Prom nails are the important elements of your perfect prom outfit. That is why while choosing your nails for formal occasions such as your prom there are a lot of things to be considered. Your dress is definitely the most important of those things. To make your life a little easier we have gathered a nice compilation of fresh nail colors to match various prom dresses. Anything on the scale from classic red nails to nude-shaded and upgraded ones is covered. Take your pick!


Spring Nails for Prom Red Dress

Red is the shade of passion, and there is nothing wrong with adding some of it to your holiday look. A nice, sleek, and long red dress will go well with a muted manicure, think nude nails for prom with white laced patterns, for example.

Those of you who are looking for prom nails for a red dress should pay attention to red. Red shades go well with each other, yet we would rather attract your attention to shades a few tones darker than a dress. If that is not for you, then you must consider nude shades to complete your look. Adding a little sparkle to the nude nails for prom would not be a waste. Such a subtle manicure will leave all the attention to the dress.


Prom Nails For Blue Dress

Blue is indeed a royal shade that is why choosing it as your prom dress color is already a win. Add some lace to your dress, and you will look like a real queen. Do not forget about the nails, though; trendy holographic nail swill suits the blue dress perfectly.

Prom nails for the blue dress will look irresistible if you opt for metallic shades. Dark metallic like black suits blue properly, but in case it is too harsh you can always try out silver metallic. What is more, if neither options suit you think about deeper shades, such as plum or wine red, surely something will come to your liking.

Prom Nail Ideas For Burgundy Dress

Burgundy is a very rich shade and choosing a floor-length dress of this shade for your prom celebration is a wise and trendy suggestion. A same-shaded prom nail ideas will only intensify the magic of your look.

Prom nails for burgundy dress are as versatile as all the others. The thing is that with burgundy-shaded dress your manicure is bound to look as deep and mesmerizing. That is why black prom nails with the touch of glitter or the same equivalent in dark red hues will be more than suitable. But if going dark is not about you – you can reflect all the beauty of your dress with the help of nude-shaded mani.


Prom Nails For White Dress

White is the color of elegance and femininity that is why if you are looking for something to emphasize your beauty and innocence there would be no better choice than a white prom dress. We suggest you spice it up with blue metallic prom nail ideas.

The white dress is all about sweetness and femininity, but that does not mean that you should go over the edge and add white manicure to it. It is better to opt for something that will reflect all that gentleness of the dress. Royal blue nail designs are perfect to suit the role, but grey or coral nails will deal with the task as perfectly.

Nail Colors for Pastel Prom Dresses

Pastel shades are still on the edge of popularity that is why choosing a lavender-colored dress would be a stylish choice. Light formal nails with some sparkle to it would suit your look like nothing else!

Playing around with nail shades for pastel-colored dresses may be tricky sometimes. The thing is that glittery nail designs suit pastel shades as perfectly as pearly ones and creamy. If you do not wish to play around with contrast that it is quite safe to choose a nail color that is only two shades deeper than your dress.


Prom Nails For Graphic Dresses

When the even-toned dress is not your cup of tea, then graphic dresses come to the rescue. Floral patterns are always on the edge of popularity that is why a floral dress combined with flower nails ideas will suit each other magically.

You need to be careful with graphic dresses. Because if you opt for a floral print, then your nails do not need more cuteness and need to be bold – think matte burgundy. But animal prints will go well with glitter that is for sure.

Prom Nails For Black Dress

Little black dress is classy and never seems to go out of fashion. That is why if you want to add some elegant and classic vibe to your prom look you better choose strapless, feminine-like black dress and spice it up with an elegant red prom nails.

Prom nails for black dress are a lot more versatile than you could ever imagine. There is no need of wondering ‘what color nail polish should I wear with a black dress’ anymore! Black prom nails can be left behind for a while. We suggest you pay attention to gold homecoming nails instead. They will add that necessary sparkle to your outfit. If sparkly is not your cup of tea, then any shade of red will do. The thing is that red is the classiest shade to match with black and they reflect each other well. Think about it!

We hope these nails for prom come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!