40 Terrific Nude Nail Design Ideas You Can’t Pass By

What is a nude nail design? Mostly, that is something that is considered to be modest by most of us. And that would be a nice suggestion if we lived in the 40’s, but these days everything changed. Nude nail art is not the exception. In order not to waste your time, we are going to show you the ways you haven’t imagined nude nails can look. Enjoy the endless scrolling entertainment!


Nude Nails With Silver Glitter Ombre Design

The combination of nude hues and silver sparkly ombre is surely the classiest but it looks unbelievable sweet and charming, we have to admit it.

Source: tonysnail via Instagram

Charming Nude Manicure With Gold Glitter Ombre

The addition of gold glitter to your nude manicure is the safest way to take your nail art from simple to elegant without taking it over the edge. See for yourself!

Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

Beige Nails With Stones Design

There are countless ways how you can experiment with stones and nude nail art hues. For example, this reverse ombre with stones looks extremely charming and sweet not to mention pretty simple in application.

Source: nailsbymztina via Instagram

Nude Nail Design With Abstract Accent

Source: sveta_liber_nail via Instagram

Fancy Stars Nail Art

Source: nail_sunny via Instagram

Amazing Dotted Nails

Source: nailsmade via Instagram

Marble Nail Art

Source: safinailstudio via Instagram

Nude Nails With Rainbow French

Source: sveta_liber_nail via Instagram

Geometric Nude Nail Design

Source: id_nails_space via Instagram

Glamourous Coffin Nails Design

Coffin nail shape is quite bold and daring on its own that is why some ladies decide not to take it even further and opt for a nude-shaded manicure. In case this is about you, we suggest you upgrade your coffin nails with a sweet combo of glitter and nude nail polish.

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Delicate Flowers Nude Nails

To make your nails look pretty, we suggest you add some hamdmade art together with matte finish to the design. We are sure you will like this.

Source: safinailstudio via Instagram

Glossy Almond Nude Nail Design

Almond nails look great in all shades, but there is something special about nude- shaded manicure and this shape. If you are looking for a gentle and perfect manicure, this may be your best choice.

Source: shabalina_nails via Instagram

Nails With Beautiful Flower Accent

It is true that nude is the shade of elegance and style. You can upgrade your nude nails with a some cute flowers.

Source: safinailstudio via Instagram

Delicate Manicure With Silver Strip

Many women when looking for perfect manicure think of something delicate and feminine. If you are one of those in search, then we have a gorgeous idea in mind for you. We are sure that you will fall in love with this design from the first glance.

Source: want_nail_studio via Instagram

Shimmering Nude Nails With White Flower Design

Shimmery nude nails look marvelous on their own. However, a nice gently floral stamping will take your manicure to the whole new level.

Source: whatsupnails via Instagram

Coffee Milk Nails Color

Coffee milk shade is not so far from being a nude one, so you can try it.

Source: manicurology via Instagram

Simple Nude With Stars Accent

Nude nails with a white stars accent can make together a terrific nude nail design that many of you would like to show off on a daily basis.

Source: nailsrnd via Instagram

Matte Nude Nails Top With Feline Print

Animalistic prints are very popular these days. However, when you think about a feline print you can barely imagine it being referred to as neutral. But, there is always a way out, the thing is that the combination of nude base and feline print ombre won’t stand out too much but still will carry its charm and taste.

Source: moyou_london via Instagram

Geometric Nails Design For Two-Tone Color

Geometric patterns are on the edge of glory these days. However, when a bold geometric manicure is not your cup of tea, you can easily try to pull it off in neutral shades. Here is an excellent example for you to replicate.

Source: shabalina_nails via Instagram

Beige Nails Foil Accent

It may seem that there is nothing special about this neutral manicure with transfer foil ombre. As you can see you do not have to be too bold to look extraordinary.

Source: mindal_studio via Instagram

Neon Dotted Pattern For Nude Nails

The easiest technique to create unforgettable manicure is surely dotticure. A neon dotted accent will always be a great addition to perfectly nude and gently base.

Source: id_nails_space via Instagram

White-Pink Matte Nails

Very often the combination of white and pink shades only for a bold combination. But, this case is undoubtedly an exception to the rule. See for yourself!

Source: id_nails_space via Instagram

Chic Nails With Simple Stones Design

Nude nails and stones suit those of you who like to appear irresistibly elegant no matter what. One look at this combination of matte or shimmery designs combined together will make you realize that perfection exists.

Source: nail_sunny via Instagram

Elegant French Nails Design

When simple French becomes a little bit boring we suggest you experiment a little. The thing is that French mani looks extremely gorgeous with the addition of glitter with no loss of its elegance and class.

Source: id_nails_space via Instagram

Sweet Nude Nails With Gold Ruffian Accent

Sometimes a perfect accent is all that you need to create unbelievable stunning nail art. In this case, the combo of pale pink base and gold outline is simply a killer one!

Source: rudman_nailstudio_nsk via Instagram


Nude Nails Design With Flowers And Negative Space

Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

Colorful Nail Art With Smiles

Source: nailditbyalyssa via Instagram

Rose Gold Quartz With Marble Technique On Nude Nails

Source: nailthoughts via Instagram

Gorgeous Nails With Stamping Trees

Source: safinailstudio via Instagram

Beauty Flowers Accent On Nude Nail Design

Source: safinailstudio via Instagram

Minimalist Nails Design

Source: safinailstudio via Instagram

Nude Nails Design With Lovely Dandelion

Source: whatsupnails via Instagram

Pretty Tribal Nails Design

Source: moyou_london via Instagram

Pastel Blue Ombre Nails

Source: mariapro.nails via Instagram

Lovely Nude Nails With Heart Accent

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Delicate Flower Nail Design

Source: rudman_nailstudio_nsk via Instagram

Trendy Minimalist Nails

Source: id_nails_space via Instagram

Simple But Amazing Nude Nails

Source: shabalina_nails via Instagram

Pretty Nude With Glass Design

Source: tonysnail via Instagram

Pearly Nails With Beige Gradient

Source: anastasiya.kalesnik via Instagram

When you start looking for perfect nude nail design, it may seem that the list is endless. To tell you there truth, that is practically true but we managed to gather only the best neutral nail art ideas in one place. We hope you enjoy!

Main photo by shabalina_nails