the shortest.
  2. Start filling the fake nail off until you see your natural nail.
  3. You can clip of any remains with the help of your manicure scissors, yet you need to be careful enough not to damage your nail.
  4. Moisturize your cuticles.

Source: nailsbyquetel via Instagram

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