Perfect nails are the dream of every girl. But nowadays there are so many different nail designs that everyone has what to choose from to stay unique. Besides, with the modern gel and acrylic nails, you need to fear nothing, as there is so much they can withstand and go through.


Nude Nails Art Designs

Classy nails almost always are nude-colored. But it does not mean that they are boring. Just look at these marble nude nail design! They look stunning, aren’t they?


Perfect Nails Designs with Flowers

Elegant nails should involve flowers. Not always, but mostly. Flower nail designs looks gentle and super cute!

Perfect Nails Designs for Short Nails

Short nails are not less fun than the long ones. Just paint your cute nail designs in bright or pastel shades, add some white polka dots, and the sweet spring-summer mani is ready!


Long Nails Art Ideas

Long nails are trending, and for a good reason. There is so much you can try with this shape. You can keep it simple like these nude nails with sparkly accent, or go for something more complex.

Perfect Nails Designs in Dark Shades

Black nails are the perfect for your winter nails. To make your nails look even more elegant, simply add some art to the dark base. Ombre nails will also looks perfect in dark shades!


Light Perfect Nails Art Ideas

Hot pink nails designs always look trendy. Go baby nails colors with art details for the extra effect. We promise you, your trendy nails won’t go unnoticed.