27 Gel Nails Cool Designs For A Fun New Manicure

Gel nails are still all the rage when it comes to nail art. The best thing about them is that they are sturdy and durable. And so versatile, there are literally dozens of gel nails cool designs to dress up your nails with.

If you need ideas for your next gel manicure, look no further. We have some of the hottest designs for you to choose from! You can pin the ones you like best to try yourself at home or to show to your nail stylist on your next visit.

From cute nail designs to trendy nail art, it’s all right here!

Check out these 27 totally hip gel nails cool designs!

Stylish Ombre Nails

Ombre is that one nail art technique which seems to be timeless and there is no wonder why actually, just one thought about the number of gel nails cool designs with ombre makes things obvious. To prove it we advise you pay attention to this marvelous transition from black to pink. Do you still have any doubts as for why ombre is so popular?

Source: strizhaknails via Instagram

Nude Gel Nails Cool Designs With Foil Art

Those of you who are in love with trendy nude designs will surely find this one pretty appealing. The truth is that the combo of neutral hues and silver transfer foil is always a killer one!

Source: strizhaknails via Instagram

Elegant Geometric Nail Design

Geometric patterns are all in when it comes to gen nails cool designs that is why you should not leave this design unappreciated. What is more, despite the strict geometry the combo of gentle shades creates that elegant impression that many look for.

Source: nails_irinamarten via Instagram

Modest Fall Nail Art

When fall knocks on your door, you need to be fully prepared and having a nice manicure idea in mind is always a great thing. That is why we suggest to your attention this subtle green manicure completed with nude accent fingers and perfect leafy stamping.

Source: nails_irinamarten via Instagram

Sparkly Glitter Nails

When you are in need of something over the edge girly, then we may have an idea in mind for you. The thing is that sparkles are feminine and cute, but pink hues take the idea to the whole new level of sweet. See for yourself!

Source: sarahsnailsecrets via Instagram

Amazing Marbled Nails

Marble stone designs are considered to be ones of gel nails cold designs that are on the edge of popularity for a while now. However today we suggest you try out something new since in this manicure marble stone pattern is not the accent while a solid metallic base coat is.

Source: sarahsnailsecrets via Instagram

Chain Nail Art

We think this look is bold and edgy with the golden chain decor The matte pretty black nail polish is stunning.

Source: Baroquen Nails

Polka Dot Mani

The pretty pink base with white polka dots is a colorful choice and the cute little bow on the ring finger is absolutely adorable.

Source: Rara_reid via Instagram

Chrome-a-matic Gel Nails

If you are into coffin nails, you’ll love this solid, bold chrome color that will stand out from the rest!

Source: Esnail_calgary via Instagram

Pastel Ombre Fade

Those with shorter nails can totally rock this subtle fade from white to pretty shades of pastel for a look that’s both demure and stylish.

Source: _hannahweir_ via Instagram

Burgundy and Gold Geometric Nail Art

This deep burgundy base is really glamorous. However, what sets this look apart is the golden geometric designs.

Source: So Nailicious

Flowers and Studs

If you are girly but want a bit of an edge, try this pretty floral design with golden studs to make this look just a bit daring.

Source: christabellnails via Instagram

Gold and Black Marble Art

This look is totally out of this world with its black and glistening gold marble effect.

Source: Notorious_nails_ via Instagram

Golden Coral

Coral is such a pretty color, especially for a fun summer day. These coral nails are fabulous, but we think the gold and white chevron design on two nails makes this look stand out. Add some gold gems to make this look even more stunning.

Source: Trends & Style

Neon Pink and Gold

We think these fun neon pink nails are super cool, but with one finger painted pure sparkly gold, you’ll be the center of attention!

Source: Badgirlnails via Instagram

Donut Delight

These pink nails with yellow, blue, orange and white “sprinkles” look good enough to eat! They are perfect for a fun summertime look.

Source: Goldnails_nailart via Instagram

Chrome Tips

If you are looking for a nail style that’s purely elegant, try this French manicure with a matte black base and thick chrome tips.

Source: Karengnails via Instagram

Delicate Lace Nails

This delicate white lace nail art is perfect for a summer or spring wedding or another formal event. You’ll be the belle of the ball with these pretty and girly nails!

Source: Violetta_ter via Instagram

Pastel Purple and White Mani with Gold Accents

This periwinkle purple is so pretty with the white tips. But the gold accents makes it even more alluring.

Source: Kira_sweet_nails via Instagram

Black and Gold Hearts

Want to show your love? Why not go for these glistening gold hearts on a matte black base?

Source: Amcpolish via Instagram

Speckled Nails

These pretty speckled nails look like a robin’s egg with their dainty splotches of color on a nude base.

Source: Badgirlnails via Instagram

Hearts and Stripes

We love striped nails and they are so versatile. These pretty white and red stripes are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The red accent nail with the shiny tip is to die for!

Source: Live.love.polish via Instagram

Icy Blue Gel Nails

This pretty white to icy blue ombre fade is stunning. The pale blue crystals on the nail bed and glitter along the nail make it look like a snowy winter’s day!

Source: Margaritasnailz via Instagram

Dainty Butterflies

This French mani with black tips and a nude base is already stylish. But the dainty pink butterfly the tip of one finger is totally feminine and chic!

Source: Oooh, Shinies

Sweet Pink

These pink ombre nails are just breathtaking! Add some sequins on the nail beds, and voila!

Source: Melynenailart via Instagram

Ocean Waves

Is your vacation coming soon? This fresh mani in blue and white reminds us of the ocean and summer fun. Go ride those waves, girl!

Source: Pshiiit

Gray and Gold

This matte gray screams sophistication and maturity for those who want to succeed with a clean look and feel of their gel nails cool designs. However, if you throw on some gold accents, you can make this already classy look the epitome of elegance!

Source: Wacky Laki

Have you totally fallen in love with these gel nails cool designs? We think they are absolutely fun and fabulous! Make sure that you remember to pin your favorite designs to show your friends and try them all!

Main photo by sarahsnailsecrets