Gel nails are a real savior these days for all the busy fashionistas, not to mention those with weak natural nails. The thing is that gel nails are pretty hard and not that easy to chip. Besides, they last very long, and that is the detail that matters most. Although not everyone is that skillful as to do a gel manicure at home, more and more women these days are mastering the art. Removal of gel nails is as difficult as their application, if not more. The truth is that if you are looking for the best way of how to safely remove gel nails you should consider going to the salon. Yet, we all know that visiting a salon is not always an option. Thus, how often have you wondered, how do I remove my gel nails at home? Bet dozens of times! That is why today we are going to discuss the safest ways of how to remove gel nails at home. After you are through with this article, you will learn how to remove gel nails not only quickly but with the least damage to your natural nails as well.


Myth or Fact: Does Gel Ruin Your Nails

You may have heard that after some women get their gel nails removed, they find their nails in very poor condition. Thus, they put the blame on the coating. But, does gel ruin your nails? Actually, it is not. If you apply and remove gel polish correctly, then nothing can hurt your nails. However, if you rip off the coating or pick at it, you risk tearing off the top layer or even a piece of your nail. As a result, your nail becomes feeble and fine.

yth or Fact: Does Gel Ruin Your Nails


How Long Does It Take For Your Nails To Heal After Gel

How fast your nails will recover after you get the gel removed depends on the issue you will be facing. If you have noticed that your nail plate is uneven or covered in white spots, then it is most likely that it was damaged as a result of the improper removal. Thus, you should take more precautions when taking off the gel. Also, your nails may start to chip. To deal with this problem, you need to file the free ends of your nails to the length that will be manageable.

Also, you may experience brittleness and dryness. This can be resolved by sufficient hydration and nourishment of both your hands and nails. Use cuticle oil several times a day and apply hand cream before going to bed. About a week later, you will notice a substantial improvement. Remember, consistency is the key to success. As for complete healing, ideally, you will need to wait until your nails fully grow out, which will take around 3-6 months.

How Long Does It Take For Your Nails To Heal After Gel

Simple Way How To Remove Gel Nails That Are Hard

Before you start with the removal, you need to figure out whether hard or soft your gels are. In this chapter, we are going to talk about the safest way of how to remove hard gel nails. Do you also want to know how do you take off gel nails without acetone? Just read on!

Step By Step Remove Gel Nails

  1. To begin with, you should trim your nails first. Use nail clippers to do that.
  2. Now it is time to take out your 80/80 grip nail file. File down the surface of your nail so that you cover all the area evenly.

    It is essential that you wipe all the dust away while filing so that you do not miss the time when your natural nail shows.

  3. When your nail bed starts to show you should change the file to a softer one and file down all the remaining gel.
  4. When you are finished with gel removal, you need to buff your natural nail so that it is smooth and soft.
  5. It is important that you add some cuticle oil and moisturizer to protect your cuticles and nails from dehydration.


Soft Gel Nails – How To Remove Gel Nails

When it comes to soft gel nails, you need to bear it in mind that you should in no case peel or scrape the polish off otherwise you will damage your natural nail. The safest way to avoid such an outcome is to remove your gel nails with the help of acetone or gel remover, and today we will show you how to remove gel nails with acetone.

How Easy It Is To Remove The Gel At Home

  1. You need to start with buffing. The thing is that in order to make the removal process a lot easier you need to break through the top coat layer.
  2. Now soak a cotton ball in acetone and place it over your nail.
  3. Take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around your finger to secure the cotton ball on.
  4. Repeat the procedure with all the nails.
  5. Wait the least 15 minutes until the gel dissolves. It may take a little longer, so make sure you have enough time at hand.
  6. Take off the foil and observe whether the gel is crumbling. If it is not, you need to wait some more.
  7. Use an orange stick or cuticle pusher to remove the gel off your nails.
  8. When the gel is removed, but there is still some residue remaining – simply buff it off.
  9. Use the cuticle oil and moisturizer to hydrate your nails.

There are many ways how to remove gel nails at home however we decided to bring to your attention the two safest ones. Whether you have a soft or hard gel nails on – we will help you learn how to remove them easily and with no damage to the nail bed. With such easy tutorials, you will become a nail artist in no time!