Almond shaped nails are a classic and universally beloved nail shape that has stood the test of time in the world of nail artistry. These nails are characterized by their tapered, slender sides that gently curve to a rounded point at the tip, resembling the shape of an almond. This graceful and elegant nail shape has been a favorite among fashion-forward individuals for decades and for good reason. Almond nail shape serves as an excellent canvas for nail art and designs. Their extended surface area allows for intricate detailing, from delicate floral patterns to geometric designs and gradient colors. From our list of nail designs, discover which design works best for you and any upcoming occasion!


How are Almond Nails Different From Other Nail Shapes?

How are almond shaped nails different from other nail shapes? It is the first thing we need to discuss before we proceed with almond nails designs. A nail in the shape of an almond is somewhat slender on both sides and also wide at its base. And it looks like an actual almond.

Why almond shape nail designs? Well, firstly, this shape provides much space for creativity. And secondly, almond shaped acrylic nails are quite practical – you won’t break them as easily as, for instance, stiletto nails. The almond shape is a classic shape that is suitable to go with every length and design. And on our part, we will help you discover trendy almond nail designs suitable for your new favorite nail shapes.


Milky Green

Source: lenavitch.nailz

Are you thinking of what almond shaped nail designs to get this summer without having to add floral patterns? This milky green shade is a lot of celebrities’ favourite and could be yours too. Essie’s milky green shade might just be your lucky charm so pair it with an orange polish from Dior and you’re definitely set for summer! Instead of drawing patterns to your milky green base, add one or two rhinestones to your nails for a classic finish.

Are almond shaped nails flattering?

What do almond shaped nails mean?

Are almond nails attractive?

Who looks good with almond nails?

Burgundy Aura

Source: lenavitch.nailz

If you’re a fan of aura almond nail designs, then this burgundy tone would bring you a sense of warmth and depth. Incorporate marbling techniques using shades like burgundy, deep purple, or even nude pink. This marbling effect adds an ethereal quality to your nails, resembling the intricate patterns of auras. Add a touch of opulence to your burgundy almond nails by incorporating silver accents. Consider silver foil, glitter, or metallic accents from DeBelle for a luxurious twist.


Matte Pastel French

Source: solovey_nail_art

Let your nails burst in colors with these eye-catching French almond nail designs. Colors can often be used to represent one’s mood so if you want your spring to be full of excitement why not consider pastel colors? Think of pastel nail polish like green, yellow, purple, pink and even orange from Dior or Chanel. For a French-inspired look, you can use a darker shade to slightly cover the tips of your nails and you’re ready to face your day ahead!

Aqua Green Almond Nails

Source: solovey_nail_art

For a beach-themed look, how about covering your almond nails in any aquatic green shade from Essie? This color not only reminds you of the waters you see at the beach but brings it to life at your fingertips. For a more distinct look, incorporate 3D effects of water droplets on your nails and you’re sure to have all the attention.


Neon Green Short Almond Nails

Source: solovey_nail_art

Do you love having black almond nails? Instead of making black the base color, how about making things a little bit bright and different? Just like Hailey Bieber’s neon green glow-in-the-dark nails, you also can have neon green as the base of your almond nails. And for the love of black, make use of OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx to draw any pattern on your short almond nails.

Nude Pink

Source: riornails

Nude pink almond nail designs are a style that never seems to go out of style. On your almond nails, it enhances the natural curvature of your fingers, creating a visually elongated and graceful look. If you love yourself a white almond nail, then this pale pink would be quite satisfying. This time around, we’re keeping things minimal and simple, so grab OPI Infinite Shine Nail lacquer to get this desired pale pink with hints of white. The addition of a few tiny pearls to your nails would make it perfect for a wedding event.

Caramel Color Nails

Source: kangannynails

Caramel is a warm, earthy color that resembles the delicious confection it’s named after. It exudes a sense of coziness and sophistication, making it a fantastic choice for nail art. You can simply paint this color on your nails if you have natural almond shaped nails. Thinking of a Thanksgiving nail design, then think caramel! This versatile shade complements a wide range of skin tones and can be incorporated into various nail designs. There are various caramel shades so you might want to do a little research on which fits you best. For a quick recommendation, Beetles and Essie have one of the best shades.


Royal Blue Aura

Source: kangannynails

Just like ombre almond nail designs, aura nails are quite popular and various designs have been seen on celebs like Cardi B and Dua Lipa. Designing your cute almond shaped nails with royal blue allows your nails to stand out with an air of regal elegance. Blue can fit almost any season and complement your outfit for almost any event. So stop dawdling and allow your nails to evoke the feeling of power, confidence and opulence. For a glitter-like effect, add a little silver foil and maybe tiny stones to your manicure.

Lemon Yellow and Lavender Mani

Source: kangannynails

Lemon yellow is no doubt a color that screams the beautiful season of fall. So when you think of fall almond nail designs, think of designs involving this cool and delicate color. Pair this awesome shade with Essie’s Soft Cherry Blossom purple or any other lavender shade. You might want to add glitters to keep them from looking simple and plain.

Sky Blue Almond Nails

Source: kangannynails

Brighten up your day with this almond design inspired by the bright sky on a wonderful afternoon. Just like your usual classic French nails, paint your nail base with any shade of nude pink from Chanel that would complement OPI retro summer light blue polish. Have the blue shade added to your nail tips and for a finishing touch, add little white accents like clouds or stars.


