Gel nails have rapidly grown in popularity and are used by many people today. While some ladies use it as a nail extension, a few others use it as a hard top coating to beautify their manicures and make them last longer. Whether you’re looking to get soft liquid gel nails or hard gel extensions, the method to apply and remove gel nails at home is quite easy. With our easy how-to guide, you can make your nails look glossy and perfect for your next outing.


What Is a Gel Manicure?

Before going further, the first question to ask is, what are gel nails? Getting a gel manicure basically means covering your natural nails with a hard or soft gel. They are nails covered with a hard or liquid gel, which basically looks like thick nail polish, and is dried under a LED or UV lamp, to get a hard top nail coating otherwise known as gel nails.


Types Of Gel Nails

There are two types of gel nails; hard gel nails and soft gel nails. The hard gel can be used to make nail extensions because it becomes tough when dried. It is the go-to nail for people who want long and hard nails even if their natural nails don’t have a free edge at all. On the other side, liquid gels stay quite flexible, which makes them unfit for creating nail extensions. Rather, they are used to color and design the nails, instead of increasing their length.

How Much Does Gel Mani Cost?

The cost of getting nails with gel depends on the place you do it as well as the complexity of the design. Some basic mono-coloured gel manicures cost around $35. It’s slightly more than the traditional procedure. Also, hard gel nails cost a lot more than soft gel nails because the former is an extension and requires more time and patience. However, just keep in mind that the prices are fair and you get your worth.


Who Can Get Gel Extensions?

Anyone can get gel extensions but there’s a catch. Your nails can’t be cut too short if you want to get it. It doesn’t need to be too long either but should have a sufficient length such that the gel extension can easily stick to it.

Gel Vs. Acrylic Nails: Similarities And Differences

Comparing gel with acrylic nails would reveal that both nails are quite different, but still share little similarities. What’s more, is that they have respective strengths and weaknesses. The clear difference between both nails is that for acrylic, you use an acrylic powder and a solvent, whereas, for gel, it is made with the help of a liquid gel and a LED or UV lamp. However, both of them can similarly be used to build up the nail plate or strengthen the top layer. Also, acrylic-inspired nails don’t offer a wide range of colors, unlike gel but that doesn’t make them any inferior.


Easy Application Tips to Create Stunning Gel Nails

One of the perks of getting gel nails at home is that you can be experimental and try out different gel nail ideas. Doing this would save you money and could be a means of treating yourself to a me-time. Want to learn how to do gel nails at home? All you have to do is have your gel kit for nails ready and follow the instructions that will be given below. Don’t also forget to prepare a moisturizer and cuticle oil, as they will help in keeping the nails in good condition.
Step-by-step guide:

  • You can start off by clearing your natural nail bed. This is to remove previous nail polish or gel from the bed of your nail and to create a smooth surface.
  • The next step is to prepare your nail form and pop it under the nail. Ensure that it fits closely without any gaps. Secure the back tabs.
  • After you’ve attached all the forms, apply two layers of the gel rubber base coat. Deep your gel brush into the pot with the hard gel and scoop a bead of the gel. Place the bead where your free edge is and butt it up to each side. Pull the gel up to the desired size of the nail.
  • Utilize a UV or LED lamp for the required amount of time, about 30 to 50 seconds, to get the first coat cured. When the first layer is done, remove the forms by pinching them underneath and pulling them down.
  • Take another little scoop of the hard gel and apply it to the nail plate, moving from back to front in painting motions. Put the hand into the UV or LED lamp for curing.
  • Apply the third layer, starting from the cuticle area but moving from side to side this time.
  • Check from every angle to see if the apex is in place correctly. If not, hold your hand upside down for around five seconds. This will create the perfect c-curve.
  • Put your hand inside the UV or LED Lamp for curing.
  • Take off the inhibition layer with the help of the cleanser. Create your perfect nail shape by filling the sidewalls, cuticle area, free edge and the body of the nail.
  • Clear all the dust out with the manicure brush. Check if you’re happy with the shape of the barrel of the nail.
  • Apply a shiny gel top coat and cuticle oil.

How To Remove Gel Nails (How to Safely Remove a Gel Manicure)

Before learning how to take off gel nails, have ready; a gel remover, cotton balls, tin foil and a hand towel. How to remove gel nails at home can be basically done by placing cotton soaked in a gel remover on each fingernail and wrapping a hand towel around it for 15-60 minutes. After which you can remove the gel with a rubber end of a cuticle pusher. Another method involves the usage of acetone but it is a lot harsher and least preferred although it works really well.

Can Gel Manicures Damage Your Nails? (Are Gel Manicures Safe?)

