25+ Outstanding Classy Nails Ideas For Your Ravishing Look

Classy nails are definitely a must for every woman. But, these days, when the variety of nail designs is greater than ever it is getting harder with every second to pick just one. There are occasions that simply force you to look nothing but classy. That is exactly the reason why we have gathered here all the perfectly suitable designs for all the events in one place. But, unlike all the other sources we made sure that with our designs your nails will not only look classy but sassy at the same time. Let’s have a closer look!

Classy Nails With French Tips

Among all the nail art designs elegant French nail designs are on the top of the list. But we think that adding a little upgrade to classy French nail designs is never a waste. How about a tiny line of rhinestones on accent finger?

Source: nails_irinamarten via Instagram

Chic Combo: Black & Pink

When going all neutral is not your cup of tea we suggest to your attention a little addition. The combination of black and baby pink looks extraordinary sweet and a simple rhinestone adds the necessary elegance.

Source: aleksa.nail.art via Instagram

Gorgeous V-Design

Plum colored nail designs seem to never go out of style. Yet, spicing this classy combination with a proper V design is definitely a worthy idea.

Source: nogtiinminsk via Instagram

Pretty In Pink

If you are looking for pink nail designs for short nails that we have a perfect suggestion in mind. How about this sweet and elegant blend of sparkles and nude shades?

Source: lerachugunova_nails via Instagram

Elegant Nail Design For Real Ladies

There is a simple way how to make short nails look longer. You may be surprised but the trick lies in the proper outline. For example, this mixture of glossy nail polish and shimmery outline adds that necessary lengths to the nails, that you have been looking for.

Source: victoria_nails_samara via Instagram

Classy Nails With Charming Rhinestones

There are lots of nail designs for long nails but if you are looking for something elegant and charming at the same time, then we may have something in store for you. Have a look yourself!

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram

Fabulous Accent Nail Design

It is true that classy nails 2018 are all about proper accents and simplicity. There is nothing better to emphasize the contrast if black and pastel pink than a nice sparkly accent nail!

Source: kadyntseva_nails via Instagram

Sweet Half Moon Nail Art Design

There are many classy nail designs for short nails but not all of them are as breath-taking as this combination of half-moon design with elegant rhinestones accent.

Source: nails_irinamarten via Instagram

Cute And Classy Nails With Tiny Icons

It may be difficult to choose a proper design for short nails at times. But we think that this combo of simplicity and edginess is worth at least some of your attention.

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Extra Black Nails For Brave Girls

It may seem that there is nothing special about black short nails. Wait until you see what we have got here! There is no way you will think this matte black with the addition of crystal-like rhinestones anything but gorgeous!

Source: home_of_deva via Instagram

Trendy Matte Nail Art Design

There are a lot fancier nail art designs for short nails than you may have even thought. Yet, we present to your attention only the perfect ones!

Source: badgirlnails via Instagram

Beauty Comes In Simple Details

It is true that short nail shapes are less versatile than the ones for long nails. But when it comes to the designs, short nails are definitely not lagging behind. Beauty comes in simplicity, but simple things are extremely versatile!

Source: nogtiinminsk via Instagram

Alluring Lace

Those of you who want their classy nails designs to look perfectly feminine will definitely appreciate the lace combination of black and pink.

Source: yagala via Instagram

Hypnotic Contrast

When it comes to short nails designs you should in no case be afraid of experimentation. Use contrast shades to your advantage and enjoy the spicy result.

Source: mari_lumme via Instagram

Playing Cards Nail Design For Extra Chick Look

Classy nail ideas can be pretty, fun and playful. Why not opt for a card deck for a change?

Source: yagala via Instagram

Adorned Nail Design For Short Nails

Still wondering how to design fingernails? Have a look at this perfect and gorgeous combo of nude and black adorned with rhinestones!

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Shining Rhinestone Accent For Adorable Mani

Simple nail designs can look elegant and gorgeous without going over the edge. All you need to do is to combine a pastel matte shade with a rhinestone accent nail. As simple and as perfect as that!

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Abstract Deep Green Design

If you are looking for cool nail ideas, you have come to the right place. Abstract green nail art looks quite juicy and extraordinary without looking too extravagant, don’t you think?

Source: nails_irinamarten via Instagram

Perfect Black Classy Nails

All the nail designs for short nails with the involvement of matte black and some negative space look stunning and supreme!

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Cobalt Blue Nail Art To Break The Routine

Not all elegant nail polish colors should be neutral or muted. Vibrant shades can look elegant as well. Just look at this mesmerizing cobalt blue temptation!

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Strict Lined Nail Art

There are lots of possibilities to be pulled off with medium nails. Yet, in case you need something classy but quite strict, use some geometric lines to your advantage!

Source: sveta_sanders via Instagram

Cherry Bomb

The combination of coral polka dots and the nude base is super cute and easy to create. For a final look add some golden charms like this dazzling cherry embellishment.

Source: nailsbydaniellet via Instagram

Pretty In Pink

This ombre in light colors looks feminine and elegant. Some details such as negative space and pink rhinestones add some individuality.

Source: sveta_sanders via Instagram

Sparkly Triangles

Bold black and glitter is one of the most popular combinations. Adding triangle lines makes your manicure severely and keenly.

Source: solo_nails via Instagram

Bronze Art Deco

The bronze pattern shimmers gorgeous over the smooth pink polish. Simple shapes create very structured designs. It’s a beautiful manicure for any occasion!

Source: nailsbydaniellet via Instagram

Simple Geometry

Don’t you want to spend a lot of time on the manicure? Try this ultra-trendy design with geometric patterns on accent nails. It is beauty in details!

Source: semerikovanails via Instagram

Golden Line

What can make a classical pale pink manicure more fresh and trendy? You will definitely like this design with a thin shiny gold line on a matte base.

Source: nails_brand via Instagram

We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!

Main photo by Lerachugunova_nails