The definition of sassy nails may be pretty vague. That is because we define everything according to personal preferences. Yet, there are trends to follow and there is nothing we can do but obey.


Amazing Greenish-Blue Nails Designs

Modern nails come in many shapes and sizes. But then the dark green nails come in. And they come with gold sparkles and rhinestones. Will you give in to the green temptation?


Luxury and Chic Stiletto Sassy Nails

Perfect nails do not require much. Just mix your glossy white polish with pearl sparkles and add a few gold stripes. Sheer style and elegance, don’t you think?

Fabulous Nail Art Designs for Long Nails

The beauty of long nails lies in their ability to combine all the things possible to look stunning. Just look at this rich combination of 3D rose patterns, glitter, and rhinestones! Gorgeous!


Stylish and Bright Nails

Stylish nails do not necessarily include bright colors. But when they do, they look unforgettable. Just like these baby blue nails with a silver key on top. Never underestimate your imagination!

Trendy Square Sassy Nails

Square nails look perfectly fabulous with both light and dark tones on. Dreamy galaxy-looking base with the black geometrical pattern on looks super trendy and fun!


Startling Sassy Nails Designs

There are ladies who like their nails all-in. No kidding. But who are we to judge, right? If that is your kind of thing, welcome to this source of inspiration!

Incredible Black Nail Art

Black is indeed an incredibly trendy color – it never goes out of fashion. Mixed with laced pattern, it already looks stunning. But we do not want to stop there. We go forward and add something gold and something French!