What is it about cute acrylic nails that makes them so popular? Well, they are not only adorable and eye pleasing but also unbelievably sturdy and long lasting. So, if you are looking for a nail idea that would look pretty while making your natural nails stronger and extending the lifespan of your mani, this is your surefire option. As a bonus, you are offered tons of amazing manicure ideas, the best of which we have put together below.


What acrylic nails are trending?

The trendiest acrylic nail shapes are an almond nail shape, oval nail shape, coffin nail shape and square nail shape. Some other popular options include a mountain nail shape and a lipstick nail shape.


Is it better to get acrylic or gel nails?

A gel manicure is considered a more healthy option compared to acrylics since there is a lower risk to get your nail beds or nails in general damaged. Besides, gels are more flexible, which allows them to withstand minor hits better than acrylic nails. Also, it is not that difficult to remove gel nails and they are cured much faster without the use of smelly chemicals.

Is it OK to wear acrylic nails?

If you are not allergic to acrylic powder, then it is quite safe to wear acrylic nails. However, keep in mind that they can also sometimes cause dermatitis. So, be careful with that.


Cute Acrylic Toe Nails

Who said that cute acrylic nails may only be on the hands? We are here to prove them wrong. There is a myriad of ideas for cute acrylic toe nails. Essentially, you may recreate any manicure style on your pedicure. Just make sure there is enough space for the desired nail art. That is why it is better to go for various patterns and abstract designs.

Cute Short French Acrylic Mani

Those who choose to wear their cute acrylic nails short should definitely ask their nail tech for a French manicure. You should not be afraid that it is going to look outdated, as the length makes a world of difference in this case. The tip is usually very thin and subtle, so the manicure looks elegant and stylish as a result. It is also possible to pick out colors other than classic white. Black, red and pink French tips make up one of the best ideas for cute trendy short acrylic nails.


Animalistic Print on Acrylic Mani

The trend that did not seem to ever disappear completely is, you got it, the animal print. Even though there was a period when it was considered rather tacky, nowadays animalistic cute acrylic nails are at the peak of their popularity. While the pattern everyone is raving about is definitely leopard, you can also choose other prints, like cheetah, zebra print nails, giraffe or tiger.

Cute Pearly Acrylic Nails

Another timeless nail trend – pearl nails. Although it is more common on acrylic cute short nails, long claws should not feel left behind as well. This nail style does not actually have any restrictions in terms of length or nail shape. It looks equally well on both short and long cute simple acrylic nails. And since to get these cute nails acrylic powder is used, the effect turns out very natural and authentic. It is like wearing real pearls on your nails.

Flower Acrylic Nail Art Ideas

To make acrylic nails cute, you can never go wrong with a flower nail designs. Apart from a captivating appearance, it has another great benefit. The variety of flower acrylic cute nails ideas is so sheer, that there is an option for anyone. Yet, if you are a devotee of roses, feel free to adorn your mani with them. Rose acrylic nail art designs will make you the queen of any party. 3D roses and rhinestones will make you the center of attention. Visit a nail salon or practice your nail art skills, as you wish.


Acrylic Glitter Nails

Glitter remains one of the most popular accents for trendy cute acrylic nails and not for nothing. It is an easy way to glam up your manicure without overdoing it. If you are leaning toward a rather moderate nail style, apply glitter only to a couple of nails. Yet, those who want their mani to be in the spotlight should not hesitate to embellish it with glitter of all sizes, shapes and colors.

Beauty Ombre Nails

An Ombre manicure is an amazing way to give your cute short acrylic nails a stylish touch. The design can be achieved in several different ways, playing around with the transition, its direction and color combos. If you prefer simple cute acrylic nails, then you may just want to accentuate a couple of fingers with the ombre nails art, while keeping the rest of the mani relatively plain.

Hot Matte Acrylic Nails

Long cute acrylic nails are already impactful and eye catching. Yet, you can still give them more interest by going for a hot nail color with a matte finish. This combination is so unusual that it may even make people ask for a closeup of your mani. The number of color options to choose from is almost endless. It all depends on your taste and personal style. For cute summer acrylic nails, you may want to opt for hot pink, orange and green colors, while during colder months, vivid blue and magenta may seem more suitable.


Acrylic Nails with Sparkly Rhinestones

Who would not want to add some bling to their stiletto or coffin cute acrylic nails? Not us for sure! So, wait no longer to decorate your manicure with rhinestones and other gems of different sizes, colors and shapes. These cute long acrylic nails with sparkly rhinestones will turn you into a princess. They will certainly enhance the beauty of your hands. Believe us, they are worth wearing, especially on cute white acrylic nails.

Pastel Nail Art Ideas

Pastel nail art ideas look very charming and elegant on any nails and short cute acrylic nails are no exception. They will fit almost any event, as all these soft colors turn out extremely sophisticated. You may use our cute acrylic nails ideas or create your own ones. But if you are a newbie, there is no need to create an elaborate design at first. You may try, but if it does not work the way you expected, no worries. Just remember that practice makes perfect.

With cute acrylic nails, you will not want to go for anything else. They are a beautiful option to make your go to manicure choice. All you will basically need to do is to decide what manicure design you are going to ask your nail technician for on your next visit to the salon. And thanks to our guide, this should not be a difficult task.