Easy Tutorials of Hot Valentines Nails Designs

The holiday is right around the corner and valentines nails are what you should consider starting from today. It goes without saying that your manicure is bound to look gorgeous no matter whether you plan a grand celebration or quiet evening at home. That is why we have gathered all the perfect tutorials for the event in one place. We have it all covered, anything on the scale from designs with heart nail art stickers to valentine’s day acrylic nails can be set aside. We have something greater and simpler in mind. We will teach you how to draw hearts on nails so that your special occasion nails look no worse than any february acrylic nails done at the salon!

Minimalist Valentines Nails In Simple Steps

Valentine nails with simple heart nail designs look charming and sweet. See for yourself!

Source: cutepolish via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a layer of glitter nail polish to the nail with a cut-out design.
  3. Apply a red base coat to all the other nails.
  4. Outline the heart shape with the help of red nail polish and a tiny detailer brush.
  5. Fill in the outside of the design with red nail polish.
  6. Apply top coat.

Easy Heart For Valentines Nails

In case you are still wondering how to make a heart with nail polish so that you achieve that perfect valentines nail design that fashion icons sport – it is easier than easy, and we will prove it to you right now!

Source: LifeWorldWomen via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a white base coat to your index and pinkie fingers.
  3. Apply a red base coat to the rest of your nails.
  4. With the help of a dotting tool and red nail polish create little red hearts on a white base.
  5. Add tiny red dots in-between the hearts.
  6. Add two different-sized white dots to the red base.
  7. Apply top coat.

DIY Heart Nail Tips You Can Do In 5 Min

Even the simplest valentine nail designs will look gorgeous if you follow our lead!

Source: Nails By Jema via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Use wine red sparkly nail polish to create a V shape on the tip of your nail.
  3. Even out the lines so that they form a perfect heart.
  4. Apply top coat.

Easy Drag Marble Heart Nails Design

Valentines day nails will look fascinating with this gorgeous nail art on!

Source: LifeWorldWomen via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a white base coat to your nails, one at a time, since we need wet nail polish to complete the design.
  3. Put three blobs of different shades of red on the base.
  4. Drag the needle across the blobs.
  5. Repeat it once again.
  6. Apply top coat.

DIY Half-Moon Valentines Nails Design

Heart nail designs for short nails can be extremely cute and thematic as well.

Source: Amanda Faye via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a red base coat.
  3. Place the reinforcement labels on the lower half of your nail to create a half-moon design.
  4. Apply pastel lavender base coat to your nail.
  5. Peel the sticker off.
  6. With the help of a toothpick and red nail polish add a little heart to your ring finger.
  7. Apply top coat.

Hand Painted Kisses You Can Do Yourself

Have you already come up with the hot valentine’s day nail designs you are going to sport this year? If not – we have something special for you!

Source: Kelli Marissa via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply white, pink and red base coats to your nails in any order you like.
  3. Use a tiny brush and pink nail polish to create the messy lines on your white base so that they resemble ‘kiss marks’.
  4. Add a few more ‘kiss marks’ to your white base.
  5. Fill in the spaces with red ‘kiss marks’.
  6. Mix and match the shades and repeat the design on your other nails.
  7. Apply top coat.

Easy and Quick Pulse Nail Art with Gel Pen

Did you know that you can create perfect valentine nails design with the help of your gel pen?

Source: Lady Cherry via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply white base coat.
  3. Use your red nail polish and a toothpick to form a heart on your ring finger.
  4. Use your red gel pen to draw a heartbeat pattern on the white base.
  5. Apply top coat.

Fan Brush Striped Nails With Easy Hearts

Source: LifeWorldWomen via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a burgundy base coat.
  3. Use a fan brush and white nail polish to create random messy lines.
  4. With the help of a small dotting tool and white nail polish add little hearts to the empty spaces.
  5. Apply top coat.

Quick Freehand Hearts Nail Art

Source: HannahRoxNails via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply silver sparkly base coat.
  3. Apply top coat.
  4. With the help of a small brush and black nail polish draw little hearts on the silver base.
  5. Fill in all the hearts with different colors so that the black outline is still visible.
  6. Apply top coat.

Romantic Gradient In Simple Steps

Source: Marine LP via Youtube

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Apply a baby pink base coat.
  3. Apply liquid latex around your nail.
  4. Use a sponge and three various shades of red to create an ombre effect on your finger.
  5. Press the sponge over the finger.
  6. Remove liquid latex.
  7. Add a heart-shaped stud to the bottom of your fingernail.
  8. Apply top coat.

We hope you enjoy these tutorials and will succeed in their replication with the least of time and effort involved. Do not forget to visit us for some more fresh ideas and pieces of trendy advice!

Main photo by Nailsbyjema