Timeless Nudes Almond Shaped Nails

Nude almond acrylic nails will never go out of style, and that is a fact. Why? Well, soft peach, coffee and pink almond nails are never inappropriate because these hues are natural. Plus, manicures in such shades are not difficult to maintain. The addition of a little nude nail design on your cute almond shaped nails is all that’s needed for a classy result. The nude almond shape nail is best paired with subtle designs that don’t outshine the concept of your manicure.

Elegant White Almond Shaped Nails

Those who think that almond nail designs are gaudy have not tried painting them white. This pure, unobstructed color will make any manicure look elegant and sophisticated. What is more, is that white almond nails allow for the most intricate nail designs, including elaborate patterns, multi-size rhinestones and other adornments. The white marble concept is among popular almond nail designs and has been a great choice for a lot of ladies.

Blue Shades For Your Almond Shaped Nails

Blue offers us a big number of miraculous hues, from sky blue to deep blue and even glittery blue. It’s a fun shade to consider when searching for almond shape nail ideas. Experiment and mix the right hues and textures to produce cool summer trendy almond nail designs. For more depth, the inclusion of stones and glitters goes a long way in complementing simple almond nail designs.


Sexy Red Almond Shaped Nails

Red almond nails are always associated with self-confidence and sex appeal. And that’s exactly what is in trend this season. The best thing is that you can sport red acrylic nails designs disregarding your nail shape and length – such nail lacquer will embellish any nails. If you do decide on red short almond nails, given the intense tone, you can introduce warm colors to make your nails appear less intimidating.

Sweet Pink Almond Shaped Nails Color

If you are tired of dark or heavy shades then light pink almond nails might just be the answer you need. You will no doubt create cute almond nail designs with this tone but who doesn’t love cute things? A little flower on your pink almond nail for summer or food arts to show your appreciation for a particular snack is an uncommon design you don’t get to see around. From recent TikTok trends, almond shaped acrylic nails with pink hues are a must-have.

Orange Hues for Almond Shaped Nails

Pink is no doubt very girly and this could be why some ladies run away from such cute almond nails. On the other hand, orange has a more mature appeal in almond shaped nail designs. If you’re interested in bright colors, orange hues work well with long almond nails. They remind you of chilled orange juice you could take after a walk under the hot summer sun.


Gold and Silver Accents On Almond Shaped Nails

Add some gold or silver accents if you wish for your almond shaped French tip nails to become more glammed up. Silver accents are perfect if you don’t wish to go wild with your short almond nail but still don’t want something boring. For gold accents, it adds the perfect spark to create classy almond nail designs.

Green Almond Shaped Nails

Although green is considered to be the color of envy, when it comes to green almond nails, that statement refers to those looking at your manicure. Whether you prefer a pastel tone or something on the darker side, like the metallic green almond shaped fall nails below, you’re definitely going to draw attention and make people go green with envy!

Sunshine Yellow Almond Shaped Nails

This manicure will surely make you stand out in the crowd. The bright, almost neon yellow nail color is a real eye magnet. If you are dreading that it is going to look a little too much on your almond shaped nail ideas, then consider balancing it out with a subdued or neutral color. On top of that, you can use yellow to accentuate a couple of summer almond nails, so that they will not look too flashy. The yellow and grey ombré almond nails is a good example!


Lavender Shades For Almond Shaped Nails

Being one of the most flattering nail colors for literally any nail shape, lavender looks especially enchanting on short almond shaped nails. It is the golden bridge between a nude manicure and something more flamboyant, thus working as a perfect option for any occasion, from casual to quite formal. If you want it as a quick fix, you can get an almond shaped press on nails.

Beige And Cognac Almond Shaped Nails

As almond nails are already quite pronounced, it is not necessary to adorn them with a bright color to draw attention to your manicure. Rather, opt for shades that will look complementary to both your nail shape and skin tone. And it is hard to choose a better option than beige and cognac. Making your almond shaped natural nails cozy and refined, these two shades call for an eye-catching nail design.

Winter Grey Almond Shaped Nails

A grey color can enhance the beauty of many nail shapes, almonds included. Grey passes the beauty vibe check and will make your manicure dress-code-passing. Also, if you wish for a more mesmerizing effect, you can add some gem accents or silver or gold paper foil.


Classic Black Almond Shaped Nails Colors

As we observed the runway trends, we noticed that this season, designers and nail artists embraced the darkness and cold by turning to black as a major theme in the hottest nail designs. Black almond nails will leave you wanting more while accentuating your appearance. Just like white, they work well with any other shade but for a better result, bright tones would be the right call.

Almond Shaped Nails With Two Mix Colors

If you like to keep things simple but real, picking two colors that work well in harmony would turn out better than you expect on almond shaped nails. This is the case, especially when opting for an ombré design and you need the tones to blend in smoothly. For instance, the matte black and pink almond nails below need no extra flair to create such a classy look.

Almond shaped nails have taken the forefront in the nail industry thanks to their versatility and it just keeps getting better. Known to suit anyone, this nail shape is the first choice of a lot of women looking to make a statement with their manicures. You can effortlessly incorporate any trendy design into this nail shape and look your best. So don’t think twice and screen through our list of designs to try out!


What do almond shaped nails mean?

They are quite feminine and represent modern nail trends among women

What is the difference between oval and almond nails?

Although both nail shapes are almost similar, they still have distinctive differences. The curve of oval nails is much wider than that of almond nails and the tip is much blunter. Almond nails on the other hand have an almost sharp tip, it’s hard to miss it.

What is the difference between almond and round nails?

Round nails are more similar to oval nails but the tip of your nail is almost like the curve of the segment of a circle. But for almond nails, the tip is more defined and elongated with slender sides.

What is the most feminine nail shape?

An oval or almond shape is very feminine and fun to experiment with various colors.


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