The most peculiar thing about tribal nails is that they are all about the details. Due to this peculiarity, it seems that they are extremely difficult to replicate, especially at home. Yet, that is the false impression since the combination of various dots, stripes, and swirls is what creates the pattern. And we will prove it to you today.


What is so special about diy nails you may wonder? Well, that feeling of being proud of yourself may be it, what do you think?

Easy Tutorial for Tribal Nails

Tribal patterns are these cute easy nail designs that you should try out at least once.

  1. Start with a pale green base, or any other you like.
  2. Wipe off the dark green nail polish brush.
  3. Add up some slight strokes of dark green to the pale base.
  4. Apply top coat.
  5. Add two vertical black stripes to your pointer finger.
  6. With the dotting tool, add small dots in the middle of the stripes.
  7. To each side of vertical stripes add small horizontal lines.
  8. Paint a black triangle on your middle finger.
  9. Create a black triangular pattern in the middle of your fingernail.
  10. Paint a black triangle on your ring finger fingernail.
  11. Add five vertical lines of different length to the triangle.
  12. Add a small dot on top of each line.
  13. Paint two thick horizontal lines on your pinkie.
  14. Connect the horizontal lines with vertical ones from the top and the bottom of your nail.
  15. Fill in the spare spaces with V-shapes.
  16. Fill in the V-shapes with dots.
  17. Apply top coat.


DIY Tribal Nails Pattern on Holo Base

DIY Nails Amazing Tribal Pattern on Holo Base

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Working on tribal nails is always fun. There is nothing too complex about them but the result is always outstanding. Would you dare to try it out?