There are so many nail polish colors nowadays that it gets harder with each day to pick one for your next mani. The summer is few days away, and we want to be ready for it. That is why we decided to drop you few ideas for your next summer manicure. We hope you enjoy it!


Nude Nail Polish Color

Nude nail design and colors are popular no matter what season is outside. Besides keeping your nails neutral, it will help you fit in everywhere. And a golden contour will bring your trendy nails even to a higher level.


White Nail Polish Designs

White nails becomes very trendy during the summertime. But you should be careful with it as it might be a little bit tricky while applying. Add some flower nail designs or make one nail sparkly – there you go!

Pink Nail Polish for Any Season

Light pink nails are perfect for sweet feminine manicure. Pick a light pink base with tiny flowers or leaves, and you will be a sweet angel in a flesh with such nails.


Blue Nails Polish Colors

People who choose blue nails color usually want to prove that they have a strong point. Dark or light blue nail art with accent will suit best for such a purpose.

Gray Nails Style

Grey is the best color if you are looking for something calm and peaceful for your winter nails. Grey nails with French tips are the best option in this case.


Bright Ombre Nail Polish Ideas

Cute ombre nails are one of the most popular and the easiest to replicate at home. It is up to you if it is a bright tropical-colored ombre or the classical red and black nails with few sparkles.

Nail Polish Colors with Metallic

What can make you shine as bright as diamond without wearing one? Metallic nail polish can! Be it different shades of blue or a shy rose-pink nail polish – the result will be brilliant!

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