It is true that gel manicure becomes more and more popular with every day. There is no wonder why in fact. The thing is that the range of advantages gel nails have to offer it is quite difficult to resist. However, very often the issue arises – which gel nails designs to opt for? They are many, and it may be quite confusing when you need to choose just one design. We decided to make it easier for you and gathered all the best and the trendiest ideas in one place. All you need to do is to choose your next manicure idea!


French Gel Nails Designs

For many of you, French tip nails is the definition of class and style, and we have nothing against it. However, when regular French becomes a little too used up – it is time to experiment. Add some bright hues to your nail art or spice up the classic white tip with rhinestones – the choice is yours!


Gorgeous Glitter Gel Nails

Not everyone is equally fond of glitter hues. However, when it comes to accenting your trendy manicure glitter may be that irreplaceable accent you need. It does not matter whether bold or nude nail design shades you may opt for the result will be as effective and charming!

Gel Nails Designs with Foil Designs

The introduction of transfer foil into short gel nails art changed it completely. The thing is that transfer foil accents have that powerful ability to transform even the simplest nail art into the work of art. What is more, you can use it as your perfectly solid manicure idea with no worsening of the effect!


Mesmerizing Marble Gel Nails

Starting off as a new trend marble nails have gained unimaginable popularity over time. What is more, it seems that this trend is not going to disappear any time soon. That is why we suggest to your attention some fresh marble stone accented manicure ideas. Enjoy!

Fresh Ombre Gel Nails Art

In many cases, ombre is used to grant the manicure that bold and noticeable look. However, since neutral hues are all the rage these days, the notion of cute ombre nails acquired a new twist. See for yourself!


Floral Gel Nails Designs

Gel nails designs look extraordinary when you add some flowers on. Yet, not everyone appreciates the regular floral nail art. That is why we have something entirely different to suggest. The thing is that abstract floral patterns can easily take any nail art to the entirely new level of beautiful.

Gel nails designs are changing and appearing at the speed of light. It may be quite tricky to follow them up on your own. That is why we are reaching out a helping hand together with the freshest gel manicure ideas gathered in one place!