Chrome nail polish is the latest trend nowadays. These eye-catching nail designs are also called mirror nails. They are so shiny and so bright that you will immediately want them. The mirror manicure is this season’s must-have. There are several ways how you can achieve it — metallic nail wraps, chrome nail polish, or special pigmented powder. See the most gorgeous ideas here.


Colorful Chrome Nail Polish

If you think that chrome nail polish only comes in one shade, we are here to prove you wrong. There are tons of chrome nail polish colors out there, from subdued and monochrome to bright and colorful. The latter takes your chrome mani to the next level of boldness, as it looks even more striking and attention-grabbing.


Gentle Mani With Chrome Nail Polish

Those who prefer a low-key and moderate nail style can pull off a chrome mani too. Just opt for pastel nail polish colors with a chromic finish, such as pearly white, pink or yellow. This nail style will be appropriate for any ambiance, from casual to professional, without looking dull and boring.

Chrome Nails With Another Accents

What makes a chrome manicure one of the best nail polish options for a modern lady is the fact that it allows for various accents. So, you can team it with intricate nail designs, rhinestones or a complementary nail polish color for a bold and high-contrast look of your nails.


Super-Shiny Mirror Chrome Nails

The best nail polish reflects light like a mirror. There are hundreds of photos on Instagram with these polished looks. Haven’t you tried them yet?

Chameleon Chrome Nail Polish

Nail polish colors are extremely shiny. Chameleon chrome nail lacquer with a special glittering pigment will make your nails super modern.


Romantic Light Chrome Mani

These light chrome nails are for extremely romantic women. You are sure to be in the center of attention with these. A nail art worth of a princess. These nail designs are great for a prom night, mind that.

Gorgeous Chrome Nails with Black Accents

These chrome nails with black accents will be great for any party. Stamping will decorate your nails in a good way. If you want some special look, just metallicize your manicure. See these ideas and create your own ones.

Glam Chrome Nail Polish for Your Perfect Look

These glam chrome nails are sure to make your look perfect. Your boundless imagination together with these nail art ideas will make you stand out from the herd. Check them out!


Chrome Polish for Square Nails

Chrome ideas look great on square nails. You can see that from these charming pictures. Use these beautiful ideas and your creativity, and you will achieve fantastic results.

As you can tell, with a chrome nail polish, you are guaranteed a bold and eye-catching manicure. When both artificial and natural light hits your nail surface, it bounces off a dazzling glare. Thus, if you want to make everyone stare in awe at your mani, feel free to use chrome nail ideas from our guide.