All beauty trends come and go and nail polish colors are no exception. There are shades that are considered incredibly fashionable while others will make your manicure look like a blast from the past. If you do not want that to happen, feel free to make good use of our guide. We have collected the hottest nails polish trends so that you would always be able to get a dose of inspiration whenever you need one.


Clear Nail Polish

With the clean girl trend taking over social media, it comes as no surprise that a clear nail polish has become one of the most popular manicure choices for this season. Opting for it, you may rest assured that your nails are going to look appropriate in any ambiance and situation. Besides, you will not have to google how to get nail polish out of clothes since it is totally invisible. So, it is a failsafe option for girls who usually do not have the patience to wait until their nail polish is completely dry.


Goth Manicure Ideas

Fans of the goth manicure must be thrilled – it has made a huge comeback lately and does not seem to go away anytime soon. However, to pull it off, you do not have to put on a goth outfit or become a member of the subculture. You may simply get away with a black nail polish. Moreover, there is no need to paint your every nail black. Why don’t you get a Pleasing nail polish set and recreate the signature Harry Styles nail polish look?

Moss Green Nail Polish

Earthy nail polish colors are still at the peak of their popularity. So, you can never go wrong with them. A mossy dark green nail polish is very empowering and can even make you feel a special connection with nature. If this is what you are aiming for, do not hesitate to stock up on natural nail polish colors.


Suede Manicure

Tired of a cream and jelly nail polish? Why not try to experiment with finishes? A suede manicure will give your nails a velvety flair, which not only looks eye pleasing, but also feels very comforting. Besides a suede finish gives your manicure a royal vibe. So, it is a perfect option for anyone who needs to look their best for some important event.

French Tip Nails

A French manicure is a classic that will never go out of fashion. Yet, unlike its traditional version, it suggests the application of white nail polish to the very tip of your nail. The line should not cover the whole free end space. It should only be a millimeter or so wide. if you are worried that you will not be able to create a sharp narrow line freehanded, you may enlist the help of nail polish strips.


Classic Red Manicure

Red is one of those nail polish ideas that look flattering on anyone and in every ambiance. As such, go for it any time you are in doubt about your nail polish choice. A red nail polish also has a great number of shades, so it will not be that difficult to pick out the one that works for you best.

White Nail Polish Designs

White nails becomes very trendy during the summertime. But you should be careful with it as it might be a little bit tricky while applying. Add some flower nail designs or make one nail sparkly – there you go!

Pink Nail Polish for Any Season

Light pink nails are perfect for sweet feminine manicure. Pick a light pink base with tiny flowers or leaves, and you will be a sweet angel in a flesh with such nails.


Blue Nails Polish Colors

People who choose blue nails color usually want to prove that they have a strong point. Dark or light blue nail art with accent will suit best for such a purpose.

Gray Nails Style

A gray nail color is so underrated. Meanwhile, it has replaced nude nails, giving your manicure more interest and impact. Besides, there are so many gray shades that you will be able to find a suitable option for your preferences with ease. Match its undertone to your skin tone, outfit or even mood to end up with a unique nail color style.

Bright Ombre Nails Ideas

Cute ombre nails are one of the most popular and the easiest to replicate at home. It is up to you if it is a bright tropical-colored ombre or the classical red and black nails with few sparkles.


Metallic and Chrome Nail Polish Colors

If you thought that chrome nails have gone into oblivion, we are here to prove you wrong. They are still one of the coolest nail polish trends out there. To pull off the look, you may employ a holographic nail polish with a chrome finish or apply a special powder to gel or shellac nails. No matter what approach you are going to choose, you can rest assured that your manicure will look stunning.

Luxurious Nude Nail Polish

Do you want your manicure to give off a luxurious vibe? A nude manicure is your surefire option. A nude mani is a perfect addition to any outfit and it never looks off. Plus, it makes your nails visually look longer, which is extremely beneficial for those who prefer to wear their nails short and generally do not have long nail beds.

Now that you know what nail polish colors are in fashion at the moment, it is time to book an appointment with your nail technician. Make sure to discuss the desired shade with them and check if they have it on offer. If not, you may need to take care of it in advance so that you leave the nail salon with the manicure color you wish.