21 Awesome Ideas for Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails will always be trendy! From soft and feminine colors to bold and daring designs, there are hundreds of ways to style your nails!

If you’re looking for fun nail art designs, look no further. We have found the hottest styles for acrylics that you can either duplicate at home or pin to show your nail stylist!

From coffin nails to shorter styles, there are tons of ideas for acrylic nail designs that you can choose from and make your own!

So, break out your favorite nail polish and get ready to paint those gorgeous acrylic nails! With some pretty colors and some basic nail tools, you can easily duplicate these styles at home! If you’re not skilled at nail design, simply pin your favorites and bring them with you the next time you go to get your nails done!

Beach Stone Acrylic Nails

These pretty iridescent nails will remind you of hunting for seashells on the beach on a hot summer’s day. The pretty pink and soft blue shades with a cracked stone effect are as pretty as a pearl.

Source: fiina_naillounge via Instagram

Mosaic Nails

You’ll love this pretty mosaic art effect with purple and blue pink swirls on a white nail base.

Source: hausoflacquer via Instagram

Lacy Pink Nails

We love this delicate pink base with white lace designs. You’ll feel especially chic with this girly look.

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram

Pusheen Nails

Everyone loves Pusheen. Paint your nails white, and paint everyone’s favorite cat on it.

Source: ane_li via Instagram

Steampunk Nails

Catch the Steampunk wave with these fragments of golden clock mechanisms on your shiny nails.

Source: beaute_asylum via Instagram

Pink Nails with Splashes of Gold

If you love glittery nails, you’ll flip for these sparkly gold splashes on a soft pink nail base.

Source: jagsonify via Instagram

Hearts of Passion

These heart shaped red tips on a nude base are pretty on their own, but add some red gems to show your passionate nature.

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Mermaid Acrylic Nails

If you love mermaids and the ocean, you’ll love this pretty aqua blue base with a fish scale pattern. Finish it off with a pretty sea shell on your accent finger.

Source: mindynailsdecor via Instagram

Black Lace Nails

You’ll feel like you’re wearing your sexiest lingerie with these flirty black lace nails. Add a little sparkle to make it even more seductive and alluring.

Source: haha_nails_ via Instagram

Purple Princess

This deep purple is stunning, but add some sparkly swirls and golden gemstones and you’ll feel like a royalty!

Source: nailsbymztinavia Instagram

Gothic Glam

The goth girl in you will love this black base with goth symbols like crosses, spider web ang blood. Show off your darker side with these edgy nails.

Source: santtatendencia via Instagram

Feeling Blue

These matte dark blue nails with silver flake are elegant and chic.

Source: solinsnaglar via Instagram

Clever Chaos

We love these “chaotic” geometric lines in yellow, black, and blue and shiny rhinestone on one finger.

Source: nailsbymztina via Instagram

Majestic Marble Acrylic Nails

These pretty swirls in blue, white, and sparkly silver are really stunning!

Source: iluvurnailz via Instagram

Black and Silver Sophistication

If you’re looking for a classy nail design for a special event, you’ll love this silver and black ensemble to really make your nails sparkle in the lights.

Source: solinsnaglar via Instagram

Lovely Lattice

This black and white lattice pattern is fun, but add some pops of color, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram

Henna Nails

Henna art is always in. And if you can imitate this trendy art style on your nails with black and soft iridescent shades, you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Source: riyathai87 via Instagram

Pastel Party

Pastel colors are so soft and feminine, but if you add some gemstones and geometric designs, you’ll fill these pretty pink and purple nails with life.

Source: riyathai87 via Instagram

Fancy Florals

This classic French manicure is pretty on its own. Add some pretty iridescent flowers, and you’ll be set for summer!

Source: zakharova_nails via Instagram

Sparkly Ocean Waves

These blue swirls on a nude base make us think of ocean waves on a hot summer’s day!

Source: twi_star via Instagram

Bleeding Hearts

These red “dripping” hearts on a black base with red sequins are the perfect way to express your love!

Source: riyathai87 via Instagram

Don’t you just love these ideas for acrylic nails? We do! Choose your favorite looks or create your own!

Main photo by Fiina_naillounge