The cat eye nails trend is seeing a resurgence these days and we cannot be any happier about it. The manicure design you get with the help of a magnetic nail polish is so gorgeous that it makes everyone stand in awe. If you did not have enough of it last time, then you may find this news more than exciting. Time to book an appointment with your nail tech. No worries, we will help you with the best ideas.


What are cats eye nails?

Cat eye nails are a trend in manicure that suggests creating a line that goes horizontally, vertically or diagonally across your nail center. As the design mimics a real cat eye, it can be created in many different ways.


How is cat eye nails done?

To achieve the cat eye effect, you need to use a magnetic nail polish. There are iron particles in it, which can shift close to the magnet when you hold it near your nail. As such, you get a beautiful pattern that looks like the cat’s eye.

Are cat eye nails still in style?

The cat eye manicure is back in fashion. This nail style is one of those trends that do not disappear completely. Yet, for some period, it was a bit less popular than before. But recently, it has made a comeback and now it is one of the most requested mani styles.


How does Tiger eye nail polish work?

The tiger eye manicure was inspired by the popular cat eye nail style. The main difference is that for tiger eye nails, you need to use a black nail polish as a base and then follow up with a magnetic nail polish in a gold or yellow color.

What is the difference between cat eye and velvet nails?

A cat eye mani and velvet nails are quite different. To get cat eyes on your nails, you need to apply a special magnetic nail polish to the black or dark base. A velvet manicure implies painting your nails with a top coat that will give them a velvety finish. Which base you are going to use does not really matter.


Black Cat Eye Nails

Black cat eye nails are one of the most common options and no wonder. The thing is the cat eye effect comes out more prominent on a dark base. So, what can be better than a plain black base? Plus, you can decorate your black nails with an elaborate design and not worry that it will turn out too much.

Pink Cat Eye Nails

In case red cat eye nails seem overly bold and daring for you, try a softer option, such as a pink cat eye mani. While it is slightly less impactful, it still draws attention to your nails. Plus, it is very girlie and romantic. So, if you are looking for a Valentines Day nails manicure idea, you can never go wrong with a pink cat eye nails design.

Blue Nails With Cat Eye Effect

Blue cat eye gel nails are absolutely stunning. The manicure looks so captivating with them that you will not be able to take your eyes off your nails. To get the needed effect, it is better to take a dark blue base and create the cat eye nail designs with a light blue magnetic polish.


Purple Nails with Cat Eye Effect

If you want a really unique and personalized manicure style, consider purple cat eye nails. For some reason, a purple color is often underestimated for this manicure design, so we are here to restore justice. You can rest assured that purple cateye nails will not go unnoticed. So, get ready to collect compliments left, right and middle.

Gold Cat Eye Nails

With a gold cat eye nail polish, you will be able to create an upgraded version of the design, which is the tiger eye nails. The combination of colors reminds you of the tiger’s eyes, hence the name. And even more than that, gold cat eye nails have an incredibly chic and luxurious feel. So, whenever you need to look your best, this manicure is your sure bet.

Green Cat Eye Nail Designs

What not to love about the green cat eye manicure? It is unusual, striking and captivating. Besides, no matter what shade of green you are going to pick out, you are sure to get a fantastic result. There are plenty of green cat eye nails options to choose from, starting from mint green and ending with emerald or pine green.


Shimmery Cat Eye Manicure

It is actually up to you to decide how to do cat eye nails – they can be created with the help of nail art or using a cat eye nails magnetic polish. The latter gives you the most jaw dropping result thanks to the metallic particles that it contains. Not only do they come up to the surface, giving an impression of the cat eye, but they also add a shimmery finish to your mani.

Cat Eye Accent On Nails

You do not always need to cover all your nails with a cat eye gel polish. Sometimes, a low key accent on one or two fingers is more than enough. As the mani style comes out pretty moderate, you can even sport it to work or semi formal events. Yet, be prepared that your nails are going to be the center of attention.

Cat Eye Accent On Nails

Mix And Match Nails With Cat Eye Effect

Do not be afraid to mix and match different cat eye colors in one mani. In addition to being unbelievably attractive, this is also a great way of self expression. Besides, you can end up with a new manicure design every time, as the number of combinations is almost endless.

Now that we have infused you with a dose of inspiration on cat eye nails, you should not ask for the same old nail design on your next manicure appointment. We are sure your nail technician will be happy to bring to life the options that appealed to you most. And whenever you need a fresh nail design, do not hesitate to check our guide for new ideas.