Are gel nails bad for you? Some might ask. Well, as stated above, they don’t damage the nails but just harden your nail beds or serve as a nail extension. Also, try to engage an expert to remove it for you if you can’t remove it yourself as forcefully trying to remove hard gels from your nails might damage your nail bed.


Drip Abstract French Manicure

What are gel nail designs without the French manicure? Incomplete! Having French tips will always be spectacular and can’t go out of style. If you love getting short gel nails with pink, adding a white or silver French tip to it might break the design of your usual pattern. If you want a more daring and bold color, then go for the red shade for a more impressive result.

Half-moon designs on gel powder nails look very simple to attain but there’s a unique flair of beauty about them. The half-moon pattern on your UV gel nails can be designed in any format, and the color could be pastel shades or nude tones. This design has a unique way of fitting into any gel nail shape and length.

Color-blocking Gel Nails

For ladies who love to experiment when it comes to their acrylic gel nails, combining color-blocking tones says a lot about their peculiar taste. On first look, the colors might come off as a little bit odd but that’s where the beauty lies. It’s a unique design to add to your gel builder nails while choosing your signature colors to create a personalized result.


French Gel Nails Designs

For many of you, French tip nails is the definition of class and style, and we have nothing against it. However, when regular French becomes a little too used up – it is time to experiment. Add some bright hues to your gel acrylic nails or spice up the classic white gel nails with rhinestones – the choice is yours!

Gorgeous Glitter Gel Nails

Not everyone is equally fond of glitter hues. However, when it comes to accenting your manicure, glitter may be that irreplaceable accent you need. It does not matter whether you love bold or nude nail design shades, the choice is yours to make. For more convenience, you may opt for the gel press on nails which will be equally effective and charming! If you’re searching for cool inspirations for Christmas gel nails, white and gold glitters definitely suits the festive mood.

Gel Nails Designs with Foil Designs

The introduction of foil into short gel nails art changed it completely. The thing is that adding foil accents to your nails has a powerful ability to transform even the simplest nail art into something more prestige with class. What is more, your foil doesn’t have to be only gold as you’re free to think outside the box and create new designs.


Mesmerizing Marble Gel Nails

Starting off as a new trend, marble nails have gained unimaginable popularity over time. It embodies elegance and the designs can be quite outgoing if you want them to be. Your fresh marble stone accented manicure can be designed with any color and shade, and you can keep it simple or introduce drawings into it. The choice is yours to make!

Fresh Ombre Gel Nails Art

In many cases, ombre is used to grant a manicure that needed a bold and noticeable look. However, since neutral hues are all the rage these days, the notion of cute ombre nails acquired a new twist. Subtle tones combined together are worth every moment and 3D designs could be added to elevate your manicure.

Floral Gel Nails Designs

Gel nail designs look extraordinary when you add some flower patterns to them. Yet, only some appreciate regular floral nail art. That is why we have something entirely different to suggest. The thing is that abstract floral patterns can easily take any nail art to the entirely next level. Gel overlay nails are the best if you don’t want to draw your flowers from scratch.

Gel nails come in various colors and can be tailored to suit any occasion. With lots of designs and nail art ideas available, you can create your desired manicure from your home or with the help of a professional. As long as the nails are taken care of properly and removed without force, you don’t have to be scared of your nails being damaged after using gel on them. We hope the designs provided above would successfully inspire your next manicure.



Do gel nails weaken your nail bed?

A common myth that surrounds wearing gel on the nails is that it is believed to weaken the nail bed. The truth is that they don’t weaken or harm your nail bed, so long as you don’t forcefully try to remove it, especially where you use hard gel to create extensions. For safety purposes, it is advisable to engage the help of a nail technician in removing the nails or taking off the coating. Pay attention to the process and complain where it seems painful or uncomfortable for you

How long do gel nails usually last?

Are you wondering how long do gel nails last? The best thing about this type of nail is its endurance. Regardless of how much you exhaust your fingers and get them involved in lots of activities, your nails would still remain intact. They can survive between 2-3 weeks before you decide to refresh them with the same colour or something new.

Are there cancer risks when you use gel nail polish?

Cancer is a big deal no doubt. Some girls are afraid of being exposed to the UV rays of gel-curing lamps because of the risk of skin cancer. Well, their thoughts are fully justified. This is because there is a proven connection between ultraviolet radiation and oncological diseases and so using UV rays for your gel powder nails might increase the risk of skin cancer.
However, that is not always the case. As a result of the recent advances in the beauty and fashion industry, many companies have switched from UV rays to LED lamp curing, which is a totally safe method for you. Although, if you still prefer to use a UV lamp, you can apply a bit of sunscreen prior to its usage.